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Dr. Michael Savage earned his PhD in epidemiology and nutrition sciences from the Univ. of Cal. at Berkeley. Inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame after over 26 years at the top of the talk radio format. Borders, Language and Culture are his pillars. A NY Times Best Selling author of over 30 books and novels, he was appointed by the President of the United States to the Board of the Presidio Trust. A true conservationist, Savage converses about politics, science, films, nutrition, cooking, cars and boats. News, views and reviews you can trust. To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to or visit


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Dr. Michael Savage earned his PhD in epidemiology and nutrition sciences from the Univ. of Cal. at Berkeley. Inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame after over 26 years at the top of the talk radio format. Borders, Language and Culture are his pillars. A NY Times Best Selling author of over 30 books and novels, he was appointed by the President of the United States to the Board of the Presidio Trust. A true conservationist, Savage converses about politics, science, films, nutrition, cooking, cars and boats. News, views and reviews you can trust. To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to or visit




A DIVINE CHOREOGRAPHY; Michael Savage in conversation with Rabbi Simon Jacobson about his recent meeting with the newly elected President of Argentina, JAVIER MILEI

Javier Milei sent shockwaves around the world as the Libertarian firebrand was declared president of Argentina, a longtime socialist stronghold. Milei recently visited the US, making a high-profile visit to the Lubavitcher rebbe’s grave. Rabbi Simon Jacobson accompanied Milei on his visit. Now, Jacobson is revealing the details of his remarkable meeting with the newly-elected president on this must-listen podcast. Jacobson and Savage share a fascinating conversation about the visit and much more! Savage reveals that his grandfather is buried in the same cemetery as the Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. America is lost and in need of a spiritual leader. Biden lacks a vision or a moral compass. Hear why everyone has a calling and a need for spiritual meaning. Why have so many sided with Hamas? What lies ahead for Javier Milei as he faces a battle taking on the globalist and socialist efforts to stop him? Rabbi Jacobson urges us to have hope despite the darkness surrounding us. Jacobson encourages us to recognize our spirit more than our body and use it to reach our higher existence. Why are we here? How can we make a difference? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



This past week, Dutch right-wing election winner Geert Wilders caused an uproar after declaring ‘Jordan Is Palestine!’ Savage responds to Wilders' approach to radical Islam and shares his 2009 interview with the Dutch firebrand. Savage and Wilders were both banned from Britain for speaking the truth. Wilders showcased his important film "Fitna" that exposed the hate taught by Islamic ideologues. Listen to Savage's wide-ranging discussion wrapping up the holiday weekend. Hear details from his timely new book A Savage Republic. Why there is no such thing as "democratic socialism." Learn what Mao Tse-Tung wrote in his "Little Red Book" and why Bernie Sanders is a wolf in sheep's clothing. What to expect from the Desantis-Newsom debate. Is Islam compatible with a free society? Then, Savage shares his Thanksgiving holiday, watching The Godfather, and his health advice about the worst breakfast food. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Savage reprises some of his best Thanksgiving specials of the past on this special holiday podcast! First, he explores the dread some have around the dinner table at the holidays. From 2006, hear why it's actually masculine to cook according to cultures around the world. Then, hear Savage's Thanksgiving sermon and the myths around Thanksgiving from 2019. In a 2012 broadcast, Savage laments the lost art of conversation and the declining work ethic in America. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


COMMUNIST or CAPITALIST? What Do Religions Teach?

In this remarkable broadcast, Michael Savage, known to millions of listeners over his 27-year radio career, delivers a fiery warning against the dangers of communism. Savage explains how progressives are decimating America and have abandoned the facts. Why is the Left targeting Elon Musk? Why Lenin's Pope is not a spiritual leader. We are living through Leninism with a tinge of Maoism. America is no longer a free market. Biden is ravaging the American economy and future prosperity. Why the rhetoric from the Left has become so dangerous as people have become alliterate. There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism. If Rabbi Mendel Futerfas and others survived the Gulag, we can and will survive the Biden Regime. He shares that the Orthodox community called him "a bridge between God and man." Well known for his stream of consciousness, Savage peppers his conversation with personal anecdotes, thoughts on the Thanksgiving holiday, and more! Listen now only here on the Michael Savage podcast! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


WILL NEWSOM REPLACE BIDEN? IS THIS THE DEEP DEM PLAN? Stephen Gardener interviews Michael Savage

Check Out Stephen Gardner on YouTube: In this engaging and wide-ranging interview, Savage discusses pressing issues with Stephen Gardner. The conversation touches on the current state of America, highlighting Savage's observations of people feeling agitated and experiencing mild depression, attributing it to the overwhelming opposition dominating media, universities, and corporate boards. Savage emphasizes the importance of non-violent resistance through dialogue and communication. The discussion then shifts to global issues, particularly the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Savage criticizes President Biden's handling of the situation, suggesting that if former President Trump were in power, the conflict might have been prevented. The conversation delves into the complexities of international relations, with Savage expressing concern about the corruption and lack of care for the nation within the current administration. Savage shares a personal story of his encounter with Donald Trump on Air Force One. He recounts how Trump's unpredictability and seemingly small gestures, like offering him a hot dog with mustard, revealed aspects of the then-President's character. Then, hear about Savage's new book, "A Savage Republic," offering a glimpse into its contents. He outlines various plots, including the puppet president plot, show trials, censorship, culture, bankruptcy, and more. He expresses concern about the impact of George Soros and speculates on a potential plot to establish a one-world government. The conversation concludes with optimism, emphasizing the power of words and ideas. Despite the challenges facing the nation, he believes in the importance of non-violent resistance through dialogue, highlighting the value of books, YouTube shows, and other mediums in shaping public opinion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Governments around the world, The World Economic Forum, and the International Monetary Fund are proposing the movement to a global currency. How likely is this proposal and what can YOU do about it? How is deficit spending devaluing the dollar? With government spending out of control, the dollar clearly isn’t a stable store of value. How can everyday Americans protect themselves from dollar decline? To help make sense of the chaos in the economy, Savage speaks with expert Philip Patrick. He spent years as a private wealth manager at Citigroup on Lombard Street and joined Birch Gold Group as a Precious Metals Specialist in 2012. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


ISRAEL LOSING WORLD SUPPORT. RIGHTLY OR WRONGLY + Can A Truce Be Negotiated in Ukraine and A Global War Be Stopped? with Col. Macgregor

Col. Macgregor is back to break down the challenges the IDF faces in Gaza and why it might not be easy to beat the terrorist group. Could Israel lose America's support? How this is similar to the Polish Uprising in World War 2. Can the Jewish hostages be saved? How to diffuse a wider regional war. What might cause the neighboring nations to intervene? How does the control of oil play into this conflict? How to prevent devastating alliances in the Middle East. How Israeli-Russian relations have collapsed. Why did the US announce the movement of our nuclear submarine and aircraft carriers? The shocking reports about looting, child trafficking and corruption emerging from Ukraine. Can a truce be negotiated in Ukraine? Macgregor reveals that he visited Israel and saw the security measures personally. He was in disbelief after the October 7th attack. How the Netflix show Fauda, depicting an undercover Israeli unit in Gaza, almost predicted what is happening. How unchecked immigration is beginning to have dire consequences in the United States. How to stop these conflicts before a global conflict breaks out. Will a new generation of leadership rise in Europe? America is focusing on foreign issues while our country is decimated from within. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


CAN ISLAM BE REFORMED IN THE U.S.? With Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of The American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Can Islam be reformed in the U.S.? That is the question that Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Arizona Republican Congressional Candidate and the founder of The American Islamic Forum for Democracy, asks. Listen and learn as Dr. Savage and Dr. Jasser discuss who is behind these Israel protests. What does the future of the Israel-Hamas conflict look like? And what exactly does The American Islamic Forum for Democracy do? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Listen to this Savage Nation interview as Dr. Savage interviews the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, about a possible two-state solution. He is a former commando, war hero, and Prime Minister. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


JIHAD MEANS WAR! With Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch

What is Jihad? Savage speaks with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch to expose the truth about radical Islam. Listen and learn how Hezbollah and Hamas operate and the extremist propaganda used to radicalize members. How Jihad is funded and supported? What is the Deobandi School, and how has it impacted India? How mass immigration has transformed the West. What do we know about the dark totalitarianism of Iran? Is radical Islam winning? Are we witnessing the last gasp of freedom in the United States? How radical Islam is similar to the leftwing in America. What does the Quran say about the treatment of women? Is there a path to peace in the Middle East? How is Palestinian propaganda trying to erase the history of Jewish people in Israel? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How America Becomes Zimbabwe

Math is deemed racist, standards are erased in the name of 'equity', and chaos dominates our cities and Southern Border. Is America headed to a fate similar to that of Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe passed laws that stripped white men of their property, and white men — mostly farmers — were summarily hunted down, murdered, and effectively eradicated. Savage is joined by Mark A. Hewitt, retired aviation executive, college professor, and military pilot. Hewitt explains how standards are being dropped in the US in the name of diversity and equity. Hewitt outlines how Americans are being played by the Biden administration and the Democrat party, with their incessant propagandic drumbeats of racism, white supremacy, and Critical Race Theory. Where does this lead? Will America become Zimbabwe? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Which side is GOD on in a time of WAR?

As the war in Israel intensifies, Savage delves into history and religion to interpret the current conflict. Known to millions for his stream-of-consciousness discourse, Savage explores whether God is on the side of the Palestinians or the Israelis. First, hear the shocking report from the Navy SEAL, combat medic congressman who described the slaughter in Israel as a 'level not seen since the Holocaust.' How are progressives supporting Hamas? Why we should NOT ignore Erdogan's warning to declare war on Israel. Who is funding the pro-Hamas protests in America? What is their connection to George Soros? How the Biden Administration created chaos worldwide and nationwide. How the policies and plans first set in motion by Obama are now emerging. How the war in Ukraine relates to Israel and why we may be repeating the mistakes that led to World War 1. He implores us to pray for peace to end the bloodshed of innocent Jews and Palestinians. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Savage delivers a fiery rebuttal to the leftist lies and Hamas propaganda emerging from both the Left and the Right. Hear how astonishing falsehoods have metastasized under the Biden Regime. Savage dubs CNN's Christiane Amanpour, 'The Queen of Lies' after her shocking interview with Jordan's Queen Rania. Savage calls out the outrageous Antisemitism spouted by the progressive reporter and the Jordanian Queen. Listen and learn about the TRUE history of Israel and the Middle East. What is Black September? How does Jordan's Civil War relate to this current conflict? How did the Soviets influence Palestinian propaganda? Ultra progressives are twisting the truth to mask the mutilation of Jewish women and children. Can we change the world? Will the truth set us free? How did Hamas obtain these weapons? How compromised is our Southern Border? Then, Savage reveals his greatest fear... what could happen next? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Listen to the riveting part 2 of Savage's inciteful coverage of the war in Israel with novelist Jeff Rovin. What would a writer predict about what happens next? Where might the next terrorist attack take place? Why we must be ready to respond. How Hamas is similar to the Mexican cartels terrorizing Mexico and America's border. How the loss of objective morality impacts intelligence in the modern world. Then, how film impacted politics from Godzilla to FDR. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Two Wise Men Discuss The War And The World - Savage & Rovin (Part 1)

Are radical Islamofacists trying to bring about the apocalypse? Novelist Jeff Rovin joins Savage to break down the war in Israel. Savage reveals that his son Russ donated $1 million to provide defensive tactical protective gear to Israeli reservists. Hear what Islamic radicals believe about the end of the world and the 12th Imam. Why is Iran stirring the pot and encouraging chaos? How unchecked immigration puts the West at risk. Savage's Jack Hatfield series, including Countdown to Mecca, examined terrorism in radical Islam. Why is jihad so dangerous to all people? Did all the Israeli defensive gear go to Ukraine? Why are the Fabian Socialists in the Biden Administration pushing for war? Has Hamas led Israel into a trap? Will Iran flood Gaza with conscripts? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Listen to find out what Savage eerily predicted about Israel and Hamas in this must-listen podcast. Learn the history of Israel. Savage explains he could have a bias, being Jewish, but that many liberal Jews actually hate Israel. Savage visited Israel twice, and almost lived there. Hatred of Israel spread by Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and other leftwingers in Congress. How Hamas and Palestinian leaders live in wealth while their people live in squalor. How other Arab countries reject Palestianians. America is the land of milk and honey. History of Jewish refugees kicked out of Arab countries in 1948. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



As Israel faces its greatest threat in half a century, Savage turns to the Rock of Ages. He asks, "Where is God in this time of turmoil?" How can God allow the vicious torturing, the raping of women, and the slaughter of innocent children by Islamic fanatics in HAMAS? Savage warns that Hamas is in the West and why we should all be concerned. Listen as Savage explains why the story of Samson and Aldous Huxley's Eyeless in Gaza stands as a metaphor for Israel at this moment. Learn how Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is tied to Obama and how they supported terrorist organizations like Hamas. Why is Biden suddenly posturing for Israel? Hear about the Left's plan to destroy America and flood us with radical refugees. How will this war end? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



What are ground forces facing in Gaza? World famous author and retired Navy SEAL Jack Carr joins Savage to discuss Israel's counterattack on Hamas. In his latest book, ONLY THE DEAD, Carr theorized a Russian planned Iranian attack on Israel to draw the US into another Middle East war, spreading our military too thin, so that Russia can slide into Ukraine and China can slide into Taiwan. Could his prediction be correct? Hear this and more from Savage and Carr: Is Hamas a proxy for another Arab nation? Did treason cause Israeli intelligence to miss this attack? How violence has erupted around the world under Biden after relative years of peace. How division in Israel contributed to the timing of the assault. Why the collapse of literacy is influencing public opinion. Where did Hamas get these weapons? Ukraine? Afghanistan? Public reports are only a fraction of the real atrocities happening in Israel according to Israeli Special Forces. Could terrorists be invading America's borders? Why old strategies will not work this time. How does this conflict end? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Savage speaks with former CIA operative Larry Johnson about the large-scale surprise attack waged on Israel and the developing war. Savage and Johsnon give a breakdown of the crisis as Israel faces its greatest threat in over 50 years. How did Israel miss this attack? Did U.S. weapons sent to Ukraine make it Hamas? How has the Palestinian Authority responded? Has Israel underestimated Hamas? Did Russia play a part in this plan? How incompetent leadership is putting us all in danger. What led to the Iron Dome failure? How has Biden emboldened Iran? Are there Hamas operatives in America? Why does Johnson believe Gaza could be Israel's Iwo Jima? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Israel At War!

Dr. Savage discusses the senseless attack by Hamas terrorists on the nation and the people of Israel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit