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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.

Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.


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Sean Hannity is a multimedia superstar, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet.






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Herschel Walker - November 25th, Hour 1

This "Best of Sean Hannity" episode has Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker join the show to talk about his runoff race and just why Georgia "isn't for sale..." See for privacy information.


Jim Jordan - November 25th, Hour 2

Congressman Jim Jordan joins "The Best of Sean Hannity" to talk about just how important it is to revamp the FBI. This is more important than you might think... See for privacy information.


Newt Gingrich on Election Security - November 25th, Hour 3

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich explains just why certain states don't want voter integrity. Plus, Gingrich looks to the midterm elections and tries to figure out just where things went wrong. See for privacy information.


The American Dream - November 24th, Hour 1

Senator Tim Scott stops by on this "Best of Hannity" episode from August to talk about his book, "The American Dream." Plus, the story of an incredible family that will just remind us all of how important Thanksgiving really is! See for privacy information.


Stephen A. Smith Know Mercy - November 24th, Hour 2

This "Best of Hannity" episode invites ESPN's Stephen A. Smith to stop by to talk about his new podcast, "Know Mercy" and a bit more detail on Sean as a guest. See for privacy information.


David Sokul - November 24th, Hour 3

"Best of Sean Hannity" brings David Sokul, author of America in Perspective: Defending the American Dream for the Next Generation, walks us through the current economy and just how little Biden and his admin understand about what a recession is - and that we are in one right now. See for privacy information.


Kamala Harris' Word Salad - November 23rd, Hour 1

Joe Concha fills in for Sean and goes through the "best of" Kamal Harris. If you haven't heard the infamous Harris Word's your chance! See for privacy information.


Carol Roth - November 23rd, Hour 2

Joe Concha sits down with Carol Roth to talk about the liberal media's attack on journalism. The New York Times "Best Sellers'" list has become the "Best Sellers We Deem Appropriate" list... See for privacy information.


Herschel Walker - November 23rd, Hour 3

Herschel Walker drops by to speak with Joe Concha and he updates on the big race in Georgia. See for privacy information.


Destroying Thanksgiving - November 22nd, Hour 1

Liberals are insisting that media outlets post climate impacts of traditional Thanksgiving dinners. With the increased costs of everything, there are many who will forego the Thanksgiving dinners ... but it won't be to save the planet. See for privacy information.


Battle for Georgia - November 22nd, Hour 2

Pollsters John and Jim McLaughlin join to discuss the all important race down in Georgia, and the runoff special election between Walker and Warnock. Pastor Warnock is not as Godly as he portrays, just the latest of many stories about the phony incumbent. See for privacy information.


Is Biden Losing His Mind? - November 22nd, Hour 3

Leo Terrell, Fox News Contributor and Civil Rights Attorney takes a look at the news of the day, and the craziness from Garland to Biden, and all the in between. See for privacy information.


The Case Against Biden - November 21st, Hour 1

Sean breaks down the timeline of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the evidence, all of which points to "The Big Guy", namely President Biden. See for privacy information.


Bill O'Reilly - November 21st, Hour 2

Bill O'Reilly stops by to talk about the challenging times America is facing as progressives seek to destroy traditional values and ignore obvious government corruption. See for privacy information.


Senator Rand Paul - November 21st, Hour 3

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky takes us through the side of the investigations with Rep. Jordan and Comer. See for privacy information.


FBI Weighing The Scales? - November 18th, Hour 1

Sean looks back at the last election cycle and questions just how much the FBI might have been weighing the scales... See for privacy information.


Larry Elder - November 18th, Hour 2

Larry Elder, Radio and television host, author, and filmmaker, Larry Elder, is here to talk about Old Glory Bank, of which he is a co-founder, stockholder, and member of the Board of Directors of Old Glory Holding Company, he had the following to say about the new endeavor: “We value the values of America and believe in the principles that forged this country, such as liberty, privacy, security, community, family, and faith.” See for privacy information.


Sara Carter - November 18th, Hour 3

Sara Carter, Investigative Reporter for Fox News has a new series Dark Wars that talks about the true dangers on the borders... See for privacy information.


American Blackouts - November 17th, Hour 3

The latest suggests that we might have energy blackouts in New England this winter because we don't have enough available energy. Why are we in this situation? You'll have to look to the Biden Administration for answers... See for privacy information.


Congressman Jim Jordan - November 17th, Hour 2

Congressman Jim Jordan joins Hannity to talk about just how involved President Biden was in covering up for his son Hunter... there's real evidence to be concerned! See for privacy information.