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Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!




Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!




Episode #1975: 18 Years, Still Dunb

Celebrate our 18th anniversary with a tech-tastic episode on The Giz Wiz! From a gadget that cooks perfect eggs in the blink of an eye to an Apple Vision Pro review that will make you see technology in a whole new light! Then, let's brighten up your view with rechargeable magnifying glasses. Plus, Chad's Crappy Corner is back with another quirky bathroom gadget.


Episode #1974: What The Heck Giz It?

Jump into the fun with this week's gadget extravaganza on Giz Wiz! From the convenience of a foldable stool to unraveling the mystery of "What The Heck Is It?", and grooving with disco balls that light up from within. Plus, Chad's Crappy Corner introduces a shower hose attachment for hassle-free chores. And don't miss out on another intriguing find from Dick's Gadget Warehouse!


Episode #1973: Personal Headspace

In this week's Giz Wiz episode, we're wrapping up our CES 2024 adventure, delving into some seriously high-end gadgets, including a smart lamp that is designed for seniors' safety. Then, enter the world of privacy with a gadget designed for silent calls. Ever wondered about the most expensive gadgets at the show? Don't miss the virtual tour of the most expensive and offbeat gadgets showcased at CES 2024, discovered by the Giz Wiz and featured on World News Now.


Episode #1972: Oh Baby

Buckle up for another exhilarating adventure in the tech world on this week's Giz Wiz episode! We're back with part two of our CES 2024 coverage. First in the spotlight is a game-changing gizmo that adds extra screens to your laptop, then an audio communicator perfect for adventures. For the little ones, we've got a baby monitor that's practically a baby whisperer, offering live health readings. And to wrap it up, turn up the volume with a gadget that lets you "see the sound".


Episode #1971: WeHead over to CES

Get ready for a wild ride on this week's Giz Wiz episode, come along as we explore some of the gadgets we found at CES 2024! Transform your iPhone into a texting maestro with a built-in keyboard case. Feel sci-fi vibes with a gadget that brings your digital pals' virtual presence to life. Plus, for mouse enthusiasts, we've got a comfort-first design and a budget-friendly mixed-reality kit for immersive 3D experiences!


Episode #1970: Best of 2023

In this week's exhilarating Giz Wiz episode, we're wrapping up the year with a blast as we revisit the "Best of 2023" gadgets! From Dick's quirky yet practical toilet paper holder with a built-in shelf to Chad's beach table perfect for camping adventures, we're reminiscing about the standout gadgets that made our year memorable!


Episode #1969: Worst of 2023

In this week's Giz Wiz episode, we're revisiting the "Worst of 2023" gadgets and chuckling over our misadventures with items that fell short of expectations. From Chad's gardening kit that never grew to Dick's encounters with gadgets that seemed more like fails than fantastic finds, join us for laughs as we recount our hilarious escapades with these less-than-stellar gadgets!


Episode #1968: Foaming at The Mouth

Dive into a Giz Wiz episode where we explore brushing all your teeth at once (yes, really!), give a budget-friendly kid’s camcorder another shot, and puzzle over a gadget that only Dennis can guess!


Episode #1967: Charlie And The Pawjector

In this week's lively episode of The Giz Wiz, we light up the holiday season with a Christmasy gadget and ponder over a mysterious "What The Heck Is It?" item that might leave you scratching your head. Also, we have a Kid Camcorder priced under $20 perfect for the young filmmakers out there! Chad's Crappy Corner reveals the Curad Performance Series Ironman Antibacterial Bandages.


Episode #1966: Give Me A Hand

In this week's rollercoaster of gadgets on The Giz Wiz, we unwrapped a fantastic, budget-friendly holiday gift, encountered yet another genius space-saving gadget, and stumbled upon what might just be the weirdest gadget ever featured on the show! Chad's Crappy Corner had a blast with an Aromatherapy Candle Making Kit, a mesmerizing Funky Mirror Disco Ball, and a soothing Green Sunset Projection Lamp.


Episode #1965: Giz In Toyland

In this week's uproarious Giz Wiz adventure, we're diving into a fantastical hotel suite that sparks joy for both the kids and the young-at-heart! Plus, brace yourself for the mysterious WTHII gadgets (not just one, but two!), along with Chad's Crappy Corner unveiling a Quick Grip Soft Flask surprise. Don't miss out!


Episode #1964: Fry Baby, Fry!

In this week's wild Giz Wiz escapade, we're cooking up a storm with an Air Fryer, launching a Flying Orb Ball into the skies, and marveling at the fusion of a pen and a fidget toy! Chad's Crappy Corner wows us with a gravity-defying Chain Wine Holder while Dick's Gadget Warehouse presents a genius sponge discovery.


Episode #1963: Disco Tech

In this week's episode of The Giz Wiz, uncover the mystery of a $20 Smart Watch, dive into the gaming realm with Lenovo's Legion Go, and get groovy with the Five Below LED Disco Fountain! Chad takes on the challenges of stainless steel whisks in Crappy Corner, while Dick unearths a retro Train Engine Turntable.


Episode #1962: Soap on a Hope

In this week's hilarious Giz Wiz episode, we unearthed a quirky Face Bank where your coins find a home in a playful face, lit up our lives with a Decorative LED Tree that's not just for holidays, and cozied up with the Alpha Heater. Chad's Crappy Corner brought in some funky surprises!


Episode #1961: A Fanless Fan

This week on Giz Wiz: We've got a luminous twist with a desk lamp that's brighter than your last idea, a mini fridge straight out of Minecraft's blocky universe, and a shower caddy organizer that'll keep your shampoos in line. Chad takes us on a journey to the land of questionable gadgets with a bladeless fan that's more wind than wisdom.


Episode #1960: Now in Pixel Vision!

This week on Giz Wiz: Get a grip on gaming with a handheld that's all Legion and no lag, magnetize your seasoning scene with racks that cling, and project your geek chic with a Mecha Warrior light show! Chad's chilling with a stand that makes bed-bound browsing a breeze!


Episode #1959: Smart Home for Dunb Chickens

In this episode of The Giz Wiz, we journey through the technological marvels unveiled at Pepcom’s “Holiday Spectacular!” in NYC. From revolutionizing agricultural practices with the Smart Coop to redefining health standards with the AURA Ion Bar, we've covered the gadgets that are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Chad's Crappy Corner lights up Halloween with quirky glowing straw covers. The episode wraps up with personalized pet portraits.


Episode #1958: An Itch To Etch?

In this week's electrifying Giz Wiz episode, we're carving up craftsmanship with a saw that's got your back, embracing porch pirate defense with a box smarter than it looks, and beaming with creativity through precision laser wizardry!


Episode #1957: Just Add Wiz

In this electrifying episode of The Giz Wiz: Dive hand-first into the whimsical world of puppets, get a spooky-skin thrill with otherworldly masks, and stir up your brain with STEM kits that demand a simple "just add" touch. As night falls, let glow coasters light your sips, and let your fingers dance across keyboards with the ultimate shortcut guide.


Episode #1956: A Glowing Review

The Giz Wiz dives into a toy wonderland, proving the billion-dollar allure of playthings isn't just child's play! Marvel at the luminescent drift of a jellyfish tank, float your tots in a versatile boat, and illuminate childhood memories with a revamped Lite-Brite. Meanwhile, Chad conjures glow-in-the-dark fort fantasies!