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Activism 101


Irvine, CA


Activism 101




Thievery Corporation: August 2018



Psychedelic Furs 2018

Interview with Psychedelic Furs


Iration 7/8/16



Easy Star All Stars

Interview with Easy Star All Stars recorded 7/6/2015


Michael Woodward Interviews Matisyahu July 2014

Michael Woodward interviews Matisyahu, who will be performing at the Pacific Amphitheater July 13, 2014


Tribal Seeds Interview July 2014

The Dread Zone's Jarret Lovell interviews Tony-Ray (vocals, keyboard) of San Diego based reggae group Tribal Seeds. In May 2014 Tribal Seeds released their album "Representing" and will be appearing with Matisyahu and The Lions at the Pacific Amphitheater on Sunday July 13, 2014.


An Interview with Garrison Hawk

Garrison Hawk - vocalist for the reggae/dancehall outfit "Method of Defiance" spoke on the "Dread Zone" to discuss his new album "Survive."


The War in Iraq is Over... Or is It?

Over 8 years after the start of the U.S. War in Iraq, President Barak Obama is declaring the war over. Amidst much pomp and circumstance, the president is taking credit for bringing about an end to the conflict - all the while avoiding any mention of the true costs, casualties, and neglecting any commentary on whether or not our mission was in fact "accomplished." Exactly what does it mean to say that the war is over? Is Obama really responsible for ending the war, or are the politics...


Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power

Ever hear of the Young Patriots Organization or Rising Up Angry? If not, then you haven't really heard the history of the Civil Rights movement. Indeed, while most historians of the 1960s are content to portray poor and working class whites as - at best - spectators to the Civil Rights movement and - at worst - as reactionaries and racists, fact is that white participation in the movement extended far beyond the small group of white college activists and included some of the nation's most...


Play, Creativity and Social Movements



Mad Professor Interview

An interview with the Mad Professor (as heard on the Dread Zone.) Featuring DJ Yogi.



With movies such as the hugley popular Jaws franchise, sharks are among Hollywood's favorite viscious killers. Yet the truth is - sharks are not the hunters so much as they are the hunted. In large parts of the ocean, shark populations are down by 90% due to overfishing driven in part by a demand for shark fins. In a cruel practice called "shark finning," sharks are caught alive to have their fins brutally cut off. The rest of the shark is wasted, thrown back into the ocean to bleed to...


Jarret Lovell on KPCC discussing Police & Media

Commentary on the role of media in bringing the Kelly Thomas beating by Fullerton police to public light.


Mental Illness: Removing Myths, Misconceptions, and Barriers to Treatment



Government Subsidies for Factory Farms?

Amidst endless talk about cutting the fat out of the budget, the federal government Monday announced it will buy $40 million of unwanted chicken products that will be dumped on our nation's school kids and others in federal food programs. Why? Because chicken-meat factories have increased production while actual demand for chicken in flat, causing an imbalance in their spreadsheets. All of this raises several important questions: Is this U.S. now bailing out the meat industry? If so, does...


Machine Man, The Movie: A Dramatic Telling of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Something is plaguing Ben Lyle's mind, causing him to have irrational, intrusive and often disturbing thoughts. His fears and anxieties that he may hurt someone - or worse, may already have hurt someone - are taking over his life. His mind is a broken machine, causing him to relive the same terrifying nightmare over and over again. So goes the plot of MACHINE MAN, an in-development movie that focuses on an individual with a disturbed mind. But Ben Lyle is not purely fictional. He is one of...


Rebellious Pixels: Reclaiming Culture One Video at a Time



"Rights" and Reggae: Breaking Through Homophobia in Dancehall

In 1992, Jamaican dancehall artist Buju Banton recorded the song “Boom Bye-Bye,” an anthem that advocated violence against the LGBT community and that capitalized on the island nation’s widespread homophobia. The formula proved a success in a nation that criminalizes homosexuality, and it turned Banton into a reggae superstar. Since then, penning homophobic lyrics has become all but a required rite of passage for aspiring Jamaican dancehall artists, with top dancehall artists from Capleton...

Fully-Informed Juries & Jury Nullification

A funny thing happened on the way to a Salt Lake City courthouse recently. As prospective jurors entered the courtroom to be selected to hear a case of an environmental activist, activists handed them fliers published by the Fully Informed Jury Association. They said that jurors had the right to come to a decision based on the evidence and their conscience. But according to an article published on Truthdig.com, the presiding judge in the case was so outraged by the flier that he brought the...