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Bullseye from NPR is your curated guide to culture. Jesse Thorn hosts in-depth interviews with brilliant creators, culture picks from our favorite critics and irreverent original comedy. Bullseye has been featured in Time, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeney's, which called it "the kind of show people listen to in a more perfect world." (Formerly known as The Sound of Young America.)

Bullseye from NPR is your curated guide to culture. Jesse Thorn hosts in-depth interviews with brilliant creators, culture picks from our favorite critics and irreverent original comedy. Bullseye has been featured in Time, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeney's, which called it "the kind of show people listen to in a more perfect world." (Formerly known as The Sound of Young America.)


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Bullseye from NPR is your curated guide to culture. Jesse Thorn hosts in-depth interviews with brilliant creators, culture picks from our favorite critics and irreverent original comedy. Bullseye has been featured in Time, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeney's, which called it "the kind of show people listen to in a more perfect world." (Formerly known as The Sound of Young America.)




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Zach Woods, from 'Silicon Valley,' 'The Office,' 'Avenue 5' and more

It's Zach Woods! You may know him best from NBC's The Office where he played the truly dreadful Gabe for three seasons. You've also seen his work as Jared Dunn on the HBO series Silicon Valley. He currently stars alongside Hugh Laurie on the TV show Avenue 5. It's airing now on HBO. Zach talks to Bullseye about what initially drew him to acting, his secret comedy life as a teen taking the train from Pennsylvania to New York and how his anxious personality helped him tap into his latest...


Ben Schwartz on playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Jean-Ralphio, and more

Parks and Recreation's Jean-Ralphio! Star Wars' BB-8! And, now the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog! We're joined by Ben Schwartz. Ben's big break came in 2010 with a small recurring role on Parks and Recreation. Jean-Ralphio was a character who only showed up a few times a year – but he was one of the most memorable characters on the show. We'll chat at length about his role on the show. You can hear his voice work alongside Jim Carrey and James Marsden in Sonic The Hedgehog, the new blockbuster...


Huey Lewis on the song that changed his life

The Song That Changed My Life is a segment that gives us the chance to talk with some of our favorite artists about the music that made them who they are today. This time around, we're joined by a true legend – Huey Lewis. In an era dominated by new wave, glam rock and hair metal Huey Lewis stood out with his bluesy pub-rock. He helped define pop music in the 80's. Huey Lewis and the News had a run of hit singles during the 80's and early 90's. Their most successful album, Sports, was...


Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi! The best ever. Steve joins us to talk about the latest season of his hit TBS show Miracle Workers, now in its second season. The anthology series steps back into the Dark Ages for season 2 with Steve playing a peasant with a name we can't say on NPR. Let's just say he's a guy named after his occupation and he makes his living shoveling the kind of stuff that usually rolls down hill. The show is created by Simon Rich and co stars Daniel Radcliffe with guests appearances by...


Remembering Jim Lehrer

We're replaying Jesse's 2010 interview with Jim Lehrer, who died last month at 85. He was a giant in the world of journalism – particularly in the world of public broadcasting. Jim hosted PBS' NewsHour. He was an anchor in public broadcasting for well over 35 years. He moderated a dozen presidential debates. When we spoke to Jim in 2010, he shared stories about juggling his job at a bus depot while being a college student and at Victoria College. Plus, the challenges of being the editor of...


Randy Newman: legendary songwriter, Oscar nominee, more

We're revisiting our conversation with the great Randy Newman. He's just been nominated for two Academy Awards, one for the score he composed for Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story, and another for the original song he composed for Toy Story 4. It's called "I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away." Randy's songbook is a part of the fabric of modern pop culture. He writes pop songs, catchy tunes that can perfectly encapsulate a touching film moment. But he also writes songs that come from a place of...


Joe Pera of "Joe Pera Talks With You"

Joe is the creator and star of Adult Swim's Joe Pera Talks with You, one of our favorite new shows TV. In it, Joe plays a version of himself living in small-town Michigan as a middle-school choir teacher. The show is like nothing else you've seen on television before: brilliant, weird and heart warming. Cross our hearts, hope to die.


Director Greta Gerwig on 'Little Women'

The brilliant Greta Gerwig joins us for the third time! We'll welcome back Greta to talk about her latest film. It's an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. It's up for six Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay. Greta talks about her casting choices in Little Women including her surprising choice of Bob Odenkrik as father March. Plus, what the book meant to her growing up, and why she's shocked that her...


Bonus: Remembering Monty Python's Terry Jones

This past week, we lost a talented comic genius: Terry Jones. He was one of the founding members of the legendary British sketch comedy group Monty Python. He co-directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and directed both Monty Python's Life of Brian and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Terry was also a well respected medieval historian – in fact, he wrote two books on poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Later in his career, he became a prolific children's book author. His books were always a bit...


Susan Orlean, author of "The Library Book"

We're taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from over two decades worth of Bullseye episodes. In 2018, we caught up with journalist and author Susan Orlean. Susan's an accomplished author who's written for The New Yorker for thirty years. Her work has also appeared in Esquire and Vogue. She's the author of 8 books including; Saturday Night, My Kind of Place and The Orchid Thief. Susan chats with us about her most recent book, The Library Book, which is out now in paperback.


Tony Shalhoub

Now that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is in its third season, we're revisiting our interview with actor Tony Shalhoub. He talks about how he loves acting in Mrs. Maisel's low-tech world and how he relates to his character Abe as a father himself. Jeese also chatted, of course, about the show he played an OCD detective on for seven years, the award-winning series Monk. Plus, Tony talks about the film that inspired him to embark on his creative path as an actor.


Choreographer Twyla Tharp talks dancing, aging, stirs the pot

Twyla Tharp has moved her whole life. She dances - she's danced and choreographed professionally for 55 years now. She exercises. And now, she has a book. "Keep it Moving" is a manifesto on living your life with purpose and vigor, which Tharp has in spades. Seriously, she's one of the most insightful, hilarious, brilliant and sassy guests we've ever had on the show. She's a legend in the world of dance. She also kind of makes fun of Jesse's dog, and chides him for not moving enough.


Rob Huebel, Star of Medical Police

Rob Huebel joins us to talk about his new series Medical Police - the spin-off of his old show Children's Hospital, which ran for seven seasons on Adult Swim. He's a talented comic actor who has appeared on MTV's Human Giant and on Amazon's critically-acclaimed series Transparent. Rob sits down with Jesse to talk about where he gets his sense of humor from, what it's like playing jerks with a heart of gold and how he got his start in improv. Plus, he'll talk to us about his favorite types of...


In Fabric's Marianne Jean-Baptiste

In Fabric's Marianne Jean-Baptiste joins us to talk about her role in Peter Strickland's bizarre thriller. Marianne is an acting veteran. She's starred in varied works, from acclaimed dramas like Secrets & Lies, to long-running FBI shows like Without a Trace. Marianne chats with us about the difference between feature and series acting, and how her role in In Fabric reconnected her with her passion for the process. Plus, she'll tell us about the time she read a newspaper for 45-minutes as...


Tanya Tucker: Country legend, Grammy nominee

Tanya Tucker is an award-winning country star who has been making music since she was just a kid! She rose to fame in the 70s with hits like "Love's the Answer" and her debut single "Delta Dawn." Her latest album is titled "While I'm Livin" and it's her first collection of original music in over 15 years. It's a lot more personal than some of her previous records with songs written that reflect her life. Tanya Tucker talks to Bullseye about how she approaches songs she's been singing since...


Remembering cartoonist Gahan Wilson

We lost an incredibly talented cartoonist last year, Gahan Wilson. For more than 50 years, his twisted single-panel cartoons have appeared in magazines like Playboy and The New Yorker. His work always had this really distinct tone. Wilson's take on the macabre is loopy, dark and strange. There were monsters. Sometimes aliens. Maybe a pirate. To remember his life, his work and his impact we are revisiting Jesse's interview with Gahan from 2010. In it, he talked about the arc of his career and...


Remembering Caroll Spinney, the voice and spirit of Big Bird

We're taking a moment to look back at a past Bullseye guests we lost this year, Caroll Spinney. He was Big Bird's puppeteer for 50 years, but he was so much more than the literal man inside the costume. Caroll was the voice and spirit of the iconic character many of us grew up watching.


End of Year Stand-Up Comedy Special 2019!

It's our favorite time of the year: the end of it! We're celebrating 2019 with excerpts from some of the best stand up comedy records of 2019. You'll hear material from Roy Wood Jr, Pete Holmes, Cristela Alonzo, Sara Schaefer, so many more. Enjoy, and Seasons Greetings from all of us at Bullseye!


Holiday Special! Feat. the Monkees' Micky Dolenz, McElroy Brothers and more!

Get ready for a bonanza of holiday cheer! This week, we're listening back on the Bullseye holiday special from last year. Micky Dolenz of The Monkees talks about the band's album Christmas Party. The group recorded it with a cavalcade of hit-makers like Rivers Cuomo, Peter Buck of REM and more. And that's not all! We also get some advice from the McElroy Brothers (hosts of My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone) about holiday conundrum. Plus, soul singer Sy Smith — she tells us...


"The Kingmaker" filmmaker Lauren Greenfield on interviewing Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos is one of the most notorious figures in recent history, and she's the subject of Lauren Greenfield's new documentary The Kingmaker. It's an intimate profile of the former Philippine first lady as well as a critique on plutocracy. Lauren tells us how she got access to interview Marcos and about her other films: Generation Wealth and the brilliant Queen of Versailles.