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The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, and sex drugs rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won't get us fined by the FCC.

The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, and sex drugs rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won't get us fined by the FCC.


Fort Worth, TX


The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, and sex drugs rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won't get us fined by the FCC.




#317 John Clay Wolfe Show 09.11.21

This week, the Wolfe Pack commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, with an eye to the bravery and service of our service men and women, first responders, and our love and respect to those we lost on that fateful day. And of course, we've got our hands deep into a pile of music, sports, "international recreational pursuits," and mild conspiracy theories about whether Facebook and Google are listening to our phone calls--PLUS, catch up with our old friends Eddie Veddar, Hanna the...


#316 John Clay Wolfe Show 09.04.21

Strap in minions, 'cause our Labor Day Weekend edition has got everything AND the kitchen sink! This week the Wolfe Pack exposes our special talent for breaking through a world of bad news (and even worse weather) and getting right down to what matters: friendships, family, sports, dating in the modern age, a smatter of political oddsmaking, and of course the fast and strange tales of our own personal lives. PLUS, catch up with our old friends Axl, EVedder, a horse named Horse, and lots...


#315 John Clay Wolfe Show 08.28.21

This week, we celebrate John Clay's birthday with our friends Randy the Chipmunk, Eddie Vedder, Hanna the Exotic Dancer and a lot more! Plus, John has stories from the road, from California to Carolina and all points in between--and, we reflect on the life and career of the late, great Charlie Watts. So gather up and hang with the Wolfe Pack! We're glad to see ya.


#314 John Clay Wolfe Show 08.21.21

Whoohoo gang, we've got one HELL of an episode this week! We'll catch up with our old friends Randy the Chipmunk, Hanna the Exotic Dancer (who also happens to be our in-house accountant and mathematician), Johnny C's famous friend Peter, and Keith Richards to boot! PLUS, we wouldn't be ourselves without a pitch-perfect mix of laughs, real-life stories, geopolitical weirdness, and lots bring your vax card--real or fake, it's all the same to us geniuses--and pony up for a damned good...


#313 John Clay Wolfe Show 08.14.21

This week's episode scorches into the dog days of Summer with a beach house full of offbeat news angles, characters galore, including Hanna the Stripper, a genuine Oklahoma tweaker, the Devil himself, and more! Plus, one-of-a-kind stories from the life of one Young Johnny C. Wolfe and his grab your sunscreen and Summer up with the Wolfe Pack! We've got a cold Natty Lite set aside for ya.


#312 John Clay Wolfe Show 08.07.21

On this week's episode, we've got a TON of all-star guest appearances, with Hanna the Stripper, Keith Richards, the Pillow Guy's biggest fan, and even the Devil himself! PLUS, there's a healthy dose of vax/antivax "wisdom" to talk about, lots of new music and life events, and of course, John Clay's one-of-a-kind, singular outlook on what it takes to run an ever-growing private business in (hopefully) post-COVID America. So mask up (or not!), and hang with the Wolfe Pack! We've got your first...


#311 John Clay Wolfe Show 07.31.21

This week, the Wolfe Pack says a sad goodbye to a Texas Rock legend--Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. We'll also lift our spirits with great moments and controversies from the Tokyo Olympic Games, cautionary old-school sports training tales, the pending dissolution of NCAA College Football as we know it, and great news and notes from our old friends Randy the Chipmunk, Joe Exotic, and lots more! So get your goggles on tight, and hold your breath--you're gonna need that "third leg" to get the gold!


#310 John Clay Wolfe Show 07.24.21

On this week's episode, we're all abuzz about GMTV's new corporate headquarters--and PreKay and Gigi have hatched a plot to storm the Hip-Hop industry with their own new groove! Plus, sound advice from our friends Randy the Chipmunk, Keith Richards, El Rushbo, and many more--and don't forget, if you're about to pull the trigger on selling your ride, you'd better sock it into Give Me the Vin Dot Com! Just tell 'em Johnny C. sent ya.


#309 John Clay Wolfe Show 07.17.21

Hold onto your saddle kids, 'cause this week we've got a wild ride set up for ya--during our move to the new GMTV national headquarters location, the Wolfe Pack has had just enough spare time to get all hot and bothered over a slightly volatile car market, hurt feelings with our famous friends, a 'Bobbo & Gigi'-sized bit of Cohost dissention, and of course, the wisdom of our old friends Rush, Randy the Chipmunk, and the Devil himself--and special guest appearances from Axl, Ronnie James Dio,...


#308 John Clay Wolfe Show 07.10.21

This week's episode finds the Wolfe Pack all back home from the road, with John fresh off a week of wheeling-and-dealing around the West Coast, and the rest of us getting ready to move into Give Me the Vin's new national headquarters (and the subsequent fight for the best office space). PLUS, catch up with our old friends Canada Man, Joe Exotic, and the Devil Himself. We've got big laughs, bigger Car Tales, and enough leftover firecrackers to share. So pull up a rock and crack open a Natty,...


#307 John Clay Wolfe Show 07.03.21

On this week's special Independence Day episode, we've got our firecracker stash on display! Catch up with our old friends Keith Richards, the newly-released-from-the-slammer Bill Cosby (who apparently has a "thing" for our girl Gigi), and lots more. PLUS, the Wolfe has an update on what the Hell's going on in the wholesale car market, we've got a gunship full of big laughs and entertainment news, and a toast to all things USA. So get your punk lit, and let's blow something up! Happy 4th of...


#306 John Clay Wolfe Show 06.26.21

On this week's program, the Wolfe Pack has a LOT of listener goings-on, with "Letters to Gigi," a bewildered girlfriend's wayward tendencies, news and gossip and vaccine rants...PLUS, we say goodbye to Conan, and hello (officially) to Summer. So hop on over and hang awhile--swimsuits optional after 9pm!


#305 John Clay Wolfe Show 06.19.21

Whoa, Daddy! This week we celebrate Father's Day with awesome memories of the "Old Man" and his knack for twisted wisdom, good times, and managing somehow to keep us alive until we could kindly vacate the premises...PLUS, there's a bit of trending auto market news being spread around by more than one Car Genius, America's got a brand-spankin'-new Federal holiday, and we're still damned proud to call ourselves fans of them Skynyrd boys. So pony up and crack open a Natty Light--Here's to you,...


#304 John Clay Wolfe Show 06.12.21

On this week's program, we've got a LOT of ground to cover (and a bit of breaking news trending in the car biz)...and of course there's plenty of laughs, with our old friends Hanna the dancer, Neil Young, and of course the Devil himself. So hop off the high board and take a dip with the Wolfe Pack! The water's fine.


#303 John Clay Wolfe Show 06.05.21

On this week's show, the Wolfe Pack pulls out ALL the stops, with a pile of laughs, family drama, at-work near tragedies, and our old friends Keith Richards, The Dog, and even a somewhat disgraced racehorse named Medina Spirit! PLUS, check the current car market trends, share your favorite hangover remedy, and hear some WILD stories about the dangers of Chantix. So move over Pfizer--the John Clay Wolfe Show is your Saturday cure!


#302 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.29.21

On this week's episode, the Wolfe Pack faces a tidal wave of endlessly growing car market biz, post-COVID trends in politics and pop culture, and as always, a whole boat load of laughs--with our old friends El Rushbo, Mike McDonald, Keith Richards, and even the late, great Paul Harvey. So strap in and prepare your "Steeze," 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!


#301 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.22.21

Brace yourself Regulators--this week's episode packs a wallop. We've got a Family Cruiser full of laughs, a dash of politics, three tablespoons of theology, an examination of 'nonbinary theory,' and plenty of highline cars for the diehards! So take your prescribed dose and pack for a great ride--we'll even sit for your trip. And away we go!


#300 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.15.21

On this week's episode, Johnny C. and the Wolfe Pack cover it ALL--from Elon Musk's SNL debut (good), realtime reports from the so-high car market (better), and of course your old friends Keith Richards and Hannah the Stripper, and even racehorse Medina Spirit's press conference after the now infamous Kentucky Derby. And whattayaknow, we're up to Episode #300! So crack a Natty Light and celebrate with the Wolfe Pack--we're glad to hang with ya.


#299 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.08.21

On this week, stories abound from GMTV's Cinco de Navidad company party! We've also got lots of tips and trends from the car market, a little politics, and a truck load of laughs. So hop aboard and ride with the Wolfe Pack! Thanks for hanging out.


#298 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.01.21

This week's JCW Show Mayday surprise is surprisingly full of great stuff! Catch up with our old friends Reverend Charles, Keith Richards, the Devil Himself, Butch the Horse, and much more! PLUS, the car market just keeps topping its own record for wholesale pricing, and there's plenty of politics and church turmoil and family drama to boot. So kick off your kicks and sit a spell with the Wolfe Pack. We're glad you could make it over to the treehouse!