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The first show dedicated to helping diversify your personal brand through others' life perspectives.


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The first show dedicated to helping diversify your personal brand through others' life perspectives.



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Starting Your Business Young with Braxton Manley, Entrepreneur

This man is killing his entrepreneurial journey at the ripe age of 22. His company came into being a little over a year and a half ago... during college. Braxton Manley (@braxtonmanley) caught a solid break: he found something useful to present at a Texas Tech pitch competition. He ended up winning... and for good reason. Braxley Bands (@braxleybands) *took me a minute to say it right in the show* is a lifestyle fashion brand focused on creating aesthetically pleasing, affordable Apple Watch...


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A Colorado Trip with Trevor Doucet

Back to it this week with an episode from the "Centennial State," beautiful Colorado! I made sure to sit down with my good friend Trevor Doucet (@tjdoucet22) to talk about our travels and the great state of Colorado. Since I was a kid, CO has always brought me to a good place. Like everywhere I travel to, I try to reflect on the important aspects of my visit: how I felt, how I thought, how I grew, etc. You can find it all here! I hope to feature many more destinations on the podcast within...


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A Global Refugee Crisis – Ramzi Harrabi, Artist & Activist

A child, 13 years of age, leaves home. He/she treks across the African desert, experiences horrific events unheard of for a 13 year old, and arrives in Libya. Ah Libya, the next step on their journey to a new life. He/she is then beaten, traumatized, and taken advantage of in more ways than one; all before boarding a boat full of 300 others just like him/her... and the boat is meant for 20. A great deal of time passes... imagine 3 days without sufficient water and no leg room. They arrive to...


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Livin' That Life - Riley Bennett, Digital Nomad

Imagine you wake up everyday in a completely different environment than the one you were raised in... Your morning is different, the people are different, the food is different, the smells, the views, the experience... everything is different. You learn the ins and outs of that culture, then on to another! And the cycle repeats... Beautiful. This is the life of a digital nomad, someone who has the ability to work remotely and travel the world rather than staying in one place. No digital...


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Unearthing the Entrepreneur – Dr. Donald Mosley, Jr.

A bridge between entrepreneurship and academia, this academic sets his sights on unearthing the potential that lies in higher education. Dr. Donald Mosley, Jr. is building a platform in academia that encourages younger generations to come together in the construction of new ideas. What you'll learn from this episode: The most important thing for budding entrepreneurs to remember How to be an effective teacher - in the classroom and life Why it's an exciting time to take part in...


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A Chef’s Life – Chris Litts

He's one of the most dedicated, creative people I have came across. Never afraid to try something new, this Chef puts conventional wisdom to the test, coming up with unique dishes derived from a daydream. Put simply, he's a lover of good food and doesn't skimp on the diligence required to create such. In this episode, you'll learn: The mindset of a Chef How to be a better home cook The secret to making the perfect pizza (24:40) And much more on the cooking-life parallel This is a...


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Making Moves: To Austin

Just a quick update on what's happenin'.


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A Curious Life – Dr. James Larriviere, Economist

If he's not in the classroom, you might find him on the water or out-lifting his students in the Rec center. His work ethic is exemplary, leading by example in all that he does. The life experiences of this academic are wide-ranging and inspiring. Today you'll learn... How to effectively transition The importance of preparation What it means to be an academic And much more in the world of academia I sat down for an intriguing conversation with Dr. James Larriviere, economist, surfer,...


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Setting The Bar – Jake Spotswood, University of Alabama Polevaulter

It's a sight to behold... launching himself over 17 feet in the air by sheer force and precise mechanics. He goes for it, whether it be in Track and Field or life in general. No bar is too high for an attempt. In this episode, you'll learn... What it takes to become a high-level student athlete Diet, Exercise, and Mindfulness as precursors to success How to win an Indoor Track & Field SEC Championship And other insights from a college athlete I convinced my little brother to share the most...


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Chasing White Light – Jeff Marcus, Entrepreneur and Former Business Executive

Inspiring, driven, even-keeled. That's the type of person Jeff Marcus is. Hearing about the life Jeff has lived will make you want to get up off the couch and get after it. He has many titles, but for the sake of simplicity, let's just call him a well-rounded entrepreneur. In this episode, you'll learn... How to find and seize entrepreneurial opportunities His #1 tip for succeeding in life How to start your first entrepreneurial venture And much more... It all comes in the form of a story....


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Startup with Passion – Jeremy Wolff

A character. What a fun, interesting individual Jeremy Wolff (@wolffjeremy) is. I had the privilege to sit down with the founder of Y'all Folks, a content production company specializing in music as well as other industries. Living the life of a marketing specialist at a major steel production company was what Jeremy thought he was meant to do right out of college. He landed the job and found success in his role. The only problem... he wasn't happy. From Day 1, Jeremy knew it wasn't what he...


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Play and Pray: Navigating the Early Stages of Music – The Red Clay Strays

The Red Clay Strays rock, seriously. I had the opportunity to sit down with frontman Brandon Coleman (@brandon_lainecoleman15) and bassist Andrew Bishop (@good_time_andy) to discuss what life's like as up-and-coming musicians. The band is killing the Mobile, AL music scene, playing electrifying shows across the Gulf Coast area. If you want the best atmosphere to witness the unique energy of this group, catch them at one of their favorite venues to play: the Flora-Bama in Orange Beach, AL. If...


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An Introduction

Launch time! This is the first episode in which I discuss the nature of the show's content as well as future plans. Ya feel? Enjoy!