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Back in 1979, I made the decision to accept Dr Demento as my personal savior. Since then, with the help of his apostles Spike, Al, Stan and Black-Eyed Susan Brown, I have made it my mission to spread the Gospel of the Firesign and the Word of the Waller. Please join me and my fellow seekers as we find the Wisdom we crave and the Rapture we deserve. A new sermon every Tuesday (and NO collection plate!).


East Orange, NJ




Back in 1979, I made the decision to accept Dr Demento as my personal savior. Since then, with the help of his apostles Spike, Al, Stan and Black-Eyed Susan Brown, I have made it my mission to spread the Gospel of the Firesign and the Word of the Waller. Please join me and my fellow seekers as we find the Wisdom we crave and the Rapture we deserve. A new sermon every Tuesday (and NO collection plate!).






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War 3 from Jun 2, 2023

Eric Burdon & Animals - "Sky Pilot" Ingenius Devices - "War on Xmas!" Richie Havens - "Handsome Johnny" Frantics - "Army Jobs" Dreadnoughts - "Cruel Wars" Carmen Miranda's Ghost - "One Last Battle" Steve Goodman - "Ballad of Penny Evans" Doors - "Unknown Soldier" B J Thomas - "Honorable Peace" Bob Dylan - "Masters of War" West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - "Suppose They Gave a War (And No One Comes)" Duck's Breath Mystery Theater - "Burger Wars" Psychostick - "Fight to the Death" Smothers Brothers - "Civil War Song" Una Mae Carlisle - "Blitzkreig Baby (You Can't Bomb Me)" Homer & Jethro - "We Didn't Sink the Bismarck" Fawlty Towers - "Don't Mention the War" Carry On - "What Do We Do in the Army" Ken Burrows - "My Best Friend Thinks He's Rambo" Tom Paxton - "Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues" Dantalian's Chariot - "World War Three" Crown City Four - "Watch World War Three (On Pay TV)" Team Dokus - "Fifty Million Megaton Sunset" Tom Lehrer - "We'll All Go Together When We Go"


Summer 3 from May 26, 2023

Billy Stewart - "Summertime (long version)" Butthole Surfers - "Summer in the City" Connie Francis - "Vacation" Cliff Richard - "Summer Holiday" Catalinas - "Summertime Callin Me" Firebirds - "Here Comes Summer" Undertones - "Here Comes the Summer" Nora Bayes - "Are You Prepared for the Summer" Sir Harry Lauder - "I Think I'll Get Wed in the Summer" Intentions - "Summertime Angel" Kim Fowley - "California Summertime" Kenny Chesney - "Summertime" Seasick Steve - "Summertime Boy" Sunrays - "I Live for the Summer" Beach Boys - "Amusement Parks USA" George Formby - "Swimmin with the Women" Gerry Granahan - "Too Big for Her Bikini" Surf Punks - "Big Top" Sponegebob - "Endless Summer" Ha Ha Tonka - "12-Inch, 3-Speed Oscillating Fan" Barre Booth - "Hottest Day of the Year" Gen Orange - "Thunderstorm" Wombles - "Summer Wombling Party" Blondie - "In the Sun" Scumbag Dad - "Song of the Summer" Sly & Family Stone - "Hot Fun In The Summertime" Gary Lewis & Playboys - "Save Your Heart for Me" Charles Kingsley Creation - "Summer Without Sun" Eddie Weldon - "Cooler Weather is a-Comin" Fashions - "Surfers Memories" Larry & Loafers - "Let's Go to the Beach" Cheech & Chong - "Day at the Beach with Pedro & Man" Wendy - "No Swimming"


Radio 5 from May 19, 2023

Steve Allen - "Disc Jockey's Theme Song" New Yorkers - "Just An Echo In The Valley" Dickie Goodman - "Berlin Top Ten" Mikey & His Uke - "Radio Radio" Owsley - "Oh No the Radio" Everclear - "AM Radio" Toyes - "Listen to the Radio" Sports - "Who Listens to the Radio" Reunion - "Life Is A Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" Bill Nelson - "Golden Days of Radio" Happiness Boys - "On the Air" Gary Owens - "Golden Voice Announcers School" Power Salad - "Voices in Your Head Have Started a Podcast" Spencer & Spencer - "Russian Bandstand" Hudson & Landry - "Joe Needles" Jack Barlow - "All Night Country Radio" Chuck Bills - "WSM Blues" Connie Smith - "Tiny Blue Transistor Radio" Jack Campbell - "Mister DJ" Terry Cashman - "Play By Play (I Saw it on the Radio)" the Donnas - "Gimme My Radio" Rob Zombie - "Dead City Radio" Darryl Rhoades - "My Radio Sucks" Ravyns - "Raised on the Radio" by Steve Carlisle - "WKRP in Cincinnati Main Theme" Harry Chapin - "W.O.L.D." Tom Petty - "The Last DJ"


Records 4 from May 12, 2023

Hugo & Luigi - "Rockabilly Party" Steve Yoo - "How to Play Vinyl Records" Deanna Durbin - "Turntable Song" Pearl Carr & Canadians - "Phonograph Song (Our Melody)" Gordon Lightfoot - "Old Dan's Records" Bobby Vinton - "What Did You Do with Your Old 45s" Weezer - "Records" Michael Peace - "Tape Machine Song" Charles Ross Taggart - "Uncle Zed Buys a Graphophone" Stanley Kirkby - "When the Gramophone Store Caught Fire" Sheet Music Singer - "Song of Mr Phonograph" Thou Shalt Not - "Haunted Phonograph" Mad Magazine - "Super Spectacular Day #8" R Stevie Moore - "Records" Brook Benton - "Hit Record" Cledus T Judd - "Record Deal" Reel Big Fish - "Sell Out" Wilco - "I Love My Label" Resistance - "They Called it Rock" Joe South - "Jukebox" Flirts - "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" Dick Curless - "Drop Some Silver in the Jukebox" They Might Be Giants (Nicolas Hill) - "Edison Museum" Joan Sims - "Sweet Lovely Whatsisname" Tears - "God Save the 45s" Morris Minor & Majors - "Another Boring B-Side" Spike Milligan - "Nothing at All"


Satire 4 from May 5, 2023

Loose Bruce Kerr - "Moments to Remember" Shirley Serban - "Time Worn" Don Livingston - "Killing Me Softly (with Kung Fu)" Cledus T Judd - "Motel Californie" Cledus T Judd - "Just Another Day in Parodies" Stan Freberg - "Try" Heathen Dan - "I LIke" Courtland & Jeffries - "Oh! It's a Lovely War" Homer & Jethro - "Yaller Rose of Texas Y'all" Mickey Katz - "Roiselle from Texas" Gloria Becker - "Sixteen Pounds" Chevy Chase - "Short People" Weird Al - "My Balogna" Shameful Choir - "Mayonnaise" Jim Terr - "Leave Your Guns Outside" Mangy Fetlocks - "That's My Gun" Loose Bruce Kerr - "Night They Drove Ol' Herman Down" Natasha Owens - "Trump Won and You Know it" [Surprisingly, not Satire.] New Collectivity - "Thank You Mr Trump" Dorothy Loudon - "We're All Right" Bob Rivers - "Ignorant Man" Tom T Hall - "Monkey Who Became President" Mark III - "Valerie" Electric Amish - "Black Bonnet Girls" Weird Al - "Amish Paradise" Russell Alexander - "Be Like Jesus" Power Salad - "Chacarron Macarron" Longest Johns - "To the Ends of the Block" Camille West - "Nervous Wreck of the Edna Fitzgerald"


78s29 from Apr 28, 2023

Charles Ross Taggart - "Uncle Zed Buys a Graphophone" Duncan Sisters - "Happy-Go-Lucky Days" Ruby Newman & Ritz-Carlton Hotel Orchestra - "Laffin at the Funnies" Hoosier Hot Shots - "When Lightning Struck the Coon Creek Party Line" Spike Jones (Homer & Jethro) - "Fiddle Faddle" Rufus Shoffner - "At the Burlesque Show" Bert Firman's Dance Orchestra - "Let's All Sing the Lard Song" Barton Brothers (Sholom Secunda & Orchestra) - "Bagels & Lox" Arnold Stang - "Shloimy the Subway Train" Laughing Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile" Edward Meeker - "I Think I Oughtn't Ought to Anymore" Pearl Trio (Larry Vincent) - "Automobile Song" Red Ingle & Natural Seven (Betty Holland) - "Nic-O-Demo" Harry Bidgood - "Go Wash an Elephant" Harry Reser & Radio All Stars - "Mysterious Mose" Albert Whelan - "Bunky Doodle I Do" Woody Herman - "Three Little Sisters" Marion Hutton - "Bop! Goes My Heart" Betty Hutton - "Murder! He Says" Betty Hutton - "It's So Quiet (Blow a Fuse)" Ted Weems (Elmo Tanner) - "The Martins & the Coys" Jo Stafford - "Feudin & Fightin" Sam Theard - "Hot Dog Man" Hartman's Heartbreakers (Betty Lou) - "Let Me Play with It" Mae West - "Guy What Takes His Time" Bessie Smith - "I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl" Sophie Tucker - "Max from the Income Tax" Beatrice Kay - "Mention My Name in Sheboygan" Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys - "Shocking Rye Straw" Danny Kaye - "Tongue Twisters" Dana Gillespie - "Wasn't that Good"


Party 2 from Apr 14, 2023

Strawberry Shortcake - "Celebration" Ted Weems (Red Ingle) - "Celebratin" Leslie Holmes - "Let's Have a Party" Who - "Instant Party Mixture" Ray-O-Vacs - "Party Time" Larry Verne - "Abdul's Party" D'matics - "Rank" Godley & Creme - "The Party" Jim Lowe - "Rock-A-Chika" Justin Tubb - "Rock it on Down to My House" Ohio Express - "Down at Lulu's" Stevens & Grdnik - "Bikini Full of Trouble" Roger Alan Wade - "Party in My Pants" Andrew WK - "Party Hard" Buzz Martin - "Logger's Annual Party" Morecombe & Wise - "A-Wassailing" Pixies Three - "Birthday Party" Bowling for Soup - "S-S-S-Saturday" Stompin Tom Connors - "Sudbury Saturday Night" Eddie & Betty - "Saturday Night Fish Fry" Alestorm - "Treasure Chest Party Quest" Flavor - "Sally Had a Party" Babs Gonzalez - "House Rent Party" 3 Aces & a Joker - "Booze Party" Jona Lewie - "You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties" Stompin Tom Connors - "Back Yardin" Wombles - "Summer Wombling Party" Dave York & Beachcombers - "Beach Party" Al Terry - "Hurricane Party" Irish Rovers - "Wasn't That a Party" Larry Donn - "That's What I Call a Ball" Treniers - "Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night"


Heroes 4 from Apr 7, 2023

Barry & the Giants - "Mr Giant Man" Jimi Hendrix - "Astro Man" Bob Rivers - "I Am Santa Claus" MayTree - "James Bond Theme" Four Esquires - "Double-O Seven" Larry Hooper - "Roger Boom" Buddies - "Duckman (Part 1 )" Jerry Simms - "Good Luck Orville" Characters - "When Amelia Ehrhart Flies Home" Tim Conway & Ernie 'Ghoulardi' Anderson - "Superman" Don Bowman - "Roy Raisin" Vestibules - "Ballad of Marshall McLuhan" Eddie Bond - "Buford Pusser" Weird Al - "CNR" Chuck Brodsky - "Moe Berg (the Song)" - "Secret Squirrel Theme" Devo Spice - "Spider Verses" Katrina & Waves - "Spiderman" Gregory Fleeman & FleeWomen - "Tarzan Come Back" Jim Matthews, the Singing Surgeon - "Right on for the Hulk" Johnny Cash - "Oney" Buddies - "Duckman (Part 2 )" Danny Mack - "Ballad of Paul Bunyan" Stompin Tom Connors - "Big Joe Mufferaw" Red Ingle & Natural 7 - "Nature Boy" Lamont Anthony - "Popeye" Young Jacques - "Jacque Cousteau" Dana Drake - "Ahoy Columbus" Groucho - "Hooray for Captain Spalding" Bonzo Dog Band - "Mr Apollo" Black Lodge Singers - "Mickey Mouse"


Baseball 12 from Mar 31, 2023

Very Nice Interesting Singer Man - "Baseball Song" Bruce Springstone - "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Lefty Brothers - "Opening Day" Stubby & the Buccaneer Trio - "Bogle to Boogle to Boone" Tim Wilson - "Church League Softball Fistfight" Tim Wilson - "Little League Witch" - "Casey Stengal for Life Cereal" Howard & Henry - "Howard & Henry" Squids - "This is What a Baseball Balk Really Is" Bob & Ray - "Biff Burns Sports Room" Hudson & Landry - "Forever Adams" Baseball Project - "They Played Baseball" Dave Frischberg - "Matty" Todd Snider - "America's Favorite Pastime" Eddie Lawrence - "German Baseball" - "Go Go Astros" the Phillies - "Phillies Fever" Lucas Prata - "New York Mets" Tomahawk Dudes - "I Hate the Mets the Most" - "We are the Marlins" Baseball Project - "Don't Call them Twinkies" Grove End Road - "Cubs are Gonna Do It" - "Yankees Mambo #5" John Lincoln Wright - "Red Sox Song" - "Let's Go Padres" Jason Siemer - "World of Orioles Baseball" - "Cincinnati Reds Fight Song" Music behind DJ: Freekbass - "Reds Fan" Chuck Brodsky - "Letter to Harry" Chuck Brodsky - "Splinter Cheeks Johnson"


Lists 6 from Mar 24, 2023

Al Jarreau & Oleta Adams - "Waters of March" Scavengers - "Zip Code" Fish Turned Human - "24-Hour Shop" Weird Al - "Craigslist" Zane Williams - "99 Bottles" Tim Hicks - "Stronger Beer" McDonald's - "Menu Song" R Crumb & his Cheap Suit Serenaders - "I Had But 50 Cents" Turtles - "Food" Divine Comedy - "Booklovers" George Carlin - "Join The Book Club" Ned Sublette - "I Ain't Afraid of Girls" Redcoats - "Girls, Girls, Girls" Marc Gunn - "Said the Horse to the Hobbit" Danny Kaye - "Tchaikovsky & Other Russians" Stompin Tom Connors - "Name the Capitols" Katie Lee - "In Atlanta" Rick Moranis - "Five-Star Motels" William S Burroughs - "Words of Advice for Young People" Paul Anka - "Teen Commandments" Monkees - "Saturday's Child" Statler Brothers - "Do You Remember These" Buzz Martin - "Logger's Reward" Beverly Hillbillies (Buddy Ebsen) - "Back Home USA" Tim Wilson - "Talladega Song" Soupy Sales - "Sad Sack" Yogi Yorgeson - "Just One of Those Days" Bette Midler - "You're Moving Out Today" Henry W Corbett - "Junk Shop" Lonely Island - "Things in My Jeep" Weird Al - "Hardware Store"


Beer 3 from Mar 17, 2023

Trey Parker & Matt Stone - "Beer Song" Fiddlestix - "Fiddlestix Beer Song" High Kings - "Irish Pub" Clancy Brothers - "Beer Beer Beer" Youth of Britain - "Beer Beer Beer Lovely Beer" CaliCeltic - "Beer From St James Gate" Jimmie Vestal - "100 Bottles of Beer" Koko Taylor - "Beer Bottle Boogie" Dave Bartholomew - "Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear?" Two Man Gentlemen Band - "Fancy Beer" Psychostick - "Beer is Good and Stuff" Alestorm - "Drink" Neil Smith - "Eighteen Wheels and MeisterBrau" Yet Another String Band - "Ballad of Ten-Cent Beer Night" Ray Sanders - "Beer Drinkin Music" Hank Thompson - "On Tap, in the Can, or in the Bottle" Peter Stampfell & Bottle Caps - "Drink American" Dick Feller - "Uncle Hiram & His Home Made Beer" Buzz Martin - "Logger's Home Brew" Brian & Jimi Cooper - "Hoppy Beer Song" Kevin Fowler Band - "Better with Beer" Colt Ford (feat. Jamey Johnson) - "Cold Beer" Johnny Paycheck - "Fifteen Beers" Big Bill Johnson - "Beer Belly Blues" Eddie Noack - "Beer Drinkin Blues" Norman Wade - "Shut Up & Drink Your Beer" Neal McCoy - "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On" Rick Philgreen - "Billy Beer Drinkin Man" Tim Hawkins - "I Don't Drink Beer" Psychostick - "Sober on St Patrick's Day" George Jones - "Root Beer"


Fairy Tales 2 from Mar 10, 2023

Fractured Fairy Tales - "the Little Tinker" Clifford Jackson - "Rip Van Winkle was a Lucky Man" Ella Mae Morse & Billy May Orchestra - "Rip Van Winkle" Hank Thompson - "Rub A Dub Dub" Sons of the Pioneers - "Froggy Went A-Courtin" Farm Pets - "Goosey Goosey Gander" Dr Demento with Robert Haimer - "Rumplestilskin" Pop Art - "Rumplestilskin" Peanut Butter Conspiracy - "Peter Pan" Mary Martin - "Never Never Land" Moondog - "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" Steve Allen - "Cinderella" Cary-Garfin Four - "Zip A Dee Doo Dah" Moondog - "Jack & Jill" Wild Billy Childish - "Three Blind Mice" Gurpreet Kaur - "Humpty Dumpty" Roger Miller - "Jabberwocky" Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - "By the Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin" John Branyan - "Three Little pigs" John Stantley - "Little Bo Peep" Al 'Jazzbo' Collins - "Little Red Riding Hood" Rotten Eggs - "Incey Wincey Spider" Rotten Eggs - "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" Spike Jones and his City Slickers - "Old MacDonald's Farm" Paul Whiteman - "Mutiny in the Nursery" Carson Robison - "Mother Goose Rhymes" Ivor Biggun - "Filthy Limerick Mambo" Moondog & Julie Andrews - "Three Tales" Fractured Fairy Tales - "Little Fred Riding Hood"


Cars 14 from Mar 3, 2023

Billy Bragg - "A-13 (Trunk Road to the Sea)" Who - "Motoring" Rolling Stones - "I'm Gonna Drive" Waitresses - "It's My Car" Status Quo - "Don't Drive My Car" Alabama Big Earl - "Get Out of the Left Lane" Carlisles - "Woman Driver" Ray Stevens - "Day I Tried to Teach Charlene McKenzie How to Drive" Graham Parker - "Crawling Through the Wreckage" Charlie Ryan - "Hot Rod Hades" Gilbert Shelton Ensemble - "Southern Stock Car Man" Voxpoppers - "Last Drag" Beach Boys - "No Go Showboat" Power Salad - "Little Hybrid" Jan & Dean - "Surfin Hearse" Rainy Daze - "Stop Sign" Rodd Keith & Music Magicians - "Convertibles & Headbands" Big Joe & Dynaflows - "Big Long Buick" Guitar Tommy Moore - "Your Car Machine" Willie Nelson - "She Loves My Automobile" Brett Beardsley - "Pickup Truck Song" Pinto Colvig - "Honkety Hank" Arkie Shibley - "I'm a Poor Okie" Weird Al - "Belvedere Cruisin" Buzz Martin - "Little Ole Model A" Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - "I Love to Bumpity Bump (On a Bumpy Road with You)" Johnny Copeland & Texas Kids - "Radar" Rick West - "Cop Car" Steve Goodman - "Lincoln Park Pirates" Alan Jackson - "Talking Song Repair Blues" Malvina Reynolds - "Day the Freeway Froze"


Phones 4 from Feb 24, 2023

Andrews Sisters - "Telephone Song" Nicola Paone - "Telephone Song" Jerry Reed - "Telephone" Post Office Telephone Co. - "Instructions for Dialing" Billy Murray - "Hello Hawaii, How are You?" Lily Tomlin - "The Strike" Bunny Paul - "Buzz Me" Mark Dinning - "Dial AL-1-4833" Rick Moranis - "Press Pound" Astrud Gilberto - "Telephone Songs" George Carlin - "Telephones" Power Salad - "Hold On, I've Got to Take This" Orlons - "Don't Hang Up" Acres & Acres - "Cell Phone Song" T Valentine - "Cell Phones" Cledus T Judd - "What the -$@# Did You Say" Jags - "Back of My Hand" Foreigner - "Love on the Telephone" Meri Wilson - "900 Song" Nick Lowe - "Switchboard Susan" Strawberry Zots - "Little Red Telephone" Abba - "Ring Ring" Suzanne Fellini - "Love on the Phone" Darryl Rhoades - "876-5561" Lily Tomlin - "We Don't Care" Sugarloaf - "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" Ludacris & Nate Dogg - "Area Codes" Weird Al - "Phony Calls" Captain Beefheart - "Telephone"


Fashion 3 from Feb 17, 2023

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - "Tramp" Kate Morrison - "Laundry Blues" Flight of the Conchords - "Fashion is Danger" Bobby Pedrick Jr - "White Bucks & Saddle Shoes" Very Nice Interesting Singer Man - "Pants are Great" Memphis Rockabilly Band - "Pleated Pants" Ray Stevens - "Cat Pants" Doyle & Debbie - "Blue Stretch Pants" - "Apple Bottom Jeans - 'Beach Boys' (1964)" David Dundas - "Jeans On" Psychostick - "Socks & Sandals & Pajama Pants" Liquorice John Death - "Shopping for Clothes" Fats Waller - "Got a Bran' New Suit" Bill Cosby - "That's How I Met Your mother" Roger Ruskin-Spear - "Trouble With My Trousers" Therapy Sisters - "Avon in the Amazon" Talon Co - "How Would We Look Without Zippers?" Johnny Collier - "Mama Wears A Mini Skirt" Wayne Rainey - "Grandma's Mini Skirt" Rodeo Jim Peters - "Country Girl In A Mini-Skirt" Dolly Parton - "Coat of Many Colors" Jess Conrad - "This Pullover" Wally Pleasant - "Alternateen" Doing Time - "I Was a Ye Ye Girl" Barbara Windsor - "Don't Dig Twiggy" Kreayshawn - "Gucci Gucci" Kristin Lems - "Mammary Glands" Fran Warren - "A Corset Can Do a Lot for a Lady" Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman - "Kinky Boots" Very Nice Interesting Singer Man - "Long Underwear Musical Song" Zulus - "Topless" Gerry Granahan - "Too Big for Her Bikini" Mamie van Doren & June Wilkinson - "Bikini With No Top On The Top" Very Nice Interesting Singer Man - "I'm Wearing Nothing but a Towel!"


Grab Bag 72 from Feb 10, 2023

Step in Step Dance Sistem - "Captain Christy's Space Walk" Pink Floyd - "Astronomy Domine (4-track demo)" Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band - "My Sign Don't Work" Kim Fowley - "Astrology" Bo Burnham - "Welcome to the Internet" Whimsical Will - "Hacker's Rap" Cledus T Judd - "Cledus Went Down to Florida" Tom Lehrer - "Irish Ballad" Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - "Johnny McAdoo" Bob & Ray - "Mr Science - Gravity" Tom Rush - "Beam Me Up Scotty" Buzz Martin - "Snoos Song" Red Foley - "Television" Folksmen - "Blood on the Coal" Mitchell Trio - "A Dying Business" Frank Crumet - "I Married the Bootlegger's Daughter" Slim Willet & Brush Cutters - "Hadacol Corners" Professor Longhair - "Hadacol Bounce" Alvin Crow & Pleasant Valley Boys - "Nyquil Blues" Denis Leary - "Nyquil" Jimmy McCrackin - "Rock n Rye" Iceman - "I Want Your Socks" Shaggs (Austin Wiggin) - "Shagg's Own Thing" Half Japanese - "Last Straw" I Drive - "Looking Out My Window" Orchester Gustava Offermanna - "Leave Me Alone" Arthur Mullard - "Was It Something I Said?" Cream - "Hey Now Princess"


Cats 7 from Feb 3, 2023

Bryant Oden - "Cat Song" Bowser & Blue - "Meow Meow Meow" Joy Nichols & Benny Lee - "Pussycat Song" Rooftop Singers - "Tomcat Blues" Jimmie Davis - "Tomcat & Pussy Blues" Paul Ott - "Kitty Kat" Bobby Troup & His Trio - "That Darn Cat" Peggy Lee - "Alley Cat" Voicedude - "Everybody Wants to be a Stray" Macel Bontempi - "Boss-Eyed Cat" Tommy Collins - "Black Cat" Lulu Belle & Tommy Faile - "Wampus Cat" Linda Lindas - "Monica" Kimberley Rew - "Cat is the Boss" Louis Armstrong - "This Black Cat has Nine Lives" Garrison Keillor/PHC - "Mr Rogers' Catbox Video" Joe - "Cat Lady Song" Two Jew Revue - "Whiskers & Me" I am Kyle - "Cat on My Shoulder" Jimmy Scott, Songwriter - "Cat Song" Mercedes Lackey - "F.A.P. (Feline American Princess)" asapScience - "Science of Cats" Sid King & 5 Strings - "Purr Kitty Purr" Weird Paul Petrosky - "My Cat Eats Moths" Heywod Banks - "Cat Got Dead" Stomach Mouths - "Cat Came Back" Paul & Storm - "Lose the Gonads" Parry Gripp - "Where Could My Kitty Cat Be" Jonathan Mann - "Pickles the Cat" Arthur Brown - "Lucifer Sam" BuzzFeed Video - "Dear Kitten" Frank Hayes - "Never Set the Cat on Fire" Ian Anderson - "Old Black Cat"


Farm 2 from Jan 27, 2023

Crazy Elephant - "Come to the Farm" Bounce Patrol - "Good Morning Farm Animals" Tom T Hall - "Barn Dance" Wurzels - "Funky Farmyard" Hal Swain & His Band - "Jollity Farm" Tommy Handley - "Misery Farm" Anonymous - "Farm Lilfe" Trace Adkins - "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" Bill Chapelle - "Down on the Farm Boogie" Seasick Steve - "Down on the Farm" Colt Ford - "Farm Life" Faces - "Miss Judy's Farm" Who - "Now I'm a Farmer" Petersen Farm Brothers - "Farmer Style" Petersen Farm Brothers - "Tractorstuck" Tim Hawkins - "Pretty Pink Tractor" Wurzels - "Tractor Song" Rodney Atkins - "Friends with Tractors" Tim Wilson - "Michael McDonald Had a Farm" Seamus Kennedy - "Old McDonald's Deformed Farm" Lone Star Ranger - "Farm Relief Song" Tom T Hall - "Kentucky, February 27 1971" Dan Zanes & Friends - "Farmer is the One" Rikki Van - "Cotton Candy Farming Disaster" Don Bowman - "Spanish Weed" Guns n Roses - "Down on the Farm" Power Salad - "Saga of the Modern American Mall Family" Farmer Derek - "What Does the Farmer Say" Paul Harvey - "So God Made a Farmer"


Animals 4 from Jan 20, 2023

Rex Harrison - "Talk to the Animals" Beverly Hillbillies - "Critters" Clarke & Dawe - "Last Minute Technicality" Mandy Miller - "Nellie the Elephant" Flanders & Swann - "Gnu Song" John Lithgow - "Hippopotomus Song" Adrian Belew - "Lone Rhinoceros" Peeple - "Hi Yo Camel" Alien Sex Fiend - "Camel Camel" Bunny Clogs - "Capybara" Firesign Theatre - "Chinchilla Show" Cledus T Judd - "Goodbye Squirrel" Ray Stevens - "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" Jane Hobson & Her Bad Revue - "Raccoon Song" Jane Hobson & Her Bad Revue - "Throw Your Cat Away" Kaleidoscope [UK] - "Feathered Tiger" Lenny Henry - "Mole in a Hole" Tom T Hall - "Mysterious Fox of Fox Hollow" Dan Spencer - "Tasmanian Devil" Van Vuuren Brothers - "Australia's Deadliest Animals" Kenneth Williams - "Not an Asp" Leona Anderson - "Fish" Smothers Bros - "Crabs Walk Sideways" Michael Barrymore - "Doin the Crab" Kenny Young & Eggplants - "Fish Song" John Hadfield - "Bookmobile Submarine" Johnny Aloha (Richard Cheese) - "Rock Lobster" Kenny Young & Eggplants - "Space Frog" John Prine - "Space Monkey"


Aging 5 from Jan 13, 2023

They Might Be Giants - "Older" Baz Luhrmann - "Free to Use Sunscreen" Jack Clement - "My Voice is Changing" Alec Benjamin - "Older" Pursuit of Happiness - "I'm an Adult Now" Psychostick - "Adulting" People - "Lucky John" Smiley Monroe - "Happy Happy Birthday" Running Mates - "Old Man" Weird Al & Kate Winslet - "I Need a Nap" Monkeys with Car Keys - "Getting Old Sucks" Stephen Lynch - "Grandfather" Stan Boreson - "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore" Bowling for Soup - "Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)" Paul & Storm - "Extremely Old with You" Carlisles - "Too Old to Cut the Mustard" Johnny Cash - "Snow in His Hair" Rhinoceros - "Old Age" Todd Snider - "Age Like Fine Wine" Kipp McLeod - "I Guess I Must be Getting Old" Alan Jackson - "The Older I Get" Donnalou Stevens - "Older Ladies" Slant 6 & Jumpstarts - "Mrs Fletcher" Middle Georgia Singers - "Old & Feeble" Adam Sandler - "Grow Old with Youi" Rev Billy C Wirtz - "Will There Be A Shopping Mall in Heaven?" Joni Mitchell - "Sugar Mountain" Buzz Martin - "Retired Song" Todd Snider - "Enjoy Yourself" Bubba the Love Sponge - "Free to Smoke Marijuana"