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Facts About India's States | Episode 2

Did you know that India was the 7th largest country in the world with 27 states and 9 union territories? In our country, there is so much history, culture and there are new developments every day. Listen to this podcast and we share with you one fun fact from each state and Union Territory.


How I Plan To Raise My Girls

All of us speak about how we want to raise our kids equal to our boys. Ever wondered why we think this way? Why can't we raise our children to be themselves, whoever they want to be? Listen to this podcast and find out how Mansi Zaveri wishes to raise her girls.


Facts About India's States | Episode. 1

Did you know that India was the 7th largest country in the world with 27 states and 9 union territories? In our country, there is so much history, culture and there are new developments every day. Listen to this podcast and we share with you one fun fact from each state and Union Territory.


How Much Screen Time Is Too Much For Children?

Finding it impossible to keep your children away from the screen? Listen to this podcast and find out what the difference between active and passive screen time means, what age is appropriate to introduce it, how much too much screen time is an addiction and solutions on how to cut it down.


Rani Laxmi Bai's Story For Kids | History Of India

Tune in and learn interesting facts about one of our greatest female freedom fighters - Rani Laxmi Bai. She was also known as Manikarnika and her name synonymous with courage, honour, and patriotism! Your kids will learn great morals through this story and you can teach them never to accept a phrase like, "Don't fight like a girl".


How to Build Strong and Successful Brands Online and Offline in India by Preeta of The Label Life

In KSP Awards 2018, last year, we spoke to Preeta Sukhtankar, the founder of Label Life all about her brand. She shares with us how she is exploring tier-2 cities, the struggles of having an online model, sales in an e-commerce platform and why she opted to have presence offline as well. Listen to this podcast and you will get inspired on how to run an apparel brand and will relate to the struggles as a startup.


Fun Facts About India's First Prime Minister For Kids | Jawaharlal Nehru

Children's day is nearing and the kids are very excited! But do they know why we celebrate this day? Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister Of India and he loved children. Listen to this podcast and you will get a chance to teach your kids everything they need to know about their favourite freedom fighter, Chacha Nehru. At the end of the podcast, your kids will know how many times was he imprisoned, about his first speech and more!


Sameera Reddy On How To Come Out Of Post Partum | Imperfectly Perfect Campaign

Most moms suffer from post-partum depression and they just don't know how to get out of it. The many changes in our body while you are pregnant and after you give birth make us anxious and Sameera Reddy keeps it real by talking to us about exactly the same thing. She talks to us about how she gained 32 kilos, went through depression and the second time around she did her campaign Imperfectly perfect and empowered her to embrace her body better. Tune in to learn how she did it.


Shark Facts For Kids

Today on KSP Radio, we are going to talk about one of the most feared at the same time loved animals, sharks. In this podcast, your children will know all the fun facts about sharks, about what their body is made up of, the different kinds of sharks in the ocean and more. Don't forget to answer the trivia questions at the end because your l'il one is going to love the shocking facts. Do subscribe to us on Soundcloud, Spotify & Apple Podcast.


Tips To Raise A Picky Eater

Today, on our KSP Radio, we speak to you about how to deal with a li'l picky eater. We understand the struggle is real but these tried and tested tips work like wonders for parents. Tune in and get your hands on these tips that will help you keep your li'l one's food nutritious! Contest Alert - Do screengrab this podcast and share it with your feedback and tag us on Instagram @Kidsstoppress or me, your host, @mansi.zaveri by using the #KeepItReal, and get a chance to win a KSP Mug.


Funny Halloween Jokes for Kids

Kids love spooky stories and jokes. This Halloween, share Halloween jokes that will make your child roll on the floor with laughter. Tune in and this could be a great way to introduce themselves while they are trick or treating!


Raveena Tandon on Motherhood, Technology & Digital Safety.

On KSP Radio, On Keep It Real, we talk to Raveena Tandon about her parenting skills that kept her children grounded. She mentions that our kids are born in the world of technology - and she shares with us how she keeps them digital safe, keeps them grounded and how to make them work for all they need in this world of abundance.


Competition, Comparison, Discipline | How To Talk To Your Child So They Listen

In this KSP Radio Mansi Zaveri talks to RJ Navneet and she talks about the role of a parent when it comes to positive parenting. She talks to us about how to make our kids listen to us, how to deal with comparison, how to ensure discipline and strike a balance between space and family time and what parents need to learn to understand their children better. Tune in and find out all the answers to common parenting questions by the founder of the leading Indian parenting website, Kidsstoppresss...


Everything You Need To Know About Our 11th President, Dr. Abdul Kalam

Do you know everything about our former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam ? Listen to this podcast and find out with your kids why he was called the "People's President". Don't forget to subscribe to us on Soundcloud, Spotify & Apple Podcast.


21st Century Skills Don't Only Require Test Taking Skills

Kunal Dalal, the Managing Director of JBCN talks to us about 21st-century learning skills. He starts by talking about what the IB curriculum is all about and why he thinks one should opt for it. Tune in find out why he thinks results are not the most important, how to give a holistic approach to education and why content vs. concept is important for the coming generaiton.


How Shilpa Shetty Wears The Hat Of A Mother, Actress, Entrepreneur & Fitness Enthusiast

Shilpa Shetty talks to us about how she balances her life out and tries to do it all. She is a mom and the rest just follows. Listen to Shilpa Shetty's journey as a mother and how she juggles between work, fitness and her son. Contest Alert: Do Screengrab this podcast and share it with your feedback and tag us on Instagram @Kidsstoppress or me, your host, @mansi.zaveri by using the # KeepItReal, and get a chance to win a parent verified t-shirt.


Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi | Father Of The Nation

It is Gandhiji's Birthday and what better day to introduce fun facts about Bappu to our kids. In this KSP Radio, you can introduce fun facts like how many days does bappu fast, how many miles did he walk in the Dandi March, about why he fought for equality and a lot more. Listen to this podcast to know fun facts about Mahatma Gandhi, the man who fought for our freedom.


How To Raise A Reader

In this episode of #KeepItReal, we bring to you tips that all parents are looking for; how to raise your child to be an avid reader reader. If you are struggling to find ways to make your little one pick up a book instead of staring at the idiot box, look no further. Subscribe to KSP Book Club - Exclusive | Sudha Murty On Parenting:...


2019 Navratri 9 days Colours & What The Colour Represents

In this Kids Byte Sized Radio, we bring to you an episode where you can explain to your children what Navratri means, why people wear different colours on each day and what it represents. Tune in and find out fun facts that will get your children to love this podcast. Tag us @Kidsstoppress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


Kareena Kapoor Khan | How To Be The Highest-Paid Actress And A Hands-On Mom?

Actress, wife, mother, Rajio jockey, TV judge.. Kareena Kapoor Khan is by far the most gorgeous and glamorous mother in B-town. Everyone always wants in on what she has to say! I was one of you guys. I always wondered does she eat, does have dark circles, when does she exercise,does she ever have anxiety about not grabbing on a project, did she ever deliberate long before planning a baby given that the glamour industry hasn't always been too generous towards moms? In today's episode, which...