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A VerySpatial Podcast | Discussions on Geography and Geospatial Technologies


A Podcast of Geography and geospatial technologies


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A Podcast of Geography and geospatial technologies






A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 723

House Keeping: Daniel Huffman’s Map projections cards Kickstarter Watch for an opening video this week. News: Google sued over directions Guinness Book of World Records revokes mountain climbing records The National Honor Society for Geospatial Technology launches China working on ground-based timing system Topic: This week we interview Marc Prioleau, Executive Director of Overture Maps Foundation about their venture into open data, access, and direction. Events: Geography 2050: 16-17 November, New York 2024 Symposium on Hurricane Risk in a Changing Climate: 2 - 6 June, Hawaii


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 722

News: 3DntmGridded US Census data coming? Geofence warrants Customs and border patrol to stop buying phone location data Unity “install” charges announced Topic: GapMaps Events: Geo Week 2024Game Developer Conference Music: Stay Here by Art Grad


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 721

News: GLONASS launchIndian mission successfully lands on the Moon Japan hoping to launch lunar lander mission on Sept. 7thMIT measures river flows on Mars using remote sensing Google Maps Platform adds environmental data APIs Mapbox 3D updates Topic: Integrating new technologies into existing workflows Events: InterGeo 2023Applied Geography ConferenceGoGeomatics Music: All we live for WolfClub


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 720

News: Hillary hits the west coast of North America Planet completes acquisition, growing Earth Data platformPostGIS 3.4 released Microsoft AI suggests food bank as a “cannot miss” tourist spot in Canada Topic: Highlighting Geography (and geospatial) as students return to classrooms Events: Geography 20506th National Cohesive Wildland Fire Mgmt Strategy Workshop SotM 2024


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 719

News Voyager 2 Pinged - 37 hours round trip call Hotter Atlantic, but fewer hurricanes Report on National Data Infrastructure Topic: Dashboards - what’s next?


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 718

Reminiscing on 18 years of the podcast.


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 717

AVSP Episode 717 July 9, 2023 News: MA Location Shield Act NavIC 9th satellite Vietnam bans Barbie movie over map Esri UC


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 716

News: More BeiDou satellites launched U.S. NIST announces Ultra-Precise Timing Links to Geosynchronous Satellites Saildrones! Web Corner: Arctic Indigenous Peoples languages and revitalization map project released Topic: Story, narrative, vignettes, story boarding…narrative design for geoviz https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/pixar/storytelling Events: 2023 NSGIC Annual Conference and first annual National Geospatial Golf Classic: September 24-29, New Orleans, LA NYGeoCon 2023: September 25-27, Albany, NY INTERGEO 2023: October 10th - 12th, Berlin, Germany


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 715

Topic: Our discussion on AR/VR, AI, and other topics from recent developer conferences. Microsoft Build Google I/O Apple WWDC


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 714

News: NV5 acquires L3 Harris Viz portfolio Lidar smallsat swarm Hackers test satellite security Topic:


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 713

News: Virginia Norwood and earth observation Maxar to be acquired 5G constellation to support IoT CalTech releases 5.7 terapixel Mars mosaic New USGIF Scholarships for 2023 Topic: EarthDay, sustainability, and geo


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 712

News: NRO hyperspectral contracts (planets, pixxel, hypersat) BlackSky commissions newest satellites in 18 hrs Cesium for Omniverse Topic: Interviews from NC GIS Conference OpenDataSoft TwinCity Data NCSU Center for Geospatial Analytics


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 711



A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 710

News: RemoteID requirement looms Scientists debut 100 million year dynamic geological model 10th GPS III satellite complete, available for launch SV6 deemed operational Satellites threaten Radio Astronomy Antarctic sea ice extent hits a new record low Newly published study looks at navigation through the Northeast Passage U.S. Agency mapping, Environmental Justice Index (EJI) tool, and Justice40 Initiative Heritage Quest citizen science identifies 1,000s of prehistoric burial mounds using Lidar Mapbox 3D Live Navigation Ford files patent to let cars repossess themselves Events: The Pennsylvania GIS ConferenceInnovation, connected, autonomous (ICA) SummitGeoBusiness


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 709

News: National Geographic Photos for 2022 Pew AI study Bing/ChatGPTGoogle/Bard IE being deleted ArcGIS Reality Topic: Events: WVAGP


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 708

News: topoBuilder and OnDemand Topo Maps officially part of the National Map NISAR to launch in 2024QGIS call for crowd funding OGC Geo for Metaverse working group GRASS GIS 8.2.1 Topic: Microsoft Places as modern geography Events:


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 707

News: Human brain’s spatial perception changes over time. BT announces creation of a drone superhighway in Southern England John Deere (in space) Artificial Intelligence model used to track beavers Senators question FCC’s new broadband map FCC space bureau Inrupt announces updates to the W3 Personal Online Data Store “Solid Pod” Osm data model studyOverture map foundation Events: GeoNight:The international "Night of Geography" hosted by the Association of Geographical Societies in Europe (EUGEO) and The International Geographical Union (IGU), April 14th 2023.2023 Digital Construction Week: May 17-18, London, UK.The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG): May 28 - June 1, 2023, Orlando, FL


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 706

Year in review: This week we discuss some of the trends and highlights that we remember from 2022.


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 705

Topic: Events: PlaceGames


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 704

News: NOAA Aurora Dashboard (Experimental) Spire Global Launches ‘Dark Shipping’ Tracking Satellites cause concerns for radio observatories FCC launches new broadband map - asks for crowdsource help Topic: Unexpectedly helpful or cool tools for our GIS/geography work Events: Satellite 2023(SatShow), March 13 - March 16, Washington, DC Geospatial World Forum (GWF), May 3- May 5, 2023, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsWeb and Wireless Geographical Information Systems (W2GIS), June 12- June 13, 2023, Québec, Canada