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The Dave Plier Podcast from Chicago's Very Own, 720 WGN




Actress Tiffani Thiessen: Saved by The Bell, 90210 and new book ‘Here We Go Again’

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier talks to actress Tiffani Thiessen, best known for her roles in ‘Saved by the Bell’, ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and now hosting MTV’s ‘Deliciousness’, about her new book: Here We Go Again, Recipes and Inspiration to Level Up Your Leftovers.


Amazing Chicago: The City of Big Shoulders, Murder and Mayhem

Author David Anthony Witter joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about his new book: Amazing Chicago, sharing fascinating stories that are even stranger than fiction. Architectural marvels, landmarks, heroes, villains, and even ghosts are chronicled alongside beautiful photos to tell the story of this incredible city.


Nancy Jones on the legacy of late country music legend George Jones

Nancy Jones, wife of country music legend George Jones, joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about the legacy of her husband. In the new book Playin’ Possum, Nancy reveals the true insider perspectives and little-known poignant as well as humorous stories about the country music legend, his battles with cocaine, alcohol, abusive behavior toward her and others, […]


Music icon Herb Alpert trumpeting new music and a tour, back in Chicago

Music icon Herb Alpert joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to celebrate 80 years in the recording studio, the success of A&M records, and the legacy of his unmistakable sound as he plays The Vic Theatre on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th, 2023.


Fall TV reflects writers and actors strikes: Reality and reruns, 70th anniversary of TV Guide

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier talks to Watching TV author Wally Podrazik about the 70th anniversary of TV Guide, the writers and actors strikes, and the absence of a fall TV season with reality shows and reruns.


Comedian Nikki Glaser Uncensored: ‘The Good Girl Tour’ at The Chicago Theatre

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier sits down with comedian Nikki Glaser on her rise in the comedy world, her jokes about sex, commitment, boyfriends, drinking, parents and her safe space performing on the stage.


Kevin Matthews at the Arcada Theatre with Mancow, Jim Shorts’ Pig Skin Picks

Chicago radio great Kevin Matthews joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about his upcoming appearance on Thursday, October 4th at the Arcada Theatre with Erich ‘Mancow’ Muller and comedian Mike Toomey. For tickets, visit oshows.com. Later, Jim Shorts joins the conversation with his ‘Pig Skin Picks’ for this Sunday’s Bears-Packers game.


WGN-TV’s Sarah Jindra and Ji Suk Li on new show ‘Spotlight Chicago’

WGN-TV’s Sarah Jindra and Ji Suk Li talk to WGN Radio’s Dave Plier about their new weekday TV series ‘Spotlight Chicago’ which will spotlight Chicago events, showcase area individuals and organizations making a difference in the community, and feature visits to local attractions.


Bill O’Reilly: The importance of term limits, witch hunts in Washington

Journalist Bill O’Reilly joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about his views on the need for term limits, the challenges to pass legislation to get it done, and the witch hunts in Washington.


Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’, ‘Deadliest Catch’: Mike Rowe Works Foundation’s $1M in scholarships, labor shortages in skilled trades, the American work ethic

Mike Rowe from Discovery’s ‘Dirty Jobs’, Deadliest Catch’, podcast ‘The Way I Heard It’ and mikeroweworks.org joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to celebrate Labor Day, his $1M in scholarships, the American work ethic, and reducing remote working.


Celebrating comedy legend Bob Newhart’s 94th birthday!

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier celebrates comedy legend Bob Newhart as he celebrates his 94th birthday with behind the scene stories of ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ and ‘Newhart’.


This is history: The true meaning of Labor Day, the legacy of Jerry Lewis and the Labor Day Telethon

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier and Dave Schwan talk about the history of the American labor movement and the legacy of comedian Jerry Lewis and what was an annual tradition on Labor Day weekend, the MDA telethon.


Bob’s Record Collection: Gladstone Park’s Throwback Music Fest

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier talks to Johnny Garrido about Gladstone Park’s Throwback Music Fest on Friday 9/8 – Sunday 9/10. The Gladstone Park Community will also honor all the sacrifices of our military members and first responders, past and present. Visit throwbackmuscifest.com for more information.


Weber Grill: Labor Day favorites, fall grilling, the art of tailgating

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier talks backyard autumn grilling, tailgating tips and more with Weber Ambassador Kevin Kolman.


Comedy Tonight: Pat McGann, Tom Dreesen, Richard Lewis, Tom Papa, Kelly Carlin, Judd Apatow on Garry Shandling, the late Joan Rivers

On WGN Radio’s Stand-Up Comedy Special, Dave talks all things comedy with Pat McGann, Tom Dreesen and his Sinatra stories, Richard Lewis on his longtime friendship with Larry David, Tom Papa, Judd Apatow on his friend the late Garry Shandling and Kelly Carlin on her father George Carlin. Dave also shares his 2014 interview with […]


Music legend Don McLean and American Pie

Music legend Don McLean talks to WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to preview his upcoming concert at The Arcada Theatre on Friday September 1st, writing and performing his iconic song ‘American Pie,’ and more.


Anheuser-Busch heir Billy Busch on book ‘Family Reins’, offer to buy Bud Light back

Anheuser Busch heir Billy Busch joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about his family history and legacy in his new book ‘Family Reigns’ and also talks to Dave about his serious offer to buy back the Budweiser brand in America.


A requiem for Saturday morning cartoon blocks

WGN Radio’s Dave Plier talks to TV historians Wally Podrazik and Jim Engel about the lost art of Saturday Morning Cartoons including ‘Bugs Bunny/Road Runner’, ‘Superfriends’, ’Top Cat’, ’The Banana Splits’, ’The Pink Panther’, ‘Fat Albert’, ‘Schoolhouse Rock’, ’The Smurfs’ and LIVE action shows ‘HR Pufnstuf’ and ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’.


Fox 32’s Corey McPherrin retires from Chicago television

Longtime Fox 32 News anchor and sports broadcaster Corey McPherrin retires on Friday August 18, 2023 and joins Dave Plier LIVE in studio hours before his final broadcast.


Legendary anchorman Bill Kurtis on new Hulu series ‘Cold Case File: DNA Speaks’, Mini on-air reunion with Walter Jacobcon

Legendary anchorman Bill Kurtis joins WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to talk about his new series on Hulu: ‘Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks’. His former on air co-anchor Walter Jacobson stops by the studio for a mini reunion and talk about the 50th anniversary of their pairing.