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The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.

The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.


Chicago, IL


The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.






Nick Digilio 09/03/2020 Pt. 2

In the second half of this episode, Herb “The ConsumerMan” Weisbaum continues to teach us about the tips and tricks of avoiding COVID scams. Not to mention some wild news stories and a favorite game of ours, “You Big Dummy.”


Nick Digilio Show 09/03/2020 Pt. 1

Dennis Foley, author of “No Ketchup,” joins Nick to talk about his newest book, and a Chicago food staple… Hot Dogs! Herb Weisbaum, “The ConsumerMan” tells us how to avoid COVID scams.


The Nick Digilio Show 9.2.20 | Chicago and Labor Day, TV Talk, Celebrity Endorsements

Hour 1: + Max Grinnell, The Urbanologist Hour 2: + Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter Hour 3: + Dan Fienberg (cont.) + Michael Jordan joins DraftKings + Celebrity endorsements Hour 4: + Celebrity endorsements (cont.) + Classic Carson: Jeff Cesario, 1987 Hour 5: + Abandoned places


TV Talk with Dan Fienberg | ‘The Boys’, ‘Hoops’, ‘Transplant’

Nick and Dan convene for their bi-weekly round-up of what you should (or shouldn’t) be tuning into on TV. You can read all of Dan’s thoughts over at The Fien Print and follow him on Twitter for all your TV news. To download this or any of Nick’s podcast visit our iTunes page. Like us on Facebook (/nickdshow) and follow us on Twitter […]


The Nick Digilio Show 9.1.20 | “Alligator” Robb, Tech Talk with Ian Sherr, comfort foods

Hour 1: + Frank “Alligator” Robb Hour 2: + Ian Sherr, Hour 3: + Chocolate sales spike during pandemic + What food, activities, movies and TV shows comfort you? Hour 4: + Flat Earth couple attempt to find the edge of the world + Conspiracies that turned out to be real Hour 5: + […]


Croc Talk with Frank ‘Alligator’ Robb, the man who captured Chance the Snapper

The summer of Chance the Snapper took the city by storm in 2019 and launched Frank Robb into the spotlight. Now, he’s using his publicity to help the reptile population. Frank joins Nick Digilio to look back on his time in Chicago, talk about what it takes to catch a croc, and answer listeners’ biting […]


Tech Talk | Elon Musk wants inside your brain, Walmart challenges Amazon and the $2,000 phone

9/2/2020 editor-at-large Ian Sherr joins the Nick Digilio Show to round up the hottest tech stories of the month. Ian dives into Neuralink, Elon Musk’s foray into the future melding of man and machine that could possibly change human existence. Plus, Walmart’s attempt to challenge Amazon and a ridiculously expensive folding phone.


Car Talk with Tom Appel | Public Transit Declines, Car Buying Habits and 50s Dashboards

Tom Appel of Consumer Guide Automotive takes you for a spin on the Nick Digilio Show with the latest news, reviews and more from the auto world. To download this or any of Nick’s podcast visit our iTunes page. Like us on Facebook (/nickdshow) and follow us on Twitter (@nickdshow.)


The Nick Digilio Show 8.31.20 | Car Talk with Tom Appel, Bad Landlords and Fast Food Myths

LATE START FOLLOWING WHITE SOX Hour 1: + Tom Appel, Consumer Guide Automotive Hour 2: + Tom Appel (cont.) + Bad Landlords Hour 3: + Bad Landlords (cont.) + Classic Carson: Airline Safety Hour 4: + Fast Food Myths


The Nick Digilio Show 8.30.20 | Behind the Curtain of “The Tonight Show”, Terrible Band Names and Exorcist House Calls

Hour 1: + How do you stay awake on the third shift? + Walter’s Perspective Hour 2: + Dave Berg, former Executive Producer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Hour 3 + Dave Berg (cont.) + Terrible band names Hour 4: + Terrible band names (cont.) + Classic Carson: Larry Miller, 1991 Hour 5: […]


Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke | 8.31.20

Nick Digilio’s Dad delivers his weekly joke.


Dave Berg shares stories of guests, gags and more from Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’

After 20 years on The Tonight Show, David Berg has seen a thing or two. He joins Nick Digilio to share his journey from local newsman to executive producer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as stories about Leno’s favorite guests and the “Late Night Wars”


The Nick Digilio Show 8.27.20 | How to Survive a Disaster, Mind Benders Puzzles and Games, Friday Features

Hour 1: + Judith Matloff, How to Drag a Body and Other Safety Tips You Hope to Never Need Hour 2: + Joel and Amy Bender, Mind Benders Puzzles and Games Hour 3: + Man builds massive Coca-Cola and Mentos bomb + Science fair memories Hour 4: + Survival stories Hour 5: + You Big […]


Nick Digilio’s Friday Features | 8.28.20

Nick Digilio presents this week’s “You Big Dummy,” “Straight Outta Context,” “Nick D Show Spies” and “Fly Jamz Friday”.


The Nick Digilio Show 8.26.20 | Dick DeBartolo the Giz Wiz, Sports with Kevin Powell and Ridiculous Schemes

Hour 1: + Dick DeBartolo Hour 2: + Kevin Powell + Sports History: First Televised Baseball Game Hour 3: + Greatest Moments in Sports Hour 4: + The great pistachio scheme + Classic Carson: George Wallace Hour 5: + Ridiculous Schemes That Actually Worked


Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief previews the 2021 Edition

Craig Glenday joins the Nick Digilio Show to talk all things Guinness World Records including the true story of the book’s creation 65 years ago and a preview of the new 2021 edition.


Apocalypse Now: Dr. Bradley Garrett explores the underground culture of ‘doomsday preppers’

Dr. Bradley Garrett has spent years among the ranks of “doomsday preppers” who are planning for the end of days. He joins the Nick Digilio Show to discuss his time exploring underground bunkers, interviewing preppers across the country and discovering what lies beneath the cities of the world.


The Nick Digilio Show 8.25.20 | Doomsday Preppers, Comic Book Collectors and The Guinness Book of World Records

Hour 1: + John Stangeland, Atlas Comics Hour 2: + Dr. Bradley Garrett, author of Bunker: Building for the End Times Hour 3: + Are we better off without technology? + Classic Carson: A. Whitney Brown, 1985 Hour 4: + Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness Book of World Records Hour 5: + Products that […]


The Nick Digilio Show 8.24.20 | Chicago Paranormal Investigators, The Essential Guide to Bigfoot, It Came From Amazon!

Hour 1: + Dave Olson, Chicago Paranormal Investigators Hour 2: + Ken Gerhard, The Essential Guide to Bigfoot Hour 3: + Woman who was pronounced dead begins breathing in funeral home + Common phobias, weird phobias Hour 4: + It Came from Amazon! + Classic Carson: Johnny steals Lettrman’s Truck Hour 5: + KFC drops […]


Become an expert in cryptozoology with ‘The Essential Guide to Bigfoot’

Ken Gerhard has scoured the world for creatures of legend like Mothman, Chupacabra and more. He joins the Nick Digilio Show to explain the reasons behind his quest and the histories behind our favorite monsters.