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The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.

The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.


Chicago, IL


The Nick Digilio Podcast from 720 WGN, The Voice of Chicago.






Police report civil unrest in downtown area

Block Club Chicago reporter Bob Chiarito talks with Nick Digilio about his eyewitness experience covering the riots in the downtown area this morning. This is a developing story and WGN Radio and WGN TV will provide further updates.


Dane Neal in for Nick Digilio 8.4.20

Hour 1: + Ian Sherr, Hour 2: + Joyce Keller, Psychic Medium Hour 3: + Travel Tips for National Parks Hour 4: + Celina Tavares, Visit Portugal USA Hour 5: + Freda Kelly, former secretary for The Beatles


‘Nobody knew how famous they would be’: Freda Kelly shares her life with The Beatles

Growing up in 60’s Liverpool, Freda Kelly was one of The Beatles earliest fans, watching the Fab Four perform far before international stardom. From there, she began work as manager Brian Epstein’s secretary and the rest is music history. Freda shares her first-hand account of the rise and fall of The Beatles with Dane Neal […]


Dane Neal in for Nick Digilio 8.3.20

LATE START AFTER BLACKHAWKS Hour 1: + Tom Appel, Consumer Guide Automotive Hour 2: + Mario Andretti + Classic Carson: David Brenner and Art Fern Hour 3: + Philip Mantle, author and UFO expert


Dane Neal in for Nick Digilio 8.2.20

Hour 1: + Mark Oldman, “War of the Rosés” Hour 2: + Scottie Johnson, Master BBQ Pitmaster Hour 3: + Blake Stubbs + Great Roadtrips Hour 4: + Donald Davidson, Indiana Motor Speedway Hour 5: + James Murray, “Impractical Jokers”


Dane Neal in for Nick Digilio 7.30.20

Hour 1: + Mentalist Jim Karol Hour 2: + Dave Hammond, NewCity Hour 3: + Dave Hammond (cont.) + Dino Tiberi Hour 4: + Dr. Karen Phillip Hour 5: + Stacey Lynn Cripps, Spiritual Medium


Missing a good night’s sleep? Dr. Michael Awad talks getting your 8 hours, sleep disorders and more

Nick Digilio dives into the world of sleep science with Dr. Michael Awad of Northwestern Medicine. As Dr. Awad explains, our sleep cycle can be interrupted by a variety of factors and has a huge effect on our everyday lives. He breaks down how much rest you need and what you can do to improve […]


The Nick Digilio Show 7.29.20 | The Science of Sleep, National Mustard Museum, Doppelgängers and Know Your Onion!

Hour 1: + Dr. Michael Awad, Northwestern Medicine Hour 2: + Barry Levenson, National Mustard Museum + Wild condiments Hour 3: + Wild condiments (cont.) + Man discovers doppelganger in photo from 1905 Hour 4: + Doppelgänger superstitions + Classic Carson: Argus Hamilton Hour 5: + Big business blunders + Know Your Onion!


The Nick Digilio Show 7.26.20 | Author Daniel Kraus, Mysterious Places in the U.S., Insane Lawsuits, Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke

Hour 1: + Author Daniel Kraus + Remembering Regis Philbin Hour 2: + Rare photos of Area 51 + Mysterious places around the U.S. Hour 3: + Mysterious U.S. (cont.) Hour 4: + Classic Carson: Ritch Shydner + Insane lawsuits Hour 5: + Lost in Translation: American and British Slang + Nick’s Dad Tells a […]


Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke | 7.27.20

Nick Digilio’s Dad delivers his weekly joke.


The Nick Digilio Show 7.23.20 | Media Man Jeff Tuckman, author Ted McClelland, Esmeralda Leon and the Friday Features

Hour 1: + Jeff Tuckman Hour 2: + Ted McClelland, How to Talk Midwestern Hour 3: + Esmeralda Leon + I Love the 80s Hour 4: + Creepy Clown Motel + Classic Carson: Jim Henson and The Muppets Hour 5: + You Big Dummy + Straight Outta Context + Nick D Show Spies +Fly Jamz […]


Nick Digilio’s Friday Features | 7.24.20

Nick Digilio presents this week’s “You Big Dummy,” “Straight Outta Context,” “Nick D Show Spies” and “Fly Jamz Friday”.


TV Talk with Dan Fienberg | Peacock premieres, “Cursed” and “Fear City”

Nick and Dan convene for their bi-weekly round-up of what you should (or shouldn’t) be tuning into on TV. This week, they tackle NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, and the latest from Netflix’s endless content machine. You can read all of Dan’s thoughts over at The Fien Print and follow him on Twitter for all your TV news. To […]


The Nick Digilio Show 7.22.20 | Delivery Driver Stories, TV Talk with Dan Fienberg, Tackling Anxiety and Nightmare Neighbors

Hour 1: + Stories from delivery drivers and more Hour 2: + TV Talk with Dan Fienberg Hour 3: + Dan Fienberg (cont.) + Valerie Gangas on meditiation, anxiety and thinking for yourself Hour 4: + Scientists accidentally create new species of fish + Classic Carson: Jonathan Winters + Inventions created by accident Hour 5: […]


What was your summer job? Listeners talk lemonade stands, paper routes and more

Summer jobs are a tradition for everyone. Nick Digilio talks with listeners about their first and favorite summer jobs and reveals why lemonade stands are illegal in many places.


Josh Hill is taking a serious summer road trip with a solar powered truck

Using the power of the sun, Josh Hill is currently making his way across the western United States in his solar powered truck. He joins Nick Digilio to talk about his summer project, the science behind solar energy and why renewable energy has a sunny future ahead.


The Nick Digilio Show 7.21.20 | Solar Powered Road Trip, The Empty Pockets, Summer Jobs and Wild TV Theories

Hour 1: + Josh Hill, Awaken Solar Hour 2: + The Empty Pockets + The weird world of “deepfakes” Hour 3: + Summer Jobs Hour 4: + Weird TV theories + Classic Carson: Bill Maher, 1982 Hour 5: + Weird TV theories (cont.) + Know Your Onion!


The Nick Digilio Show 7.20.20 | Thom Reed’s UFO encounter, Consumer News with Herb Weisbaum, Celebrities who ran for office

Hour 1: + Thom Reed and Judge Kevin Titus Hour 2: + Kanye West eligible for presidential ballot in Illinois + Celebrities who ran for office Hour 3: + Herb “Consumerman” Weisbaum Hour 4: + $350 PB&J Sandwich + Ultra expensive food + Classic Carson: David Brenner, 1971 Hour 5: + Ultra expensive food (cont.)


The Berkshires UFO: The United States’ first historically recognized UFO encounter

In 1969, 9-year-old Thom Reed and his family had an experience that would change the course of their lives, and U.S. history, forever. Now, over 50 years later, Reed joins the Nick Digilio Show to share his story through his eyes and his push to commemorate this confirmed historical event. He is accompanied by circuit […]


Getting ready to move? Watch out for ‘rogue operators’ says consumer reporter Herb Weisbaum

Herb Weisbaum, better known as the consumer expert “ConsumerMan” drops by the Nick Digilio Show to help listeners stay smart consumers. This time, Herb details a big time scheme with interstate moving companies that are not what they seem. Plus, complaints rise over COVID-19 payment accommodations and the best sunscreens you can buy for summer […]