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New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.

New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.


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Radio America


New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.






Biden gives 2-hour rambling press conference

Biden gives 2-hour rambling press conference. Threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Voting rights bill dies in Senate. Baby Shark reaches 10 billion views on YouTube. Reporter hit by car on live tv. Kathy Griffin making a comeback. Brawl at Chuck E Cheese. Medical diagnoses on Tik Tok.


Gas prices soaring

Gas prices soaring. Government can't admit when they're wrong. Dems want to kill filibuster. Stevie Wonder's message to senators. Weird Al biopic. 5G could cause issues for airlines. Bear euthanized after attacking Florida woman.


Meat and produce scarce in grocery stores

Meats and produce scarce in grocery stores. Volcano explodes in Tonga. Possible 4th booster could be needed to fight Omicron variant. NFL playoffs. Omicron reported in Beijing. Thieves targeting stopped freight trains. Car fees to enter the city of London.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Glenn Youngkin sworn in as governor of Virginia. Sleepy chicken. Blue Monday. Weekend NFL Wild Card games. Woman fakes her on kidnapping to take a break from her husband. More Americans identifying as Republican.


Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses

Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses. NFL Wild Card Weekend. Prince Andrew stripped of his military titles amid sex abuse lawsuit. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin still pushing hard against Build Back Better. Food prices up 12%. Sirhan Sirhan denied parole.


Biden approval rating falls to 33%

Biden approval rating falls to 33%. Inflation to add $3500 to living expenses. Universal voting rights. Racist homework. Latest jobless numbers. Army offering $50,000 sign on bonus. Ronnie Spector dies at 78.


Grocery store shelves increasingly empty

Grocery store shelves increasingly empty. Losing sleep over the unvaccinated. Woke Wednesday. Biden in Kentucky talking voter rights. Trump walks out on NPR interview. Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci argue again. Robot deliveries. Novak Djokovic has been allowed into Australia for now. Prince Andrew loses challenge to have sex abuse suit against him dismissed.


Predictions for 2022

Predictions for 2022. Flurona. Woman arrested for putting child in trunk to avoid Covid. Mortgage rates creeping up. Nonbinary preschool teacher. Gas prices starting to rise again. Maya Angelou to be on the new US quarter. Biden gives address on voting rights. No cause of death released for Bob Saget.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Bob Saget dies suddenly at 65. NFL Playoffs. Jim Jordan will not cooperate with Jan 6th Commission. Crazy love stories. Man rescued after plane crashes on train tracks. People moving from high tax to lower tax states.


Latest unemployment numbers in tight labor market

Latest unemployment numbers in tight labor market. Kamala Harris compares Jan 6th incident to Pearl Harbor. Kim Jong-Un claims his father created the burrito. Final week of NFL regular season. SCOTUS to hear cases on vaccine mandates. Director Peter Bogdanovich and actor Sidney Poitier have died. Smart dog collar.


Biden and Harris give remarks on anniversary of the Jan 6th incident at the Capitol

Biden and Harris give remarks on anniversary of the Jan 6th incident at the Capitol. Chicago schools have to cancel classes for a second day. How often people worry about financial issues. BMW reveals color changing car. Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research, talks about important midterm races.


Continuing investigation into Jan 6th Capitol incident

Continuing investigation into Jan 6th Capitol incident. Stagnant wages in service sector. Woke Wednesday. Mariah Carey still tops with All I Want for Christmas Is You. The switch back to online learning. Teachers in Chicago walk off job forcing schools to close. Lawsuit against Nirvana album cover dismissed. NYC reducing crimes to misdemeanors.


Covid fatigue and burnout

Covid fatigue and burnout. Weekend box office movie numbers. David Bowie estate sells music catalog to Warner Music. NFL playoff scenarios. Ed Sheeran says South Park episode ruined his life. Major news channels experiencing sinking ratings.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Betty White dies at 99. Antonio Brown quits NFL in the middle of game. Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Words that need to go. Woman marries the color pink.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Woman quarantines herself in airplane bathroom for 5 hours. Ghislane Maxwell found guilty on 5 of 6 counts. Lipstick Guy. Omicron cases up. Odd Oreo cookie flavors.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Ever-changing CDC Covid guidelines. John Madden dies at 85. Contacts vs. glasses. Air travel severely impacted due to covid. The effects of defunding the police. Holiday debt. Calls for Michelle Obama to run in 2024.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. CDC changes COVID-19 guidelines for isolation and quarantine. Debate over Voter ID. Viral video of theater showing a bootlegged movie. Biden now agrees there is no federal solution to Covid. Kanye West buys home next to Kim Kardashian. Bucket list items.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Biden agrees with Let's Go Brandon. Kamala Harris comments on inflation. Vaccine mandates and travel. Nicole Hannah-Jones states that parents SHOULDN'T decide what’s being taught in schools. Craig's murder parrot. Tipping before being served.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Denying the unvaccinated medical treatment. Biden talks 2024. Another AWS outage. College football Covid forfeits. US swimming official resigns over transgender athlete's unfair advantage. Vaccine passports in DC.


Craig Collins filling in

Craig Collins filling in. Chicago cracks down on Covid-19 shot holdouts. Elon Musk calls wokeness a mind virus. Definition of fully vaccinated may change to include boosters. Stray puppies save abandoned child.