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New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.

New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.


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Radio America


New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.






Calls for more gun control after school shooting

Calls for more gun control after school shooting. Alex Epstein, author of "Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas -- Not Less". Colin Kaepernick gets tryout with the Raiders. Justin Timberlake sells his music catalog.


21 dead in Texas elementary school shooting

Dennis Foley, News Director 550 KTSA, gives update on Texas elementary school shooting. Ricky Gervais upsets GLAAD. Woke Wednesday. Brian Kemp wins Georgia primary.


Monkeypox hysteria

Monkeypox hysteria. Gas prices just keep going up. Bearded trans teacher with three-year-olds. Will Smith's psychotropic trips. New Ricky Gervais special.


Biden administration's baby formula failure

Biden administration's baby formula failure. Pfizer submits vaccine for children under 5 for FDA emergency approval. Could gas hit $6 a gallon? Kamala Harris announces $500M for electric school buses. Americans stressed about money. Judge blocks lifting of Title 42. Ringling Bros. circus returning with changes.


Target loses 25% of its value

Target loses 25% of its value. Biden and the baby formula shortage. Gordon Chang talks about Biden in China. Movies opening this weekend. Risk of recession. Mike Lyons, military analyst, talks about the latest happenings in Ukraine.


No end in sight for rising gas prices

No end in sight for rising gas prices. Turkey looks to block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Covid hospitalizations on the rise. Monkeypox. Disinformation Governance Board 'paused' after just 3 weeks. Taylor Swift gets honorary degree from NYU. Edible adhesive. US women's soccer team getting equal pay.


Primary results

Primary results. UFO hearings in Congress. More information released about the suspect in Buffalo NY shooting. Woke Wednesday. Finland, Sweden file official applications to join NATO. A majority of Americans are burned out on politics. Flight data show China Eastern jet deliberately crashed. PGA Championship.


More information released about the Buffalo NY shooting

More information released about the Buffalo NY shooting. Key midterm races. UFO hearings in Congress. Elon Musk wants Twitter to verify exactly how many bot accounts are on the platform. Only 25% of Americans approve of Biden's economic policies. Brittney Griner still being held in a Russian jail. Dr. Fauci does not see any future COVID lockdowns.


10 people killed in Buffalo

10 people killed in Buffalo, NY shooting. Baby formula shortage. Gas prices at record highs. Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest. 1 dead in California shooting. The Great Replacement theory. Finland and Sweden want to join NATO.


Elon Musk Twitter deal on hold

Elon Musk Twitter deal on hold. Mike Lyons, military analyst, give the latest news from Ukraine. Movies opening in theaters and streaming this weekend. Netflix updates corporate culture memo, Adding anti-censorship section. Hiding your political views from co-workers. Joe Rogan talks about teacher indoctrination in schools. Calvin Klein ad with pregnant man.


The real effects of inflation

The real effects of inflation. Protests at homes of SCOTUS justices. Finland closer to joining NATO. Record fentanyl overdoses. First pictures of black hole in the Milky Way. Gender discussion in grade school. Cake gender. Crisis at the southern border.


Biden lays out plan to combat inflation

Biden lays out plan to combat inflation. Tom Brady signs 10-year contract with Fox Sports worth $375 million. Pro-choice protests. Woke Wednesday. Still a seller's market for housing. Passenger lands plane after pilot passes out. Elon Musk to ‘reverse’ Twitter’s permanent Trump ban.


Escaped convict captured, accomplice dead

Escaped convict captured, accomplice dead. Reversing Roe v. Wade. Biden administration tries to spin inflation numbers. Fans concerned about Britney Spears Instagram postings. Protest outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices. Baby formula shortage. Andy Warhol art sells for $195 million. Truckers feeling the pain of high diesel prices.


Gas prices at record high

Gas prices at record high. 80-1 Rich Strike wins Kentucky Derby. Weekend box office numbers. Oregon's Menstrual Dignity Act. Student loan forgiveness. Teacher catfished into sending nude pictures to students. Protests at SCOTUS.


Stock market suffers big drop

Stock market suffers big drop. Democrats battling with inflation issues. Protests continue at SCOTUS. Mike Lyons, military analyst, gives the latest news from the Russia/Ukraine war. Movies opening this weekend. Sony refuses to edit movies for showings in China. Fat shaming. Generation Drag.


Midterm elections and Roe v. Wade

Midterm elections and Roe v. Wade. Dave Chapelle assault suspect formally charged. The fallout over leaked SCOTUS draft opinion continues. Soccer jersey sells for $9 million. Amber Heard defamation update.


Protests at SCOTUS

Protests at SCOTUS. Dolly Parton accepts induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Dave Chapelle attacked on stage. Outrage continues over leaked SCOTUS draft ruling. Fed Reserve to hike interest rates again. JD Vance wins Ohio primary.


Supreme Court draft opinion would overturn Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court draft opinion would overturn Roe v. Wade. Trump effect on midterm elections. Latest inflation numbers across the US. Warrant issued for Vicky White, Alabama corrections official who left jail with inmate Casey Cole White. Student loan debt.


Inflation still on the rise

Inflation still on the rise. White House Correspondents Dinner. Biden's Disinformation Board. Naomi Judd dead by suicide at 76. Making Apple more inclusive. Nancy Pelosi meets with Ukraine's president in Kyiv. Neither Russia nor Ukraine willing to make any concessions. Amber Heard fires her PR team.


Are we heading towards a recession?

Are we heading towards a recession? Black voters not satisfied with the Democratic Party. 30 years since the LA riots. Mike Lyons, military analyst, gives the latest news from Ukraine. Day one of NFL Draft. Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute of Public Policy Research, talks midterm elections. Biden Administration creates disinformation board. Johnny Depp defamation suit against Amber Heard.