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New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.






Henry Kissinger Dies at 100

Henry Kissinger Dies at 100. Elon Musk uses f-word for advertisers who left X over antisemitism. Hamas releases more Israeli hostages on 6th day of cease-fire. DeSantis and Newsom to debate on Fox tonight. Deadspin reporter blasted by mom of young Kansas City Chiefs fan he falsely shamed for wearing ‘blackface’. Shane MacGowan, lead singer of The Pogues, dies at 65. The epidemic of lonliness. More businesses doing away with college degree requirement. The coming credit card bubble burst.


Inflation Putting a Strain on the Average American

Inflation putting a strain on th average American. Nikki Haley scores big endorsement in 2024 race. Ron DeSantis to debate Gavin Newsom. Woke Wednesday. Catch and release at the US border. Man buys the house used in A Christmas Story. Man flu is real. Cease-fire in Gaza extended. Life expectency rising.


Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Worst classic rock lyrics. Exorcisms on the rise. Billionaire-backed Koch network endorses Nikki Haley for president. Sandy Hook families offer to settle Alex Jones’ $1.5 billion legal debt for a minimum of $85 million. New Jan 6th video. Japan's Garbage World Cup. Money can buy happiness. Chris Christie now 100% anti-Trump.


Hamas Formally Expresses Desire to Extend Truce Beyond Initial Four Days

Hamas formally expresses desire to extend truce beyond initial four days. George Santos said he's become the 'Mary Magdalene of United States Congress'. Illinois high school offers classes separated by race. Black Friday online buying hits a record $9.8B in the US. Pro-Palestinian protesters block Manhattan Bridge, call for cease-fire. Merriam-Webster Word of the Year. Bizzare items donated to Goodwill. More young Americans suffering from obesity and diabetes. US government advertises for a Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager. Dogs destroy car dealership.


Israel and Hamas Agree to Deal for Hostage Release and Four-Day Truce

Israel and Hamas agree to deal for hostage release and four-day truce. Doppelganger conspiracy theories. Most popular times to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Biden losing approval of younger voters. Naked woman runs through airport in Chile. President Biden reveals what came out of meetings with China, Mexico on fentanyl. Most young people conflict adverse. Construction continues at second Chicago migrant tent camp. New Jan 6th video released. The benefits of good looks. Cobra Kai spin off.


Record Holiday Travel

Record holiday travel. Black Friday shopping. TikTok Tuesday. Argentine libertarian Milei pledges new political era after election win. Musk sues Media Matters as advertising exodus continues. Brown Friday. WKRP Turkey Drop.


With Gas Prices Down, More People Expected to Drive Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

With gas prices down, more people expected to drive over the Thanksgiving holiday. I-10 reopened in California after fire. Far-right populist Javier Milei elected president of Argentina. Weekend movie box office numbers. Cardi B slams Eric Adams over NYC budget cuts. Elon Musk faces backlash from lawmakers, companies over endorsement of antisemitic X post.


Banning TikTok

Banning TikTok. Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ went viral after a journalist posted TikTok videos to X. Friday Funnies. Protesters calling for Israel ceasefire close bridge in California. Movies opening this weekend. New resolution filed to expel GOP Rep. George Santos from Congress.


Biden Calls Xi a Dictator After Carefully Planned Summit

Biden calls Xi a dictator after carefully planned summit. Israel considering deal with Hamas for temporary Gaza cease-fire in exchange for release of some hostages. Shylee Benezer, ASU student talks about police escorting Jewish students from ASU meeting after rocks thrown. Eli Roth's Thanksgiving horror movie. Biden losing support of younger voters.


Biden Meets with Chinese President in San Francisco

Biden meets with Chinese president in San Francisco. House passes bill to avoid government shutdown. Protests in DC in support of Israel. Woke Wednesday. Las Vegas teen dies after group attacks him near high school. Israeli troops enter Gaza's Al Shifa hospital in culmination of siege. Cargo plane forced to return to New York after horse escapes from crate. 'Malicious' bus drivers strand locals at DC airport.


Pro-Israel Protests in DC

Pro Israel protests in DC. Protesters demonstrate against world leaders, Israel-Hamas war as APEC comes to San Francisco. Tip creep. TikTok Tuesday. Yet another threat of a government shutdown. Israel shows alleged Hamas ‘armory’ under children’s hospital in Gaza. New Marvel movie bombs in theaters. Massive 10 Freeway fire in L.A. caused by arson, officials say.


Remembering Those Who Served

Remembering those who served. Secret Service agents protecting Naomi Biden fired shots after attempted vehicle break-in. New toys added to the Toy Hall of Fame. Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott drops out of the 2024 race. Ukrainian military officer coordinated Nord Stream pipeline attack. Astronauts dropped a tool bag during an ISS spacewalk, and you can see it with binoculars. AI adult website. Trump says he will consider Tucker Carlson as running mate. Women consider friendhip as important as romantic relationships.


The Difference Between Younger and Older Conservatives

The difference between younger and older conservatives. Sen. Joe Manchin won't seek reelection as Democrats face competitive 2024. Friday Funnies. Movies opening this weekend. Pandas returned as relations between the US and China degrade. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks stock market trends. Polls have Trump ahead of Biden on foreign policy and immigration.


GOP Debate Recap

GOP debate recap. SAG-AFTRA reachess tenative deal to end strike. US carries out airstrikes in eastern Syria targeting IRGC and Iranian-backed groups’ weapons storage facility. MrBeast builds 100 wells in Africa, attracting praise – and some criticism. Disney theme park guests are pooping while waiting on line for rides. Woman tattoos boyfriend's name on her forehead.The economy will play a big role in the next election. Cart shaming. Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute of Public Policy Reaseach, breaks down the gop debate.


Democrats Hold Majority in VA

Democrats hold majority in VA. GOP debate tonight. Chad hate mail. Woke Wednesday. 3 giant pandas leaving DC's National Zoo, heading back to China. Bay Area reinstates COVID mask orders in healthcare settings. Credit card balances spiked in the third quarter to a $1.08 trillion record. House votes to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her Israel-Hamas rhetoric. Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research, previews tonight's GOP debate.


Trump Testifies for 5 Hours in Court

Trump testifies for 5 hours in court. Elections in Ohio and Virginia. WeWork, once valued at $47 billion, files for bankruptcy. Ali Bradley, News Nation, talks about what's happening at the southern border. TikTok Tuesday. Leaked Nashville shooter manifesto shows motivation behind attack. Woman arrested after using Rent A Hitman website.


Antisemitism and Palestinians

Antisemitism and Palestinians. Abortion on the ballot in many states. Pandemic skip. Weekend movie box office numbers. Mike Lyons, military analyst, talks the latest from the the Israel/Palestinian war. Pro-Palestinian rallys over the weekend. Elon Musk working on a new AI. The negative effects of yearly time change. Christmas creep. Trump ahaed in 5 of 6 swing states.


Could Hezbollah Enter the Israeli/Gaza Conflict

Could Hezbollah enter the Israeli/Gaza conflict. Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty of seven counts of fraud. Getting rid of Daylight Savings time. Jordana Miller - Radio Reporter - ABC News, gives an update on the conflict from Jerusalem. Movies opening this weekend. Latest job numbers. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks latest happenings in the stock market.


Texas Rangers Win 2023 World Series

Texas Rangers win 2023 World Series. Israel strikes Gaza, ground troops advance on Gaza City. Explosive devices are being found at the border. George Santos survives House expulsion vote despite 23 federal charges and history of lies. The jobs most likely to be replaced by AI. The Beatles’ ‘last’ song ‘Now and Then’ is released. Young Americans getting their news from social media.


Cornell Student Arrested in Connection With Antisemitic Threats Made Against Cornell University’s Jewish Community

Cornell student arrested in connection with antisemitic threats made against Cornell University’s Jewish community. Woke Wednesday. Dog coding. Border Patrol sees record-high migrant crossings and apprehensions. The price of Thanksgiving dinner. Food insecurity. Trial begins on whether Trump should be kept off Colorado ballot. Is it too early to start Christmas decorating?