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New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.






Nikki Haley Continues to Call Out Trump

Nikki Haley continues to call out Trump. Charles Barkley eviscerates San Francisco for ‘homeless crooks’ during All-Star Game. John Oliver wants to give Clarence Thomas $1 million a year to resign. Trump, facing multimillion-dollar fines, is now selling $399 shoes. The trend of men doing face yoga. Ann Coulter shocks Bill Maher as she says if Super Bowl Parade shooters 'were white we'd know their identities by now'. Dems keep pushing the claim that Biden does not have any mental decline. Ranking of US presidents. Black voters in Harlem turn against immigrants being bused in. The search for "soft skills".


Putin Critic Alexei Navalny, 47, Dies in Arctic Circle Jail

Putin critic Alexei Navalny, 47, dies in Arctic Circle jail. In fiery testimony, Fani Willis hits back at misconduct claims that threaten future of Trump case. OpenAI not able to produce short videos. Kansas City police link Super Bowl rally shooting to dispute, not extremism. Bob Marley biopic breaking box office rating. New bill could ban sale of refrigerated, cold beer in Tennessee. Caitlin Clark breaks NCAA women's basketball all-time scoring record. Retail sales down.


Russia Developing Nuclear Capability to Threaten Satellites

Russia developing nuclear capability to threaten satellites. One dead as 22 shot near end of Chiefs' victory parade. John Stossel discusses media bias. Teacher formerly known as Rachel Dolezal loses job over OnlyFans account. Nikki Haley goes on Trump attack. Donald Trump 'hush money' trial set to begin on March 25. U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee makes $50 minimum wage part of Senate run. Fistfight on Southwest Airlines breaks out between 2 men mid-air from Oakland to Kauai .


House Republicans Impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas in Historic Vote

House Republicans impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas in historic, controversial vote. Valentine's Day spending. Woke Wednesday. Range anxiety.


Senate Passes $95 Billion Package With Aid for Ukraine and Israel

Senate passes $95 billion package with aid for Ukraine and Israel. Super Bowl the most watched game. Gordon Chang discusses US/China relations. TikTok Tuesday. Inflation hitting fast food places hard. Biden's age still a big factor in 2024 election. Does NATO need to be fixed?


Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl in Overtime

Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl in overtime. Biden's mental capacity called into question. Weekend box office numbers. High crime in Oakland forcing businesses to close. Dems don't want Kamala Harris to run. Donald Trump threatens NATO, says he would 'encourage' Russia to 'do whatever the hell they want'. Airline wants to weigh passengers. Gordon Chang talks about US/China relations.


Special Counsel Report Paints Scathing Picture of Biden’s Memory

Special counsel report paints scathing picture of Biden’s memory. Tucker Carlson releases video of interview with Russian leader Putin. Super Bowl gambling and prop bets. Supreme Court appears unlikely to kick Trump off Colorado ballot. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks AI and stock prices. Movies opening this weekend.


Immigration Bill Stalled

Immigration bill stalled. Trump fighting to stay on state ballots. Backlash over Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin. Nikki Haley loses big in Nevada primary. A jury has found Jennifer Crumbley, mother of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley, guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Florida students expelled from Christian school over mom’s ‘OnlyFans’ decal. AI in retail.


House Vote to Impeach Mayorkas Fails in Stunning Defeat

House vote to impeach Mayorkas fails in stunning defeat. Las Vegas gears up for Super Bowl. ESPN, Fox and Warner team up to create sports streaming platform. Woke Wednesday. Inflation driving up Girl Scout cookie prices. Immigration bill is going nowhere. Tucker Carlson interviews Putin.


Mixed Messaging Over Immigration Bill

Mixed messaging over immigration bill. Country singer Toby Keith dies at 62. Businesses closing in Oakland and San Francisco due to rising crime. TikTok Tuesday. King Charles diagnosed with cancer. The Taylor Swift effect on the NFL. Russia quiet on Tucker Carlson’s visit to Moscow. Could AI be used to predict crime?


Senators Unveil Bipartisan Bill to Impose Tougher Asylum and Border Laws

Senators unveil bipartisan bill to impose tougher asylum and border laws. Rain pummels California. U.S. strikes Iran-backed targets for 3rd straight day. Grammy award winners. Weekend movie box office numbers. World Cup 2026 cities announced. More parents helping their kids out with living expenses. Broke with Biden. Tip fatigue.


Migrants Take Bus to California After Arrest for Beating NYPD Cops Outside Shelter

Migrants take bus to California after arrest for beating NYPD cops outside Times Square shelter. Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring. Biden signals attack on Iran-backed groups after 3 US soldiers killed. Cities want car makers to pay for rampant auto theft. Surgery to make you taller. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks about the Fed decision not to raise rates. Media publications seeing record layoffs.


Meta, TikTok and Other Social Media CEOs Testify in Senate Hearing on Child Exploitation

Meta, TikTok and other social media CEOs testify in heated Senate hearing on child exploitation. Elmo asked people online how they were doing. He got an earful. Oregon leaders declare 90-day state of emergency in downtown Portland to address fentanyl crisis. Immigrants now being shipped to Denver. US says it blocked a Chinese cyber threat but warns hackers could still disrupt lives of Americans. The generation of lost men.


Biden Says He's Decided on Response to Attack in Jordan

Biden says he's decided on response to attack in Jordan. Kids increasingly have social media addiction. What effect can Taylor Swift have on the 2024 presidential election. Chiefs-Ravens is most-watched AFC Championship ever. Woke Wednesday.


Biden Facing Pressure to Strike Iran After US Troops Killed

Biden facing pressure to strike Iran after US troops killed. House committee set to advance articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas. Musk’s Neuralink implants brain chip in its first human subject. TikTok Tuesday. Biden vows to ‘shut down the border’ if Senate immigration bill is passed. Experts predicting big rise in gas prices.


Biden Says US ‘Shall Respond’ After Iran-Backed Group Kills 3 US Troops in Jordan

Biden says US ‘shall respond’ after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 US troops in Jordan. KC Chiefs and San Fran 49er's heading to Super Bowl. Protesters hurl soup at the ‘Mona Lisa’ in Paris. Nikki Haley slams Trump for trying to torpedo border deal. Royal Caribbean's 'Icon,' world's largest cruise ship, sets sail. UNRWA sacks staffers who allegedly participated in Oct. 7 attack; US halts funding.


Texas Fighting With Biden Administration Over Immigration

Texas fighting with Biden Administration over immigration. Alabama executes a man with nitrogen gas for the first time. Taylor Swift stalker arrested a second time after being released from jail. NFL Championship weekend. California homeless living in caves. Zach Abraham of Bulwark Capital talks about the latest GDP number and the economy. The dangers of AI and deepfakes.


The Left Continues to Compare Trump to Hitler

The Left continues to compare Trump to Hitler. The cost of over-regulation. Saudi Arabia to allow first alcohol sales in 72 years. US economy grows at 3.3% annual pace in fourth quarter, faster than expected. US inmate faces first nitrogen execution. Boeing faces quality control questions as its CEO appears on Capitol Hill. Madonna sued after being 2 hours late to perform.


Trump Wins NH Primary

Trump wins NH primary. Woke Wednesday. Oscar nominations announced. Supreme Court razor wire ruling does not settle Texas-feds border feud. Doomsday Clock set to 90 seconds till midnight.


Democrats Believe Having Trump as the GOP Candidate Will Help Biden

Democrats believe having Trump as the GOP candidate will help Biden. NH Primary today. Supreme Court allows federal agents to cut the razor wire Texas installed on US-Mexico border. "Expend4bles" leads 2024 Razzie Awards nominations, with 7. TikTok Tuesday. U.S., U.K. conduct new strikes on Houthi militias in Yemen. Oakland, California's only In-N-Out restaurant closing due to crime.