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Surviving climate change, resource depletion, the energy crisis - and staying profitable

Surviving climate change, resource depletion, the energy crisis - and staying profitable


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Surviving climate change, resource depletion, the energy crisis - and staying profitable




EXTRA! Green Homes Grant Scheme Revisited

This flagship government scheme is off to a shaky start. So far it seems to be destroying jobs and leaving consumers in the cold!


The Carbon Debate

We’re planning to reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050. How do we get there from here? I put this question to a panel of experts: Chris Goodall, Deirdre Lane, Nicola Steen and Alessandro Vitelli. Here's what they told me.


Keeping Track

If we are to develop a sustainable world we need to know that the products we buy and the services we use are based on sustainable sources. We need to be able to track things back along the supply chain and gather information at every stage. How do we do that? Well I recently spoke to Tyler Chaffo, at Avery Dennison.


Time for Action!

In this last episode of the Sustainable Futures Report before Christmas I'm going to concentrate on actions. Actions promised by governments and others to meet the climate challenge. Recommended actions. Actions criticised either because they are not seen as sufficiently far-reaching or simply because they're not being implemented. And actions that some are still taking to deny that there really is a climate crisis. And as always, there’s other news.


Outlook Changeable...

This week I'm talking to Harald Overholm, CEO of Alight Energy of Stockholm, about coupling renewable energy with power purchase agreements. The UK government has published its NDC, the CCC has set out a detailed plan, there's more news of extreme weather from the Met Office and sad and worrying news about dangerous air pollution.


What's the Truth?

Is the planet hurtling towards disaster, as reported by the BBC this week, or are the UN climate goals now within reach, as reported by the BBC this week? No wonder the general public generally finds the climate crisis far too complex to engage with. Stories this week about the State of the Planet, the climate clock, Energy, Protests and finally a story of recycling what was once seen as scrap to be part of a prestige product.


It's All Politics

Only governments really have the power to make significant change. The question in the media is whether Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan, published last week, will make that needed difference. There’s a lot of other news as well. There’s US politics, Chinese politics and Australian politics. There’s more on Hurricane Iota and other extreme weather. And we round off with EVs, CCS and whether sustainability is sexy - well, fashionable.


Of Mice and Men

Is Boris's 10-point plan a best laid plan? I explain, eventually. And there’s also news from the National Audit Office, from the Treasury and from the Committee for Climate Change. The Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill makes its way through Parliament and the Dalai Llama assures us that Buddha would be green. There’s energy news and as Hurricane Iota hits Nicaragua there’s more evidence of extreme weather. Finally, could your dog be killing birds?


Blue Skies Ahead!

It's Friday, the 13th. Unlucky for some, but not for you because you've got a new edition of the Sustainable Futures Report to listen to. This week There’s a new US president-elect. We’ll look at what he can do on the climate front and what he might find rather more difficult to do. We’ll look, too, at what Prime Minister Johnson might do on the climate in the UK. The IPPR has a 10-point plan. What’s the attitude of business and the opposition party? There is energy news as well, about UK...


All Change!

Apart from the US election, there is environmental news this week ranging from the Arctic to Australia and pollution problems from plastic waste to artificial light and used cars. There is another carbon offset scheme. This one’s for investors. How does blockchain relate to the climate and how can you make money for charity by making an internet search? Finally, I’ll share a concerning article I found on human attitudes, and follow it up with wise words from James Dyke.


Think Carbon!

Once again, I'm covering a whole range of issues in this week’s episode. There’s no silver bullet for Boris, and although we reported last time that he’s supporting offshore wind, the IEA tells us that while electricity from offshore wind is cheap, onshore wind is cheaper, and solar is cheapest of all. I’ll be talking about food standards and fishing standards; about air pollution costs and risks and should we increase car taxes? Then there’s troubled waters around Fukushima, a complaint...


Ecosystem Collapse

Apparently it may take 700 years to improve the nation’s housing stock (shame that the grant scheme I mentioned last time ends next March), CCS is in the news again and so are Greta Thunberg and Erin Brockovich - remember her? COVID is a disaster like we’ve never seen, but amid reports of collapsing ecosystems are we missing the big picture? There’s more extreme weather. Are you in the (hyper)loop? And watch your language. A recent article suggests our choice of words is crucial when...


Green Homes: Warm Homes

This week I learn how to keep warm at home and I interview Simon Ayers, CEO of TrustMark, the organisation that assures the quality of home improvements and insulation.


Absolute Zero

Project Drawdown aims to bring us to the point beyond Net Zero where greenhouse gases in the atmosphere start to decline. Prince William's Earthshot Prize aims to find solutions to environmental issues and the climate crisis. Boris Johnson aims to build back greener. I aim to bring you reports and insights about a sustainable future. This week's Sustainable Futures Report has the latest!


Ten Years to Midnight

A conversation with Blair Sheppard, Global Lead for Strategy and Leadership at PwC.


Reasons to be Cheerful

The climate crisis hasn’t gone away and the COVID crisis hasn’t gone away, but don't give up now. There's positive news from BP, Scania, Mercedes, Tesla and Airbus. We're moving in the right direction. Let's keep moving.


Tipping Point

Are we at a tipping point? On the point of runaway climate disaster? A tipping point as mass extinction accelerates out of control? Or a tipping point as politicians and public realise it’s time to act?


Going Vegan?

Nations suing governments, deforestation and population, and CO2 as a fuel. XR protests continue and the government claims activists shouldn't break the law - while preparing to do just that. But first, let’s talk about diet. If we’re environmentalists should we be vegan? Your feedback always welcome!



As the Arctic melts, Extinction Rebellion urges the British government to speed up its response to the climate emergency.