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Surviving climate change, resource depletion, the energy crisis - and staying in control

Surviving climate change, resource depletion, the energy crisis - and staying in control


United States


Surviving climate change, resource depletion, the energy crisis - and staying in control




Water - Made to Measure

Ori Ben Ner, CEO of SupPlant, explains how software can help farmers get the best out of every last drop of water.


Dark Days

Before looking at prospects for COP26 and other sustainability news, let's remember Sir David Amess MP, who lost his life last week while serving the public.



An interview with CEO Christian Kroll


Supply Chain Blues

Empty shelves, queues for petrol, rocketing gas prices. Will these short term crises take the eyes of world leaders off the COP26 ball?


Sustainability and the Great Outdoors

David Hanney, CEO of Alpkit, describes how his company builds sustainability into all aspects of the business.


COP26 and Counting

COP26 and Insulate Britain. These are the two key issues I’ll discuss today. I’ll also tell you about plans for extra editions of the Sustainable Futures Report, coming soon.



The role of social impact bonds and impact accounting in meeting the challenges of the climate crisis. If we can make organisations accountable not merely for their handling of risk and profit but also for their impact on the environment, investors and consumers can support those having a net beneficial effect and reject those which do more harm than good.


Hydrogen - the Debate Continues

While the hydrogen debate continues, the Extinction Rebellion protest continues as well - but it's not getting many headlines. If you exercise your democratic right to protest could it prevent you from getting a job, from getting motor insurance, from getting a visa to visit Europe? In this episode there's also news about a new form of mass electricity storage and details of the events that the Sustainable Futures Report is presenting next month as part of York Environment Week and the Great...


Climate Emergency - I don't deny it!

Denialists and those in denial - hydrogen - should it be grey, green or blue, or is it a red herring? - Should Alok Sharma be driving a diesel car? Why are both Biden and Boris encouraging the extraction of more oil and coal? And an interview with the team at Bucha Bio: young entrepreneurs replacing a traditional material with a sustainable alternative.


Extreme Danger - IPCC

Yes, that report's out. No surprises for most of us. What do we do now? What do governments do now? Well, they take action, and we make sure they do. Never give up!


The Green Urbanist

In episode No. 350 we have an interview with Ross O’Ceallaigh of the Green Urbanist podcast. In other news there's the Siberian heatwave and methane emissions, foreign control of North Sea oil threatens UK’s net zero goal, the mortality cost of carbon, HS2 may never reach the end of the line and new insights from Allegra Stratton, the Prime Minister’s climate crisis spokesperson.


Extreme Weather - Extreme Warnings

This is an extra edition of the Sustainable Futures Report. There's so much comment, reporting and news that this is an attempt to keep you up to date. There will be another edition on Friday as normal!



Rewilding to address the climate crisis: I talk to Ria Rocha of Mossy Earth. And there's news from Ireland of creative climate action.


Extreme Weather

Floods in Edinburgh and London, floods and fatalities in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, India and China; wildfires across North America, heatwaves in Europe. Is this our final wake-up call?


China - The Climate Crisis and Other Challenges

I'm talking to Jason Szeftel about China's role in solving the climate crisis, and how the West has exported much of its manufacturing, its carbon footprint and its rubbish to China. We look at economic stress and strains within the country, its desire for secrecy and the ever-increasing surveillance of its population.


Sustainable Business

Sustainable business plus extreme weather, continued warnings, Belgians have their day in court and so does the Transport Action Network, (more) climate-warming plans from the UK government, what is Amazon throwing away? And the BBC has a change of heart. All this and more in your latest Sustainable Futures Report.


Sustainable Futures

This week Climate Action staged the Climate Innovation Forum 2021, a three-day event. I got a press pass and I’ll share my review of some of the sessions. Also on this week’s agenda: more on the nuclear plant at Taishan, extreme weather in North America, shortfalls in the UK, and the future of the Sustainable Futures Report.


Moving Forward

Last week the leaders of seven powerful nations met in the UK. Let’s look at what they said and indeed what they didn't say. I also have the usual miscellanea to share with you, and some thoughts on the future of the Sustainable Futures Report.


G-7 and More Loose Ends

No clear theme this week. G-7 is still going on so I can only report on speculation rather than outcomes. We look at a potential pitfall of trade deals, analyse rain in Newcastle, I'll draw your attention to some events which look interesting and there is more, yes more, about bitcoin. In the Amazon region they have been living in harmony with nature for some 5,000 years. Then civilisation happened.


Net Zero - Naturally

Last week Business Green staged an important conference - Net Zero Nature. I share some of the insights I gained. In other news, some thoughts about G7 - the upcoming intergovernmental conference, a missed opportunity for green recovery, more reaction to the news about Shell, blowing hot and cold on energy storage, is public transport the way forward? And a bit of mining in the West Midlands.