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Inside Europe 20.11.2020

Britain's health system faces staff shortage of healthcare workers - Hungary and Poland veto EU's budget - The fours seasons of corona - Exhibition of works by exiled Turkish artist - Could face masks for schoolchildren be counterproductive? - The Danish government's mink cull - Online yoga during the pandemic - Much ado about Lidl - Bird hunting on Malta


Inside Europe 13.11.2020

The EU seals a deal with German and US firms for their coronavirus vaccine - European reaction to Joe Biden winning the US elections - The future of Russia-US relations - How victims of the Bataclan terror attacks in Paris five years ago have coped - Tips on dealing with the effects of the pandemic on our mental health - The world's first clown car wash opens in Germany


Inside Europe 05.11.2020

Growing resistance to a second lockdown in England - Slovakia rolls out mass coronavirus testing - Police investigate terror links to deadly rampage in Vienna - Abortion protests across Poland - Taking school to the streets of Naples - A century-old dispute between Greece and Turkey still shapes people's identity - How the pandemic has been impacting Germany's bluegrass music scene


Inside Europe 29.10.2020

Soaring coronavirus infection rates sweep across Europe - Fresh lockdowns announced in Germany and France - The UK's human challenge trial which will expose healthy volunteers to COVID-19 - The mental health of Armenian expats amid the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh - Turkey keeps a close eye on the US Presidential elections - Jewish leaders warn of rising anti-Semitism in Greece - And much more..


Inside Europe 23.10.2020

A crackdown on radical extremism in France - Increasing support for Scottish independence - Polish academics say they’ll boycott the new education minister - An Italian restaurant cooks up a new scheme to stay in business - Are economic issues fuelling the war in Nagorno-Karabakh? - The ballot blues facing US expat voters - And in Madrid, golf provides relief from the coronavirus crisis.


Inside Europe 15.10.2020

Thousands flee fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh - The Golden Passports scandal in Cyprus - Malta journalist murder: No justice three years on - Another blow to traditional British pubs - Tensions flare again between Greece and Turkey - The Dutch U-turn on coronavirus - Bread waste in France - and much more


Inside Europe 08.10.2020

France's new plan to tackle radical Islam - A landmark ruling for Golden Dawn - Turkey and Nagorno-Karabakh - The world's oldest podcaster - Austrian citizenship for descendants of Holocaust Jews - Anger over a new rail route in Bavaria - The Pope's new encyclical - And much more...


Inside Europe 01.10.2020

A decades old conflict flares up in Nagorno Karabakh, causing alarm in Europe - Lockdown leads to lawsuits in Germany - Is the work of aid groups being criminalized in Greece? - Italy’s black designers make a bold statement on the catwalk - And we have a special half hour focussing on 30 years since German reunification.


Inside Europe 24.09.2020

Coronavirus infections surge right across Europe - The FinCen files and how the flow of dirty money is aided by banks - Godfather tourism takes a direct hit in Sicily - It’s full steam ahead for Turkey’s plans to boost its navy and maritime influence - A Neapolitan solution to social distancing in schools - Is Spain’s heritage threatened by botched restoration jobs? And much more...


Inside Europe: 18.09.2020

Belarus: Lukashenko travels to Sochi to shore up support from Moscow — Von der Leyen holds first State of the Union address — COVID-19 case numbers spike in the Czech Republic — Lampedusa struggles to deal with migrants from North Africa — Germany to take in 1,500 asylum seekers from Greece after Moria fire — and more.


Inside Europe 10.09.2020

EU under pressure as the situation in Belarus intensifies — Fires destroy Greece's largest refugee camp Moria — Shock as a court in Slovakia acquits a businessman of murdering a journalist — Spanish schools reopen despite an increase in COVID-19 infections — Russia hits out at 'hysteria' over Navalny poisoning — Austria looks to government courses to curb anti-Semitism among Muslim refugees.


Inside Europe 03.09.2020

14 suspects on trial in France over the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks - Reaction to protesters trying to storm Germany's Reichstag - Lourdes, the popular French pilgrimage site, is having a 'bad' pandemic - Tensions escalate between Turkey and Greece - Hungary closes its borders to foreigners, raising eyebrows in Brussels - Tallinn's Music Week festival goes ahead! And more...


Inside Europe: 27.08.2020

Calls grow for a 'transparent' probe into the suspected poisoning of Alexei Navalny — Thousands of Chinese Uighurs seek sanctuary in Turkey — Migrants in Italy: sleeping rough and without hope — Five years on: How has Germany's refugee policy fared — Celebrating the unique film-going culture in Paris


Inside Europe: 21.08.2020

The EU walks a fine line in its reaction to unrest in Belarus — UK government climbs down over bungled exams grading system — German and Israeli jets mark their first joint flyover and honor Holocaust victims — Sweden's unmanned mini supermarkets change rural living — and more!


Inside Europe: 13.08.2020

Russia grants relugatory approval for world's first COVID-19 vaccine — Dutch cities toughen up on face mask rules — Rijeka 2020: Croatia's European Capital of Culture amid the pandemic — Protests in Belarus after a disputed vote the EU says was neither free nor fair — More and more cities in France make wearing facemasks compulsory — And more!


Inside Europe: 06.08.2020

Ireland delays easing lockdown measures, but still allows in American tourists — Spain's former king Juan Carlos I mysteriously departs the country — German politicians slam Berlin protests against COVID-19 measures — First batch of tour guides graduate from Chernobyl University — Experts fear drug-related deaths in Scotland may be increasing — and more.


Inside Europe: 31.07.2020

US to withdraw or relocate more troops in Germany than previously thought — COVID-19 infections across Europe spike — Germany advises against travel to some Spanish hotspots — Britain quarantines returning holidaymakers — Turkish anti-government protests over response to violence against women — and more!


Inside Europe: 24.07.2020

EU leaders reach deal on coronavirus recovery package — Making sense of social distancing in London's West End — Allegations of a cover-up after a deadly brush fire in Greece — Halle synagogue attack suspect shows no remorse in court — Young people in Italy pay the price of a looming economic crisis — Europe's universities expect a shortfall of international students — and more.


Inside Europe: 16.07.2020

Poland's populist president narrowly wins reelection — 25 years after the Srebrenica massacre — Did the Hungarian government fail to protect its citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic? — Turkey rejects EU condemnation over Hagia Sophia mosque plan — Extraordinary collection of letters reflect love and loss during the Holocaust — and more on this weekend's podcast.


Inside Europe: 10.07.2020

Austria probes a possible political motive in the killing of a Chechen dissident — A chilling insight into the violent Dutch criminal underworld — Binational couples struggle to keep their lives together while being apart — Croatia's ruling conservatives consolidate their power after last weekend's election — Germany and France reassess their colonial past — and more!