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Don't know what to watch? Join film critics Jon Negroni and Will Ashton for no-nonsense conversations about the latest films coming to theaters and streaming online. They may not always agree, but one thing's for sure. They're both Cinemaholics.

Don't know what to watch? Join film critics Jon Negroni and Will Ashton for no-nonsense conversations about the latest films coming to theaters and streaming online. They may not always agree, but one thing's for sure. They're both Cinemaholics.


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Don't know what to watch? Join film critics Jon Negroni and Will Ashton for no-nonsense conversations about the latest films coming to theaters and streaming online. They may not always agree, but one thing's for sure. They're both Cinemaholics.






Glass Onion, The Fabelmans

We have a double bonus review for you all this week, but with a twist. In addition to reviewing Glass Onion and The Fabelmans, we discuss Hollywood's ongoing box office woes, particularly when it comes to Netflix's business model and Disney's rough rollout of Strange World. First up, we discuss Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the spinoff/sequel of Knives Out, also directed of course by Rian Johnson and featuring the return of Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, the world's greatest detective...


It Ain't Cinemaholics 'Til It's Cinemaholics

On our 300th episode of Cinemaholics, we're doing something even weirder than usual! It's time for a crossover with our friends Matt Serafini and Chris Sheridan over at It Ain't Ogre 'Til It's Ogre. We chat about the movies and pop culture we've discussed over the last several years, podcasting in general, and a bunch of other random stuff. It's a fun time. Links: Jon Negroni, Will Ashtonour Cinemaholics Merchour Patreoncinemaholicspodcast [at] gmail.comFacebookTwitter.Support our show on...


Disney Channel’s Theme: A History Mystery – Interview with Kevin Perjurer, Creator of Defunctland

On a special bonus episode of Cinemaholics, Cory Woodroof and Jon Negroni sit down with Kevin Perjurer, creator of the popular YouTube channel, Defunctland. Perjurer recently released his latest feature-length documentary, Disney Channel's Theme: A History Mystery, which uses modern noir storytelling to investigate the origins of a particularly notorious theme song. We also chat about the artistic legacy of documentary filmmaking, the future of YouTube-based videos, and even some mild...


The Menu

Special guest Ema Sasic joins us this week for a feast of a bonus review. That's right, we're discussing The Menu, a dark comedic thriller directed by Mark Mylod (Succession) and starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, and plenty more. We kick off the show with a brief appetizer covering some awards season releases we currently have our hungry eyes on. As for the review itself, this is a spoiler-free discussion, but after we play the Rotten Tomatoes Game, we give you a head...


The Banshees of Inisherin – Talk About an Irish Goodbye!

We’ve been counting down the days to this review on our fingers. That’s right, it’s time for our long-awaited, belated review of The Banshees of Inisherin, the latest film from Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri). Set on a fictional island off the coast of Ireland circa 1923, The Banshees of Inisherin stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as best friends who stop being friends one day for reasons one of them can’t understand. It’s basically a prophecy for...


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Is This Your Sequel?

Special guest Adonis Gonzalez joins us this week for a review of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Marvel's Black Panther from 2018. Since Chadwick Boseman's tragic death in 2020, many have wondered what the future of this franchise might hold without its main star, even with much of the rest of the cast returning along with Ryan Coogler as director and co-writer. As always, we end the show with the Rotten Tomatoes Game and mull over what we might review next week. Intro Music:...


TÁR — Cate Blanchett Keeps Raising the Bár

Todd Field is back, and so are we. In his first film since Little Children in 2006, the acclaimed director is already taking Oscar season by storm with TÁR, a psychological drama starring Cate Blanchett as Lydia Tár, one of the most interesting movie characters of the year. We kick off the show this week with some big news, and no not just about pizza wars. We also catch up on some of the films we've seen lately and what we're hoping to catch by week's end. We're not exactly podcasting...


Decision to Leave – Oldboy, New Tricks

Park Chan-wook is here to stay. That's right, this week we're reviewing Decision to Leave, the latest film from Park Chan-Wook, director of Oldboy, Stoker, and The Handmaiden. We discuss this South Korean neo-noir mystery thriller starring Park Hae-il as a murder-obsessed police detective struggling to control his attraction to a suspect in a murder investigation (Tang Wei). But we of course kick off the show with voicemails from the listeners and some brief chitchat about what's playing in...


House of the Dragon – Featuring Maester Julia Teti

House of the Dragon just finished its first season, and special guest Julia Teti is here to talk about it! Building off of the massive success of HBO's Game of Thrones (that last season, besides), House of the Dragon returns viewers to the world of Westeros, based on the novels by George R.R. Martin, specifically as a prequel series set nearly 200 years before the adventures of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. We discuss how House of the Dragon differs from its predecessor, either...


Black Adam – We Live in a Justice Society

If you say "Shazam," you know us Cinemaholics will show up, albeit as the darker, grittier versions of ourselves. Are we smelling what the Rock is cooking in his cinematic kitchen this time? That's right, Dwayne Johnson is officially a live-action superhero (though when hasn't he, really?), making his DCEU debut in Black Adam. But this isn't your older brother's best friend from college Dwayne Johnson. No, he's glowering. Oh, and murdering people a lot. Hear what we have to say about this...


Halloween Ends – Is this a trick or treat?

Give me some good film to eat. Speaking of food, before we get into our review of Halloween Ends — the third in David Gordon Green’s requel trilogy — your two least favorite film review podcasters discuss the Pizza Wars. Which of the big four is the least bad? It’s our contentious and most disgusting debate yet. And then we talk about Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers and Halloween and franchises and all that other holiday goodness. Show Notes: Halloween Ends Intro Music: “Kizakura” by...


Amsterdam – David O. Russell, Where Art Thou?

Special guest Mike Zur joins us this week to review Amsterdam, the latest film directed and written (and produced) by David O. Russell. Starring Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, and many many other familiar faces, the film has been tanking at the box office, marking a true low point for the once celebrated director. But what do the Cinemaholics think? Who cares? Because at the beginning of the show, we talk about what's really been on everyone's mind this week, at least...


Bros – Not a Straight Up Rom-Com

Just a couple bros over here, talking about Bros, a new romantic comedy directed by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Neighbors) and starring and co-written by Billy Eichner (who also serves as executive producer). Eichner plays a depressed podcaster — save the jokes, they're too easy — who reluctantly starts up a relationship with a guy who is seemingly his opposite, played by Luke Macfarlane. Intro Music: “Kizakura” by No Spirit, Sátyr & Phlocalyst Links: Jon Negroni, Will...

Smile – Turn that Trauma Upside Down

We're smiling though our hearts are aching. That's because this week on the show, we're reviewing Smile, a new horror film from Parker Finn in his feature directorial debut. Starring Sosie Bacon, Kyle Gallner, and Jessie T. Usher, Smile won big at the box office this weekend, right on time for spooky season. We kick off the show with some conversation around the box office results and why we think Bros underperformed (review coming soon). Also, Will takes us aside for a brief chat about two...


Don't Worry Darling – Welcome to Unpleasantville

Harry Styles over substance? Now that's Olivia Wilde. Don't worry, darling, we're almost Florence Pugh with these puns, even though we're on a Nick Kroll. We promise to stay in our Kiki Layne...we know you Chris Pine for them. That's right, this week we're stepping into a strange and dangerous place...the second film directed by Olivia Wilde! Don't Worry Darling is a psychological thriller that has been the talk of tinsel town since its gossip-fueled premiere at the Venice International Film...


The Woman King – Why It Rules

Ain't nothin' in the rulebook says a woman can't be king. That's right, this week we're discussing The Woman King, the latest film from Gina Prince-Bythewood, director of Love and Basketball and The Old Guard. Her latest is an action war epic released through Sony and starring Viola Davis as the seasoned leader of an all-female warrior unit protecting the West African kingdom of Dahomey in 1820. Lashana Lynch plays one of her most gifted fighters, along with Thuso Mbedu as the troublesome...


Disney's Pinocchio (2022) – Boy Story

We're getting three Pinocchio movies this year for some reason, so this week on the show we're talking about the one from Robert Zemeckis. Now streaming on Disney+, Pinocchio is a live-action remake of the 1940 classic that gave the mouse house its theme song. But can we see the corporate strings on this, ahem, wooden straight-to-streaming rehash starring Tom Hanks, Cynthia Erivo, and Luke Evans, featuring the voice talents of Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Keegan-Michael...


Barbarian – Zach Cregger's Twisted Bottle Flick

Special guest Ryan Oliver joins the show this week for a bonus review of Barbarian, the newest film from Zach Cregger of Whitest Kids U Know Fame and of course, like we all remember in detail, Miss March. The horror film stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long, and many critics are considering it this year's Malignant. Is that an accurate assessment? Hell if I know, since I wasn't on this recording and haven't seen the movie. But I'm sure Will Ashton and Ryan Oliver have a...


Funny Pages – Is Owen Kline Drawing from His Own Life?

The dream of the 90s (or early 2000s?) is dead in Funny Pages. That’s right, we’re discussing the feature directorial debut of Owen Kline, son of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. Co-produced by the Safdie Brothers, Funny Pages is a grimy dark comedy from A24 starring Daniel Zolghadri (Eighth Grade) as a teenage cartoonist who ditches his boring suburban life to try and make it on his own in the city. We open the show with a quick rundown of how you, the listeners, chose Funny Pages as our...


Three Thousand Years of Longing – George Miller Djinned up a New Movie

We're here to grant your cinematic wishes. Though based on this week's box office, you wished for a different movie...This week we're covering George Miller's latest film since Mad Max: Fury Road, the "existential adult fairy tale" Three Thousand Years of Longing, which stars Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba. We begin the show with some off-topics, including Jon's more positive take on Bodies Bodies Bodies, plus some chit chat around what we should review next week and what we missed in August....