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Let's Get Down to Business is a NSFW Disney movie review podcast, in which a wife makes her husband watch Disney VHS tapes in chronological order.

Let's Get Down to Business is a NSFW Disney movie review podcast, in which a wife makes her husband watch Disney VHS tapes in chronological order.


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Let's Get Down to Business is a NSFW Disney movie review podcast, in which a wife makes her husband watch Disney VHS tapes in chronological order.








37 - The Little Mermaid

Hey, we only took two weeks this time! The Little Mermaid is finally here, which means it's time for fish girls modeled after an underaged Alyssa Milano and VHS covers with Definite Penis Castles on them (which according to Stephanie "you just *have* to hold in your hands"). Stephanie cries, Kevin gets no-sold by Kyle Mooney, and we put the Petal to the Metal for this week's short.


36 - Oliver and Company

Another cat and dog movie, woo! Stephanie and Kevin are back and it's mediocrity at it's finest. From trap(per) music to Billy Joel. Have you heard of Huey Lewis and the News? We've got racial stereotypes, loan sharks, and our favorite Disney princess, Bette Midler. Our short this week is Polar Trappers and feature film is Oliver and Company.


35 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

It's been awhile... joins us as we talk about hard drugs and kid stuff. Kevin explains how the doggy red light district works. Stephanie is schooled in geography. Sound the dike alarm 'cause Dead Toons Don't Pay Bills. We review the short In Dutch and... is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? This week's feature is Who Framed Roger Rabbit!


34 - The Brave Little Toaster

Surrrpriiiiise! We play 6 degrees to Disney to connect to The Brave Little Toaster. Stephanie recalls the time she took a school field trip to the local dump. Kevin puts on his best performance while defending Freeway and his homely girls. No short this week. The special feature is The Brave Little Toaster. Where does it rank along with classic Disney films? Listen and find out!


33 - The Great Mouse Detective

Aaaaaaaaaaand we're back! After a short hiatus, we're ready for a frugal fucking paradise. Stephanie messes up Youtube recommendations and names. BAY-sil? BAZ-ill? BAZE-il? We learn that ostriches are the goats of the bird family and laugh at reviews from Common Sense Media. Oh that Rattigan! The neapolitan of crime! He's delicious and everyone loves him. Our short is Donald's Ostrich and main feature is The Great Mouse Detective.


32 - The Black Cauldron

We've made it through 32 weeks of marital Disney podcast bliss. If we can survive this, we can survive anything! The horned king always ruins the party and this party has Skeletor, Green Goblin, Luke Skywalker, Princess Aurora, fairy Smurfs, and a mini mustache yeti. Holy frog cleavage, Disney! Our short is Silly Symphony - Winter and our main feature is the rated PG (gasp!) Black Cauldron.


31 - The Fox and the Hound

Let's get down to business... we always come on time, with substandard tacos. We're deep into the dark ages of Disney, stuck between mediocrity and decency, and where animation is now a young man's medium (shout out to our lord and savior Glen Keane)! Our short is Grand Canyonscope and main feature is The Fox and the Hound.


30 - Pete's Dragon

We've reached episode 30! And we're headed to Passamaquoddy! We'll have beer, a wet t-shirt contest, chowders, and Hoagies! But no puffin' the magic dragon on this brazzle dazzle day. Our short is Teachers are People and our main feature is the hybrid film Pete's Dragon and the USA (Forever After).


29 - The Rescuers

Things are roarin' over here on our blessed show: Kevin has corrections to make, pigs are porkin', VHS tapes are getting mixed up. We discuss important life lessons, such as seat belts on planes, watching out for redheads, and how the diamond was inside of us this whole time. Our short is Wild Waves and our feature is The Rescuers - is it really better than Star Wars? I don't know! But we did make you a mix tape! Here are all the songs referenced in this episode: https://bit.ly/2VBB6rD


28 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Our short is the elusive Glago's Guest and our feature film is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.


27 - Robin Hood

Welcome to LGDtB where Kevin is why people come... and why people leave. We have banana cars and cross dressing nephews. Stephanie can't whistle the Hamsterdance song. We trademark our heavy metal name. Our short is Lucky Number and just in time for tax season, our feature is Robin Hood.


26 - Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Kevin learns the basics of how to take care of a baby, such as don't smoke crack and put them in a drawer. Have you heard of Aladdin - AND THE KING OF THIEVES!? Let's wake Kevin up so he can suffer with me. How old is Angela Lansbury even? Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. That's basically all you need to know. Our short is the not informational Infant Care and Feeding. The main feature is Bedknobs and Broomsticks (and Nazis). Our special guest is Matt from @Disneatopodcast


25 - The AristoCats

Kevin gets a little intense and almost takes his jokes too far. We discuss the most amazing 16-bit game ever made. And Cat ladies. With too much cash. Did Disney get their money's worth with this film? Does O'malley's voice sound familiar? It wouldn't be a Disney movie without some kids bitchin'. And Kevin brings up the youth in Asia. Our short is Pluto's Fledgling and what is the main feature called? The AristoCats!


24 - The Jungle Book

Shootin straight and straight shootin. We're really feeling the pains of VHS tapes. Kevin is too handsome for radio and hey, a book! Orphans! With all this recycled animation, this movie has only the bare necessities. The ruins are ruined and the moral of the story is to get rid of your kids. Side note, who hates Mel Brooks?! Our short is Straight Shooters and main feature is The Jungle Book - did we love it as much as Germany? Listen and find out!


23 - Mary Poppins

It's our Mary effin Poppins episode! Hear some Americans do some really bad British accents!We delve into the classic feud between Walt and author PL Travers. Stephanie is distracted by DVD's shiny teeth. Why is no one concerned for the admiral?! The Banks' have some bad roaches. Also, is Mary a MPDG? We discuss our first negative podcast review! Our feature film is Mary Poppins and our short is Alice's Circus Daze.


22 - The Sword in the Stone

Kevin fell asleep. Kevin. Fell. Asleep. Jesus takes the wheel. We reminisce about that wonderful ol' movie called Face Off. Kevin delights us with his Morty impression. Let's get down to backgrounds and discuss some paint. Our short is Alice Gets Stung and our feature film is Sword in the Stone (not Sword AND the Stone). And remember, squirrels are assholes.


21 - 101 Dalamatians

We hope you're in the mood for cigarette cupcakes and dog hair sandwiches. The hiatus was so long that Stephanie and Kevin forgot to watch the short. Stephanie geeks out about xerography and Roger. Mostly Roger. Per usual, Kevin makes off color jokes and takes issue with Cruella de Vil's car. It's all fun and games until inter-species violence. This week's short is Mickey's Kangaroo and our feature is 101 Dalmatians.


20 - Sleeping Beauty

It's Kevin's podcast where Disney is our business, and business is occasionally good. Everything is Merryweather's fault. Kevin has theories on insider spinning wheel trading. We wonder if this movie is worth the $6 million it took to make it. Tune in to find out if Br'er Rose or Malifunderstood is one of Kevin's girls. Our short is Busy Beavers and main feature is Sleeping Beauty AKA Aurora AKA Briar Rose.


19 - Lady and the Tramp

Racy and risque! It's our trampy episode. A cautionary tale of a baby homewreckin'. Kevin is so mad. Stephanie talks about Minnie's "yoohoo." Stephanie can't stay off of her doggy soapbox. In a rare turn of events, Kevin calls Stephanie out for slut-shaming. Cats are assholes. Plus, we have Chris Marsh from the Rick and Morty Minute. Our short is Slide Donald Slide and feature film is Lady and the Tramp.


18 - Peter Pan

We cover all the trendy topics, from mens' rights to men who never want to grow up. Mickey... no means no! We discuss Tinkerbell's body dysmorphia. The warriors come out to play. Free tattoos for everybody! Follow along with the tragedy of Robert Cletus Driscoll's Disney career. Write your hate mail to Kevin. Our short is Mickey's Steam-Roller and main feature is that asshole Peter Pan.