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The Offseason with Alex Avila - Ssn. 13, Ep. 17

Alex Avila is a major league baseball catcher, currently with the Minnesota Twins. When he's not behind the dish, you'll find him offshore on his bluewater dream boat, The Offseason.


Bolivia’s Highland Dorado with Marcelo Perez - Ssn. 13, Ep. 16

Marcelo Perez is the founder and CEO of Untamed Angling–one of South America’s largest fly-fishing lodge collectives, and also one of the only organizations that splits its profits with the native tribes with whom it works.


The Wulff Way with Susan Thrasher - Ssn. 13, Ep. 15

Susan Thrasher is the author of Thrasher's Fly Fishing Guide and the owner of the Southern Brookies Fly Fishing school, as well as a disciple of the great Joan Wulff.


Brazil's Three Kings with Rodrigo Salles - Ssn. 13, Ep. 14

Brazilian Rodrigo Salles is based in Manaus, the biggest city in the Amazon, and is also the Brazilian ops director for South American lodge giant Untamed Angling. His insight into peacock bass, payara, and the massive arapaima is unmatched--and fascinating.


The Kindness of Strangers with John Gierach - Ssn. 13, Ep. 13

Longtime angling writer and sage John Gierach muses on long-term change, his generation's contribution to fly-fishing, and the future.


True Crime with Tom Bie - Ssn. 13, Ep. 12

Drake editor Tom Bie takes us into a world of synthetic marijuana, federal criminal trials, and DEA seizures of... Alaskan float planes? This is truly a story not to be missed.


Best Permit in the World with Wil Flack - Ssn. 13, Ep. 11

Will Flack is the owner of the Belize Permit Club, as well as the Tres Pescados fly shop - don't miss his free-ranging discussion of Caribbean versus Indo-Pacific bonefish, steelhead, Spey fishing for tarpon, John McAfee, and of course the best permit fishery on the planet.


Central Texas Menagerie with Aaron Reed - Ssn. 13, Ep. 10

Aaron Reed is the author of the new guidebook, Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas. Much like the city itself, the Austin fly fishing scene is eclectic, offering clearwater striped bass, local Guadalupe bass, and even South American cichlids!


Salmon with Mark Kurlansky - Ssn. 13, Ep. 9

Mark Kurlansky is the internationally-bestselling author of "Cod," "Salt," "1968" and now "Salmon," published in partnership with Patagonia Books. Don't miss his expert take on what is arguably our most important gamefish.


New Mexican Restoration with Toner Mitchell - Ssn. 13, Ep. 8

Toner is the New Mexico Water and Habitat Coordinator for Trout Unlimited and one of the minds behind TU's new film, Querencia.


Hardly Strictly Towee with Todd Gregory - Ssn. 13, Ep. 6

Todd Gregory is the founder of Towee Boats and the organizer of the Hardly Strictly Muskie tournament in Southeast Tennessee. Don't miss his discussion of this unusual fly fishing hotbed.


Fishing Media with Miles Nolte - Ssn. 13, Ep. 5

Miles Nolte is Meateater's new Director of Fishing, the man behind Das Boat, a former writing professor, Alaskan guide, and all around good dude. Don't miss his impressively erudite thoughts on fishing media, the best fly fishing book, and keeping the old communication channels open.


Floating the Yukon with Adam Weymouth - Ssn. 13, Ep. 7

Adam Weymouth is the author of Kings of the Yukon, the story of his epic journey from the headwaters to the sea--all by canoe--in search of the true story of king salmon.


Arkansas Stripers with Daniel Roberts - Ssn. 13, Ep.4

Daniel Roberts is a fly-fishing industry rep and expert striper fisherman. He discusses deepwater lake tactics in Arkansas and the mid-South region.


Carp Savant with Brandon Tourigny - Ssn. 13, Ep.3

Brandon Tourigny discusses carp fishing at premium locations in the Southeast versus the Northeast, and also what it's like to be jump straight from college to his dream job at Orvis.


Overlanding with Black Dog Traders Founder Austin Peterson - Ssn. 13, Ep.2

Austin Peterson is the founder and owner of custom Land Cruiser shop Black Dog Traders. Listen to his informative take on modern overlanding, custom 4X4 builds, and the best off road tracks in the world.


Hard Work with Gray's Sporting Journal editor Russ Lumpkin - Ssn. 13, Ep.1

Russ Lumpkin has filled almost every role in magazines there is to fill. Over a twenty-plus year career, he worked his way into the editor's chair of the longest-lasting and arguably most prestigious outdoor journal, Gray's Sporting Journal. Don't miss his insights into the inner workings of a high-end outdoor magazine.


The Craftsman's Touch with Joel Doub and Matt Barber - Ssn. 12, Ep. 18

Tom Morgan founded Tom Morgan Rodsmiths after leaving the R.L. Winston company. Despite a terminal diagnosis, he built a thriving company with his wife, Geri, who passed the torch to Joel Doub and Matt Barber after Tom's death. Tom Morgan Rodsmiths is unique in the fly-fishing world, focusing on ultra-high end craftsmanship and a direct connection with the end user.


Fish Replica Taxidermy with Tim Overbaugh - Ssn. 12, Ep. 17

Tim Overbaugh is an acknowledged master in the world of replica fish art. From his earliest days as a taxidermist, he has studied the anatomy and makeup of fish, allowing him to create exquisite facsimiles of the real thing. Most fly fishermen are catch-and-release anglers, and most of us don't really have a plan for that one big fish of a lifetime. Tim explains what to do, how to do it, and how to maximize your chances of a fish replica you can be proud of.


Yellowstone Up Close with Craig Mathews - Ssn. 12, Ep. 16

Renowned Yellowstone expert, author, fly shop owner, and co-founder of 1% for the Planet, Craig Mathews discusses all the changes he's seen since he hung up his badge as the police chief of West Yellowstone and became a full time fly fishing guru.