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Tune in to a new kind of talk! The Primal Blueprint Podcast is relaunching as the Primal Kitchen Podcast, hosted by founders Mark Sisson and Morgan Zanotti. Every week, they're sitting down with the biggest names in the health, wellness, and personal growth space. Listen in on Spotify, Apple, and on


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Tune in to a new kind of talk! The Primal Blueprint Podcast is relaunching as the Primal Kitchen Podcast, hosted by founders Mark Sisson and Morgan Zanotti. Every week, they're sitting down with the biggest names in the health, wellness, and personal growth space. Listen in on Spotify, Apple, and on




65. The Power of Alternative Medicine in Fighting Cancer with Dr. Lucas Tims

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Lucas, a dedicated medical professional with a profound journey into the realm of cancer care. Inspired by a deeply personal experience, Dr. Lucas shares his transition from focusing on gut health to immersing himself in the complexities of cancer treatment and prevention. Throughout the conversation, we delve into the significance of fasting, the impact of traditional cancer treatment methods, and Dr. Lucas's unique approach to integrating conventional and alternative therapies for optimal patient outcomes. Dr. Lucas offers a candid look into the limitations and challenges faced within the conventional healthcare system, emphasizing the importance of personalized treatment plans that address the root causes of cancer. He highlights various innovative therapies, including the use of IV vitamin C, mistletoe injections, and the potential of immunotherapy drugs, while also stressing the critical role of diet, lifestyle changes, and detoxification in cancer prevention and recovery. With a story of hope and resilience, Dr. Lucas recounts a remarkable case of a patient with stage four pancreatic cancer who, against all odds, experienced a miraculous recovery through an integrative treatment plan. This episode is not only a testament to Dr. Lucas's dedication to his patients but also serves as a source of inspiration and a call to consider a more holistic approach to cancer care. Relevant points from episode: 00:00:00 Fasting for 24 Hours 00:00:58 One doctor's journey through thyroid cancer 00:05:51 Ex-Cancer Treatment Centers of America doctor on the transition 00:10:07 Chemotherapy and integrative support for cancer patients 00:10:57 Mixed messages of mistletoe in cancer treatment 00:17:08 Vitamin C for cancer treatment 00:21:20 In the Elevator With Your Valentine 00:21:45 Root Cause Medicine 00:28:07 Fighting cancer with a low-tech approach 00:28:57 Do you test for cancer if you don't have cancer? 00:29:27 Chemotherapy and Metformin 00:34:17 Fasts and sleep 00:34:57 Antiparasitics for cancer, side effects 00:39:32 on nutrition for cancer patients 00:41:54 Carcinoma Survivor's Tips For Preventing the Cancer 00:45:09 How to Detox After Drinking Too Much Alcohol: Vitamin C and? 00:46:28 How to Deal with a Cold and Flu? 00:49:03 Ozone Therapy 00:51:26 Cancer: The science of biohacking 00:52:23 How to Sleep Better With a Headache? 00:55:50 Immunity Therapy for Cancer 00:58:01 Proteins and the Future of Medicine 00:59:53 Obesity is a big problem, says surgeon 01:00:44 "Who's Inspiring You?"? 01:00:55 One patient's miraculous treatment for pancreatic cancer 01:05:36 One pancreatic cancer patient's miraculous story 01:07:50 Dr. Lucas on His Love of Crosswords ---- Follow Dr. Lucas Tims Find us on social media


64. Nitric Oxide as a Key to Healthy Aging with Dr. Nathan Bryan

Join Morgan, Primal Kitchen's co-founder, for an enlightening discussion with Dr. Nathan Bryan on the Primal Kitchen podcast. Dr. Bryan, a molecular medicine expert and CEO of Nitric Oxide Innovations, delves into the transformative role of nitric oxide in health and disease management. His pioneering work over 20 years has led to breakthroughs in understanding how nitric oxide influences healthy aging, immune response, and chronic disease treatments. Explore the science behind this critical molecule and learn about innovative therapies emerging from Dr. Bryan's biopharmaceutical company, N101. Gain insights on enhancing your well-being through nitric oxide-focused lifestyle changes and therapies. Relevant points from episode: Follow Dr. Nathan Bryan Find us on social media


63. Conception Misconceptions and Fertility Facts with Ronit Menashe & Vida Delrahim

Welcome to the Primal Kitchen Podcast with host Morgan, featuring WeNatal co-founders Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim WeNatal is revolutionizing prenatal care by focusing equally on men and women's health for fertility and pregnancy. Drawing from their personal struggles and insights in fertility, Ronit and Vida discuss the importance of a holistic approach to preconception health. They delve into the significance of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes for both partners, aiming to shift the narrative from individual to collective responsibility in fertility journeys. Join us to learn about WeNatal's unique approach and their journey in creating a comprehensive prenatal supplement. This innovative company produces third-party-tested prenatal supplements for men and women made with purposefully selected ingredients and no gluten, soy, or dairy. Ronit and Vida discuss how their separate battles with pregnancy loss led to researching egg quality and sperm health as part of the prenatal experience, while Morgan shares her own fertility journey. Hear why WeNatal is bringing men into the prenatal conversation and learn more about the impact that sperm health has on pregnancy and fertility. Relevant Points: 0:00 We Natal - Exploring the Journey of Pregnancy 1:35 What I Need To Know About Exclusivity - Insights into Exclusive Information 2:07 A Men's Prenatal - Understanding Prenatal Care for Men 8:00 Impact on Health 8:50 Tips and Advice for Conceiving Again 13:06 Exploring the Connection Between Sperm Quality and Baby's Health 17:15 Unveiling the Qualities of a High-Quality Prenatal Product 20:14 Understanding How We Natal Supports Men in the Prenatal Journey 22:36 The Role of Fitbit and Aura Rings in Health Monitoring 25:19 The Increasing Popularity of Functional Medicine 27:00 Who's Inspiring You Today? - Discovering Sources of Inspiration 28:37 Reflecting on Challenging Experiences 31:20 Insights into Common Human Behaviors Follow Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim Follow we_natal Find us on social media


62. Understanding Breast Implant Illness with Dr.Robert Whitfield

Welcome to the Primal Kitchen podcast hosted by Morgan, where we're joined by Dr. Robert Whitfield, an expert in breast implant removal. In today's episode, Dr. Whitfield shares his knowledge on breast implant illness, the importance of recognizing symptoms, and the advantages and disadvantages of implant surgeries. Dive into the complexities of chronic inflammation related to implants and discover the role of holistic recovery programs. Dr. Whitfield's journey from reconstructive microsurgery to a focus on wellness and detoxification provides invaluable insights. A pioneer in breast implant removal surgery and “no-cut” facelifts, Robert is well-known for his Holistic Accelerated Recovery Program, which helps reduce inflammation during the post-surgery healing process. Learn to spot the symptoms of implant illness that can happen with any device, how it’s treated, and who is most at risk of developing it. Morgan and Robert also discuss toxins, hormone imbalances, and how your own fat can be used as a filler. Relevant Points : 0:59 Breast Implants 101 1:49 The Secret to Removing Breast Implants 8:36 E. Coli in Breast Implants 10:11 Breast Implants, Genetics, and Immunity 14:29 Breast Implants Removed from the Body 15:16 Do You Do Genetic Testing Before You Decide? 22:07 What About Functional Medicine Techniques? 22:46 Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation 28:43 Texan Doctor and Supplement Junkie 31:23 How to Get Botox and Facial Fillers 34:52 Do Botox and Implants Differ? 36:18 Breast Implant Illness Expert Robert's Insights 37:44 Fat Transfer Surgery Follow Dr Robert Whitfield Find us on social media


61. Gut Health and Its Impact on Brain Function with Dr.Tara Swart

In this podcast episode, Dr. Tara Swart, a neuroscientist and leadership coach, shares her insights into the brain's workings, discussing the significance of gut health, stress management, and the power of visualization. She elaborates on how these factors impact our overall well-being, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Dr. Swart's unique approach reveals the dynamic interaction between our mental and physical health and the environment. The conversation also explores concepts of consciousness and death, offering a deeper understanding of life's purpose and the importance of mindfulness and healthy living. This episode is a masterclass in harnessing the power of the brain for a balanced, fulfilling life. Relevant points from episode: 0:00 Introduction: How Science Affects Your Brain? 2:50 Gut Brain Access 6:55 How to manage stress effectively? 13:26 Weightlifting and Vivid Images 19:03 Do Visualizations Make You Smart or Are They Just Hype? 22:06 Paleo and Kombucha 23:18 How to Get Out of Stuck Life? 28:16 Why I Can't Decide Where To Live? 32:28 How to Get More Sleep? 34:48 3 Things for High Performance that You Need to Know 41:02 The Science Behind Art 44:14 Deep Thoughts on Death and Reinvention 47:41 People Are Not Scared Of Death 48:44 How to Bring Mindfulness into Your Daily Life 53:56 Dr. Tara Swart on Meeting Her Fans Social media profiles ↓ Follow Dr.Tara Find us on social media


60. A Journey from Reality TV to Health Revolution in Entrepreneurship with Michael Brandt

Join us in this podcast episode featuring Michael Brandt, founder of KetoneIQ, as he shares his unique journey in the world of health and nutrition. From his early beginnings and appearance on Shark Tank to the development of his innovative health product, Michael's story is a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to wellness. Discover his insights on the role of ketones in enhancing physical and mental performance, the significance of a balanced diet, and the power of endurance sports. This episode is more than just business talk; it's about understanding the interplay of nutrition, technology, and personal health. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, or someone curious about a healthier lifestyle, Michael's experiences and advice offer something for everyone. Tune in to be inspired and learn how to navigate the complexities of modern health trends with simplicity and clarity. Relevant points from episode: 0:00 Ketone IQ: The Future of Fitness 0:54 The World's First Ketone Salts 6:50 Ketone Supplement 10:10 Ketone IQ for Athletes 14:31 Have You Done The Boston Marathon? 18:30 Marathoners Talk About Their Training 19:50 3 Running Tips for Endurance Athletes 20:45 How To Keep Your Heart Rate Controlled 25:30 Ketone IQ For Running 27:42 How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes With Ketones 30:07 How To Cook For A Baby And An Athlete 34:40 The Hardest Thing For Me To Do 38:19 How to Say No to Things? 40:25 Keto Dieter Takes Supplements Every Day 49:17 Dead Startups and How I Built This 57:04 On Launching a Startup 1:00:58 Pioneer Kitchen's Success 1:06:23 Morgan Freeman on Being Curious 1:08:47 How To Build a Successful Company Social media profiles ↓ Follow Michael Find us on social media


59. An engineer's evolution into a holistic health leader with Salim Najjar

In this episode of the Primal Kitchen Podcast, we meet Salim, a former nuclear power plant engineer turned health and wellness entrepreneur. Salim recounts his transformative journey, beginning with a successful yet unfulfilling career in engineering, leading to the inception of Soundtea. His exploration into health and wellness was sparked by a personal tragedy - the loss of his father to cancer. This pivotal moment propelled him into researching natural health remedies and adopting a unique diet strategy, including a one-meal-a-day routine and microdosing psilocybin for wellness enhancement. Salim delves into various health optimization techniques, from grounding and cold plunge therapy to leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment in his biohacking adventures. He also touches upon his experiences with plant medicine, discussing the impacts of ayahuasca and ketamine therapies. This episode not only charts Salim's professional shift but also offers insights into combining technology with natural health practices. Tune in to learn how Salim's journey intertwines personal experiences with a passion for holistic health, and discover his approach to blending modern tech with traditional wellness methods. Relevant points from episode: 0:00 Grounding/Introduction 0:48 Cancer 5:38 All About It 7:09 What Does a Business Look Like Today? 9:17 Heart Rate Variability 14:16 How to Decrease Your HRV? 18:31 Pulsed electromagnetic field 21:15 The Need for Grounding 25:02 Binaural Beats: The Essential Meditation for Long Term Health 34:25 Talking to smokers at 60 34:50 How to Talk to a Child About Trauma? 36:14 Your Thoughts On Death 39:25 After a Shoulder Surgery, Hyperbaric Therapy 44:27 In the sauna with the doctors 49:48 Ketogenic Diet and Supplement regimen 51:45 How to get enough magnesium for your body after a surgery? 53:13 Favorite People and Worst Things You've Done For Yourself 54:45 On Psilocybin and Ayahuasca 1:00:04 Ketamine Therapy With Somatic Meditation 1:03:49 Ketamine, Psilocybin: Where to Start? Social media profiles ↓ ----- Follow Salim Find us on social media


58: Get to Know Your Inner Parts with Richard Schwartz, PhD

In this week’s podcast. Morgan gets introspective with Harvard Medical School faculty member Dr. Richard Schwartz, creator of the Internal Family Systems therapeutic model. This evidence-based treatment promotes healing by acknowledging all the “parts” inside each of us, including the core self and our various sub-personalities. Tune in as Richard teaches Morgan to speak to her inner voices and walks through his 8 C’s of self-leadership, including confidence and compassion. He also dives into how the Internal Family Systems method can help those with PTSD and other types of trauma.


57: High Achiever: Dr. Mike Hart on the Benefits of Medical Marijuana and Psychedelics

In this week’s podcast, Morgan gets in the weeds about weed with Dr. Mike Hart, COO of Optimind Pharma. A respected physician specializing in cannabis medicine and psychedelic therapy for more than a decade, Mike is passionate about taking a holistic approach to treating the body and mind. Learn about the various medicinal uses of cannabinoids, from improving sleep quality to helping veterans suffering from PTSD, and the risks and benefits associated with treatment. Mike also shares how cannabis and oral ketamine can be used to treat depression, and who makes a good candidate for these types of therapy.


56: What’s Your Gut Telling You? Pendulum Co-founder Colleen Cutcliffe Has the Answer

It’s time for a gut check! Morgan’s guest this week is Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe, a biochemist and molecular biologist who is passionate about gut health. Colleen is the co-founder and CEO of Pendulum, a research-driven probiotics company on a mission to improve overall health by focusing on the gut. Learn more about the connection between balanced gut flora and a healthy body, and why she believes that certain probiotic strains (particularly Akkermansia) are the key to a healthy gut. Colleen also shares with Morgan the impact that stress, aging, and early antibiotic use can have on the gut microbiome and what people can do to get their gut back in check.


55: The Secrets of High Performers with Psychotherapist and Triathlete, David Roadhouse

This week’s podcast welcomes multigenerational psychotherapist David Roadhouse, a four-time World Triathlon winner, meditation retreat leader, and Morgan’s own personal therapist! Hear about David’s intense training techniques, from sleeping in a hypoxic tent every night for 15 years to loading up on filet mignon long before the “carnivore diet” became popular. David also shares how Buddhist meditation practices shaped his therapy work, his tips for a healthy and successful marriage, and the commonly shared traits he sees in entrepreneurs and high performers like Morgan.


54: The Link Between Strength and Success with Endurance Athlete Eric Hinman

In this week’s podcast, Denver-based endurance athlete and social media influencer Eric Hinman shares how competitions motivated his wellness journey. A 5x Ironman, Leadville finisher, and top CrossFit athlete, he’s also the co-founder of the Original Grain and XO Taco restaurants in Syracuse, NY. Hear from Eric on his current workout routine, eating plan, and the differences between training for competition vs. everyday exercise. The 5x Ironman competitor also gets real with Morgan about his entrepreneurial failures and successes, and how he works with brands and the community to build strong relationships.


53: Chef & Entrepreneur Camilla Marcus Champions Great Taste with Less Waste

In this episode, chef and hospitality entrepreneur Camilla Marcus shares her insights on sustainable food practices and moving toward a zero-waste lifestyle. Founder of NYC-based restaurant turned upscale provisions company west~bourne, Camilla also co-founded of ROAR (Restaurants Organizing Advocating Rebuilding) and is a founding member of the Independent Restaurant Coalition. Camilla and Morgan chat mom-to-mom about raising environmentally aware children and the environmental and health impacts of eating real vs. processed foods. Camilla also shares her philosophy of “honoring nature as nature intended” and offers tips on how to use zero-waste tools at home.


52: Dr. Casey Means on Sugar Highs, Naked Carbs, and Glucose Monitoring for Every Body

Tune in as Morgan chats with Stanford-trained physician Dr. Casey Means about her transition from simply treating symptoms to empowering people to make smart diet and lifestyle choices. Casey is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Levels, a metabolic health company providing tech-enabled tools that continuously monitor glucose levels. In this episode, she dives into the negative effects of glucose spikes, the perils of eating “naked carbs,” and how mental health can influence your physical well-being. Casey also teams up with Morgan, an avid Levels user, to demonstrate how the tool helps track the ongoing effects that glucose has on your body. Visit for a special offer for our podcast listeners!


51: Trash Panda’s Julia Putzeys on Separating the Good from the Garbage in Food Labels

Tune in as Morgan chats with Julia Putzeys, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and general manager of the Trash Panda app, which helps consumers decipher the nutrition information on food labels so they can make more informed choices. In this week’s episode, Julia shares how a pantry cleaning with Morgan inspired her own journey into the health and wellness space, and how a background creating apps and websites for the NFL combined with her nutrition education laid the foundation for developing her “passion project” app. The pair also discuss the ins and outs of teaching children to make healthier food choices, from exploring labels and ingredients to advocating for increased transparency in the food industry.


50: Mark and Carrie Sisson on Self-Care Routines, Success, and Manifesting Your Best Life

In this special 50th episode of The Primal Kitchen Podcast, Morgan sits down for an in-person candid chat with longtime friend and Primal Kitchen co-founder, Mark Sisson, and his wife and fellow entrepreneur, Carrie Sisson. A New York Times bestselling author and former endurance athlete, Mark has been educating the world on nutrition and fitness for more than fifteen years. Get the lowdown on Mark and Carrie’s routines, from the anti-aging technologies they embrace or avoid, to daily supplements, skincare, and their current eating habits. The couple also shares how they met, their secrets for a successful marriage, and their favorite vacay destination (hint: It’s wickedly luxurious and known for wine). Plus, Morgan gets Mark and Carrie to reveal their hidden talents!


49: Obesity Expert Dr. Spencer Nadolsky Weighs in on Ozempic

This week’s podcast discusses the use of semaglutide medications for weight loss. While we acknowledge that this is a controversial topic in the medical and fitness communities, we’re always open to hearing all sides of the conversation. Any and all opinions stated in this podcast are the guests and hosts opinions and do not represent Primal Kitchen or its parent company. Tune in as Morgan discusses fitness, the obesity epidemic, and the weight loss drug Ozempic® with board-certified obesity and lipid specialist, Dr. Spencer Nadolsky. Inspired by his childhood growing up in an athletic family, Spencer blends his affinity for fitness with practical medical knowledge and currently serves as medical director for one of the largest online medical obesity treatment programs. You can also find him on Instagram, where he uses clever memes to dispel myths about weight loss and obesity. In this episode, Spencer discusses his weight loss ideologies, the science behind food cravings, and why people are turning to Ozympic for help. He also weighs in on the controversy surrounding this popular drug and the ethics of using semaglutide for everyday weight loss.


48: Getting to the Heart of Your Stress with Dr. Dave Rabin

This week, Morgan has a heart-to-heart with Dr. Dave Rabin, a board-certified psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and entrepreneur who has studied the impact of chronic stress on the body for more than fifteen years. Dave and his team at the Apollo Clinic empower their clients to take control of their health by tapping into the body’s natural healing ability. In this episode, Dave discusses how heart rate variability (HRV) connects to the body’s stress levels and the effects that low HRV can have on athletic performance. He also shares with Morgan how analyzing his own dreams sparked an early interest in neuroscience, and how his innovative product, the Apollo Wearable, can improve the body’s resistance to stress.


47: Putting Longevity Under the Microscope with Timeline CEO, Chris Rinsch

In this week’s episode, we chat with Dr. Chris Rinsch, co-founder and CEO of the Swiss health sciences company, Timeline. With more than two decades of experience in mitochondrial health, he has published in scientific journals such as Nature Metabolism and Cell Reports Medicine. Chris discusses how the “powerhouse of the cell” affects aging and what we can do to get our mitochondria working at optimal levels. He also shares with Morgan about his company’s cellular health products, the role that pomegranate plays in stimulating mitochondria, and the differences between longevity (living longer) and health span (living well).


46: The Recipe for a Grain-Free, Less-Stress Life with Author Danielle Walker

Wellness advocate, self-taught chef, and New York Times best-selling author Danielle Walker joins Morgan for a candid conversation about grain-free living and the limitations of Western medicine. Danielle’s road to healthful eating began with an autoimmune disease diagnosis in her early 20s, after which she discovered a grain-free Paleo diet plan that would inspire five successful cookbooks. In this podcast, Danielle shares her recipe testing process, current eating routine, and all-time favorite cookbook. Morgan and Danielle also discuss the impact of elevated stress levels, stress-reduction techniques, and how EDMR therapy (typically used for post-trauma recovery) can help. Find her latest cookbook, Healthy in a Hurry HERE!