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Everything you wanted to know about good cooking and good eating from LA chef, author, radio host and restaurateur Evan Kleiman.


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Everything you wanted to know about good cooking and good eating from LA chef, author, radio host and restaurateur Evan Kleiman.






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Water in Tulare, where to eat with Memo Torres, Market Match in jeopardy

What does the Tulare Lake Basin water crisis mean for the future of farming in California? Carolyn Quick Tillery celebrates the 25th anniversary of a cookbook that pays homage to the Tuskegee Institute. Memo Torres has ideas about where to eat this weekend with his latest recommendations for Apple Maps. Eat!, a digital delivery program, gives customers access to farmers' markets across Los Angeles. Proposed budget cuts threaten Market Match, a program that gives low-income Californians additional savings on fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets.


Juliette Binoche on 'The Taste of Things,’ Asian food at Costco, chocolate

Director Tran Anh Hung and actress Juliette Binoche discuss the recipe for subtle seduction in The Taste of Things. Foley artist Olivier Thys reveals which foods he uses to simulate the on-screen sounds of bones breaking and vampires biting necks. Journalist Ada Tseng visits Costco twice a week — for gas, deals, and hidden Asian treasures. Chocolatier Christine Sarioz taps into her art background to create sculptural chocolates. Cathy Asapahu shops for berries for a dessert tasting at Ayara Tha


Rice, tainted applesauce, Texas barbecue

With restaurants dedicated to global rice dishes, JJ Johnson explores 28 varieties in his latest cookbook. Chef Eric Adjepong explores assimilation, culture and home in a new children's book. Reporter Helena Bottemiller Evich unravels issues with the global food chain in the case of cinnamon applesauce pouches tainted with lead. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison visits Victor Heights for Korean banchan and dosirak. Barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn weighs in on the state of Texas barbecue. Austrian chef Bernhard Mairinger visits the farmers market to shop for his new restaurant, Lustig.


Afghan cuisine, LA restaurant closures, Hmong cooking

Zarghuna Adel learns classic recipes from older Afghans living abroad and reintroduces them to a younger generation living in the country. LA Times reporter Stephanie Breijo reflects on the closure of some of the city's most cherished dining destinations. Yazeed "Chef Yaz" Soudani of Miya Miya brings Jordanian-style shawarma to Smorgasburg LA. Lisa Hamilton looks at one Hmong woman's struggle to survive war, loss and displacement while holding onto her identity. Sheng Yang and Sami Scripter collaborate on a new edition of the first Hmong American cookbook.


Soil, the future of farming, policing avocados

Journalist and author George Monbiot has a radical idea for fixing farming's environmental devastation — but can a post-agricultural world feed the planet? Once a social scientist and now a farmer, Chris Smaje offers a defense of small-scale farming and a robust critique of industrialized food production. The Ecology Center is a blue dot in a red sea. How did Evan Marks come to run this 28-acre regenerative farm in Orange County? Reporter Alexander Sammon visits Cherán, where armed militias guard the area to prevent rogue avocado farming.


Eating for mental health, hospitality, tipping, new food laws

Erewhon sells an $18 dollar smoothie named after Hailey Bieber. Mary Beth Albright considers how drinking it will make us feel.


Encore: The life and times of Lalo García: Immigration, deportation, reconciliation

Journalist Laura Tillman phoned Máximo Bistrot, a restaurant riding the wave of Mexico City's popularity as a fine dining destination, in hopes of interviewing its chef, Eduardo "Lalo" García Guzmán. Tillman had covered immigration for the past 10 years and she was interested in speaking with dishwashers, cooks, waiters, and purveyors working in high-end restaurants, where economic inequalities are pronounced. It was 2016, and as the US presidential election made pawns of Mexican immigrants, the chef was eager to share his story. Tillman spent the next five years speaking with García, his family, and those who worked with him, following his journey from the fields as a young migrant farm worker to the kitchens of the American South then back to Mexico, where along with his wife, he has built a restaurant group that employs hundreds of people. Tillman tells his story in the book The Migrant Chef: The Life and Times of Lalo García — but ultimately, this is Lalo's journey. It's a singular epic, complete with a cruel twist that reveals so much about the relationship between Mexico and the United States, the two countries that shaped García.


Best of 2023 — Spearfishing, unconventional winemaking, (kinda) camping

Terrified of the ocean in her youth, Valentine Thomas is now a champion spearfisherwoman. Maggie Harrison describes the "maniacal rigor" with which she seeks out beauty through winemaking. "The McSatan" and "The Bruja" are on the menu at Evil Cooks, where Alex Garcia and Elvia Huerta are on a mission to "Make Tacos Great Again." Kate Reid was a successful Formula 1 engineer who designed race cars before shifting gears to make croissants. Out of the studio and into the wild, Good Food takes on the Great Outdoors.


The history of Chinese food, Cantonese cuisine, Genghis Cohen

Fuchsia Dunlop distills the history of Chinese food through a menu of 30 dishes. Kevin and Jeffrey Pang cook up some father-son bonding over plates of Mongolian beef and General Tso's chicken. Marc Rose and Med Abrous prepare for Christmas Eve, the busiest night of the year at Chinese restaurant Genghis Cohen. Using their respective lenses as an anthropologist and a historian, mother and son Merry White and Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft examine the way the world eats.


Heirloom grains, Filipino bakes, Bill Addison picks LA's best restaurants

Rose Wilde encourages bakers to develop a relationship with heirloom grains and alternative flours. Abi Balingit, a self-described "dork who baked," turned her passion into a cookbook of Filipino desserts. Restaurant critic Bill Addison runs down his selections for the LA Times 101 Best Restaurants. Sohla El-Waylly teaches us the "why" behind kitchen techniques. Chef Roberto Alcocer shares how he celebrates Las Posadas, a ten-night event commemorating Joseph and Mary's journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Hungry for more? Check out Good Food's Best Of 2023.


Baking with Nancy Silverton, chili crisp, extracts

With a competitive spirit, Nancy Silverton sets out to make the best versions of classic baked goods. James Park grew up on kimchi, but when he discovered chili crisp, his world changed. Paul and Jill Fulton embarked on a vanilla voyage, learning to make extracts in their home kitchen. At the farmers market, everything's coming up roses (and snake gourds) for floral designer Sophia Moreno-Bunge.


Best cookbooks of 2023, memories of Nigeria, cooking through grief

Bookstore owner Celia Sack shares her list of notable cookbooks of 2023 — perfect for gift-giving. Yewande Komolafe connects the dots of her Nigerian past, visiting Lagos and returning with a new cookbook. Cooking through grief, food writer Bee Wilson keeps recipes simple and finds joy in the process. Artist and curator Suzanne Joskow collects cookbooks written by everyday people. At the farmer's market, Chef Jeremy Fox of Birdie G's shops in preparation for his Hanukkah(ish) collaboration dinner series.


"High on the Hog" returns, streaming leftovers, kombucha

In High on the Hog's second season, producers Fabienne Toback and Karis Jagger continue to explore how Black hands in the pot influence what America eats. Screenwriters Seth Reiss and Will Tracy tackle issues of class, consumerism, and privilege in The Menu. With nearly 40% of the food bought in the US getting tossed, Tamar Adler finds delicious destinies for leftovers. Sisters Margaret and Irene Li crack the code for using wilted, nearly expired, and only-needed-a-tablespoon ingredients. The pandemic and an impulse to curb food waste led Balo Orozco to create Sunset Cultures, an artisanal kombucha and preserves company.


Thanksgiving — Sides turned mains, turkey, wine, stuffing, and pie

Molecular biologist turned cookbook author Nik Sharma joins Evan Kleiman to talk turkey and all the trimmings. Hetty Lui McKinnon has led a life surrounded by vegetables and shares a riff on a potato gratin. Fahara Zamorano promises nobody will be upset if you open a bottle of champagne but she has thoughts on other wines to pair with your Thanksgiving feast. After spatchcocking, butter brining, and breaking down her bird, recipe developer and author Sohla El-Waylly has found the turkey she plans to make for the rest of her life. Chef Mei Lin recalls how her family incorporated their Chinese heritage into holiday meals. At the farmers market, chef Zach Jarrett does anything but loaf around for his ingenious take on stuffing. Nik Sharma puts his science background to use to tackle your pie problems. Finally, let your leftovers become tomorrow's mise en place. And if you need recipe inspiration, here you go! 91 vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipes75 Thanksgiving side dish recipes45 of our best Thanksgiving pie recipes


Cuyama carrot boycott, Indian in Artesia, how to cook pasta

Melinda Burns reports on the water wars in Cuyama, where small farmers are boycotting carrot behemoths Grimmway Farms and Bolthouse Farms. At the farmers market, Karen Beverlin explains why carrots taste sweeter in cooler temps. Brothers Mario and Sal Marino look back on 40 years of Marino Ristorante, where John and Yoko brushed elbows with the likes of John Wayne. Ella Quittner settles the debate over the best way to cook pasta. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison heads to Artesia for Rajasthani food.


That's Entertainment! — Cocktails, cubes, company, cake

Toni Tipton-Martin spotlights the creativity, hospitality, and excellence of Black drinking culture. Leslie Kirchoff gives boring, square ice cubes a '70s-inspired remodel. Amy Thielen wants dinner parties to be less formal and more frequent — and she'll show you how to make it happen. Natasha Pickowicz draws on her Chinese heritage and Southern California upbringing for desserts that are more than cake. At Joseon, chef Debbie Lee adds kabocha squash juk to the menu and Jimmy Nardello peppers to the Thanksgiving meal.


Murder mystery dinner menu, processed foods, pathogens

When detective-fiction devotee Karen Pierce couldn't find a cookbook devoted to Agatha Christie, she decided to write her own. Professor Chris van Tulleken explores the effects of ultra processed food in a world where profit is the goal and purposeful addiction is part of the recipe. Personal injury attorney Bill Marler chases down offenders in our food chain as they make Americans sick. Food writer and musician Bill Esparza travels to LA's El Salvador Corridor for pupusas, antojitos, and more. Finally, local farmers, butchers, and chefs collaborate on flour tortillas.


Indigenous Food Lab, West African cuisine, farmer's market edibles

As he keeps racking up awards while shining a light on Native foodways, chef Sean Sherman hasn't forgotten his roots on the Pine Ridge reservation. Virginia Sole-Smith says the rise in Ozempic use as a weight loss tool exacerbates an anti-fat mentality. Africa meets America as Pierre Thiam brings the flavors of his native Senegal to more kitchens in his new home. Chefs Daniel Patterson and Keith Corbin have reimagined Locol so they can reopen it as a nonprofit in Watts. With a knack for offbeat abstractions on the plate, Bar Chelou isn't playing it safe, says LA Times critic Bill Addison. Nicole Rucker of Fat & Flour is using mutsu apples for goods other than pie.


Playing Venba, the history of veganism in America, passion fruit

Through trial and error, KCRW recording engineer PJ Shahamat learns to cook biryani in the new video game, Venba. Designed and developed by Abhi, the goal of Venba was to create an emotional connection to food. Alicia Kennedy unpacks the history of vegan and vegetarian eating in America and considers a diet that's kinder to the planet. From basturma in Burbank to hot links in Lincoln Heights, Memo Torres scans the city for his favorite eats. Carlos Salgado and Taco María make history, winning KCRW's Tortilla Tournament for a second time. Passion fruit and Brussels sprouts are having their moment at the farmer's market.


Religious diets, Indigenous baby food, native California ingredients

Food historian Christina Ward documents the practical and spiritual ways that religion shapes what we eat. From toilet to tap, John and Sommer Decker fight off the Arizona heat with beer brewed from treated wastewater. Gustavo Arellano reveals the Fuerte Four in the 2023 Tortilla Tournament. Drawing on her Karuk heritage, Native Californian Sara Calvosa Olson helps people decolonize their diets, one cup of manzanita flour at a time. Harvesting Indigenous ingredients on Navajo Nation land, Zachariah and Mary Ben make and sell non-GMO, heritage-style baby food. Pomologist David Karp puts the squeeze on citron, an ancient fruit often seen in panettone and fruitcake.