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Radio Cherry Bombe features interviews with the most interesting people in the world of food. Each week, host Kerry Diamond, founder and editor of the indie magazine Cherry Bombe, talks to the chefs, bakers, creatives, and entrepreneurs making it happen. Follow @cherrybombe on Instagram for show news and more, and visit for transcripts and past episodes. Thank you to Tralala for our theme song, "All Fired Up." Produced by The Cherry Bombe Podcast Network


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Radio Cherry Bombe features interviews with the most interesting people in the world of food. Each week, host Kerry Diamond, founder and editor of the indie magazine Cherry Bombe, talks to the chefs, bakers, creatives, and entrepreneurs making it happen. Follow @cherrybombe on Instagram for show news and more, and visit for transcripts and past episodes. Thank you to Tralala for our theme song, "All Fired Up." Produced by The Cherry Bombe Podcast Network






Bonus Episode: She’s My Cherry Pie, Cherry Bombe’s New Podcast

Cherry Bombe has a brand new podcast and we’re sharing the debut episode. The show is called She’s My Cherry Pie and it’s hosted by Jessie Sheehan, the author and recipe developer. Each week, Jessie talks to world-class bakers and pastry chefs about their lives, careers, and signature bakes. Jessie’s first guest is Claudia Fleming, the influential pastry chef and executive director of Daily Provisions. When Claudia put a chocolate-caramel tart on the menu of NYC’s Gramercy Tavern in the...


Chef Maria Mazon Of Tucson’s Boca And Sona On Representing Her Mexico

Chef Maria Mazon was a waitress at a Mexican-American restaurant outside Tucson when she found herself in the kitchen giving the cooks ideas for what to make. Today, she is the celebrated owner of Boca restaurant and Sona bodega in Tucson, Arizona, and has appeared on Chopped and Season 18 of Top Chef. Tacos, salsas, and the cuisine of Sonora, Mexico, where she was raised, are Chef Maria’s passions. “I’m here to represent my Mexico,” she explained. “I would not change my story for the...


Ashley Christensen, Chef & Restaurateur, Starts A New Chapter

As the restaurant world confronts what it means to be sustainable from a human perspective, some chefs are realizing they need to first answer that question for themselves. For Ashley Christensen, the award-winning chef and proprietor behind AC Restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina, that meant putting herself on the road to sobriety. In October, Ashley announced her decision via an Instagram post. Not only did many in her community rally around her, but those dealing with similar journeys...


Noma And The Future Of Fine Dining With Julia Moskin Of The New York Times

Last week, René Redzepi, the influential chef and founder of Noma, announced he would be closing his world-renowned restaurant in late 2024. Julia Moskin of The New York Times broke the story and kicked off a range of conversations about fine dining, unpaid labor, and even the influence of the film The Menu. Julia joins host Kerry Diamond to talk about Noma, what might be next for both Redzepi and his restaurant, and Hollywood’s current interest in all things culinary. In the second half of...


Edna Lewis’s Life And Legacy, With Tanya Holland And Nina Williams-Mbengue Live At Cooks & Books

Edna Lewis is one of the most important and influential American chefs. She celebrated Southern cooking and foodways in her seminal work, 1976’s The Taste Of Country Cooking, and helped inspire the farm-to-table movement. At her side for some of this journey was her niece, Nina, who not only got to enjoy her aunt’s food, but who typed up the manuscript for her groundbreaking cookbook as a young teen. Today, Nina Williams-Mbengue is a retired child welfare expert and a board member of The...


Claire Saffitz, Our #1 Interview From 2022

Happy New Year, listeners! We’re happy to share this encore presentation of our most listened-to episode of 2022. Claire Saffitz, cookbook author, Cherry Bombe cover girl, and YouTube’s favorite baker, joined host Kerry Diamond last year to talk about Claire’s unique culinary path. It took Claire a while to figure out her place in the food world, and she shares the twists and turns it took to get where she is today. Claire also talks about her 2020 bestseller, Dessert Person; shares some...


The Lost Kitchen’s Erin French, Live From Cooks & Books

Here’s a little year-end holiday gift for everyone: a chat with chef and author Erin French of The Lost Kitchen, the little restaurant that could in Freedom, Maine. Erin was interviewed by host Kerry Diamond at Cherry Bombe’s 2nd Annual Cooks & Books Festival in Brooklyn this past November. They talk about the restaurant’s famous “reservations” system, how Erin got her culinary chops, and the Magnolia Network series about life at The Lost Kitchen. Radio Cherry Bombe is recorded at Newsstand...


Holiday Cookies With Sarah Kieffer Of “100 Cookies”

It’s the final episode of Cherry Bombe’s baking miniseries She’s My Cherry Pie, and we have a special holiday-themed interview for all you bakers out there. Host Jessie Sheehan is joined by Sarah Kieffer, the cookie expert behind The Vanilla Bean Blog and the books Baking for the Holidays: 50+ Treats for a Festive Season and 100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen. They talk all things… you guessed it… cookies, from holiday cut-outs to crinkle cookies, creaming butter and sugar,...


Ina Garten Dishes On Dinnertime, Family Meals, And Holidays In Paris

Here’s a little holiday gift for all of you—an interview with Ina Garten! The one and only Barefoot Contessa Zoomed in for a year-end chat with host Kerry Diamond about her brand new book, Go-To Dinners, and the inspiration behind it. Ina also talks about her new Discovery + show and podcast, Be My Guest With Ina Garten; the difficult family dinners of her childhood; and the magic of celebrating Christmas in Paris with her beloved husband, Jeffrey. Ina also weighs in on butter boards,...


Making Milk Bread With Kristina Cho Of Eat Cho Food

Host Jessie Sheehan is joined by Kristina Cho, recipe developer, baker, food stylist, and James Beard award-winning author, to talk all things milk bread for the fifth episode of She’s My Cherry Pie, Radio Cherry Bombe’s new baking miniseries. Kristina, who many know from her blog and Instagram account, Eat Cho Food, is the author of Mooncakes and Milk Bread: Sweet and Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries, the first cookbook to comprehensively focus on the recipes and culture of...


Diasporican's Illyanna Maisonet On Her Journey From Artist To Cookbook Author

Illyanna Maisonet might be the first cookbook author who got her start posting Yelp reviews. She was a working artist when the financial crisis of 2008 sent her down a new path; it took a combination of culinary school, back issues of Gourmet magazine, and Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential to help her discover a new calling. The Yelp reviews? Well, they helped boost her confidence as an aspiring writer. Illyanna went on to become the first Puerto Rican food columnist in the U.S., yet a...


Making Doughnuts With Fany Gerson Of Fan-Fan And La Newyorkina

Host Jessie Sheehan is joined by Fany Gerson, Mexican dessert authority, cookbook author, and entrepreneur, to talk all things doughnuts for the fourth episode of She’s My Cherry Pie, Radio Cherry Bombe’s new baking miniseries. Fany’s become known for her creative and artisanal takes on the beloved American treats via her Brooklyn shop, Fan-Fan Doughnuts. (Fany is also the founder of La Newyorkina, which specializes in paletas.) She’s been making doughnuts since 2010 and has lots to share...


How Mamacita’s Andrea Pons Self-Published A Cookbook To Fight Being Deported

When Andrea Pons and her family were faced with deportation, she knew hiring an immigration lawyer was more than they could afford. To raise funds, she decided she would self-publish a cookbook of her grandmother’s recipes, despite having no previous experience in the world of food. Andrea titled her book Mamacita: Celebrating Life as a Mexican Immigrant in America. Not only did the book find an audience, but Andrea’s story caught the attention of editors at Princeton Architectural Press,...


Pound Cake Perfection With Grandbaby Cakes’ Jocelyn Delk Adams

For the third episode of Radio Cherry Bombe’s new miniseries, She’s My Cherry Pie, host Jessie Sheehan is joined by baker, recipe developer, and author Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes. The two talk all things pound cake, one of Jocelyn’s specialties. They cover some of Jocelyn’s best-known pound cake recipes, her cake release secrets (including her signature “cake goop”), pan scalding, favorite Bundt pans, and more. Tune in and get ready for some serious baking inspiration. You can...


The CEO Is In: Brightland’s Aishwarya Iyer And Territory Foods’ Ellis Singer McCue

On today’s show, two very different food world CEOs. First up, Aishwarya Iyer, the founder of Brightland, a collection of thoughtfully sourced and crafted olive oils, vinegars, and honeys. Aishwarya never planned on becoming an entrepreneur or working in the food startup space, but her plans changed when she fell in love with the world of olive oil. Today, her Brightland brand is beloved by home cooks and connoisseurs alike. Aishwarya joins us to talk about her origin story and what’s next...


Biscuit Bliss With Cheryl Day Of Back In The Day Bakery

For the second episode of Radio Cherry Bombe’s new mini-series She’s My Cherry Pie, host Jessie Sheehan, author of Snackable Bakes: 100 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Exceptionally Scrumptious Sweets and Treats, welcomes Cheryl Day, co-founder of Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia, and author of Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern Baking. From buttermilk myths to flour combinations, Cheryl shares her top tips for four of her most popular biscuit recipes. You can find Cheryl’s sweet potato...


“Coldwater Kitchen” Exec Producer Desiré Vincent Levy And Chef Jimmy Lee Hill

The documentary Coldwater Kitchen is a story of humanity and hospitality. Directed by Brian Kaufman and Mark Kurlyandchik, the film follows Chef Jimmy Lee Hill and three of the students in his culinary program at Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater, Michigan. Chef Hill, as he’s known, has run the program for 33 years, helping thousands of men acquire kitchen skills and serving as a lifeline for many inside the prison. Desiré Vincent Levy, an executive producer of Coldwater Kitchen,...


The Perfect Pie Crust With Jessie Sheehan And Sister Pie’s Lisa Ludwinski

Just in time for all your holiday baking, we’re launching a new Radio Cherry Bombe miniseries—She’s My Cherry Pie! Today and the next five Saturdays, host Jessie Sheehan will learn how some of the most beloved bakers around got their start, what they’re known for, and the tips and tricks behind their signature bakes. For our first episode, Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond welcomes Jessie and learns more about the career twists and turns that led Jessie to baking, cookbook writing, and...


Jaclyn Johnson, The Entrepreneur Behind Create & Cultivate, Maie Wines & New Money Ventures

Jaclyn Johnson has been described as the ultimate multi-hyphenate. She’s a podcast host, savvy businessperson, angel investor, and champion of female entrepreneurs everywhere. As the founder of Create And Cultivate, which she sold earlier this year, Jaclyn has helped thousands of small business owners and freelancers on their professional journeys. Earlier this year, she launched New Money Ventures, a $20 million dollar consumer fund that invests in game-changing brands and the visionaries...


Sprinkles Cupcake Founder Candace Nelson On Her New Business Book

When Candace Nelson and her husband Charles co-founded the Sprinkles cupcake company, their friends and family thought it was a terrible idea. “We were essentially two out-of-work investment bankers looking to bet it all on cupcakes at the height of a low-carb craze,” Candace said to host Kerry Diamond. Not only did Sprinkles become a huge hit, but the couple sold a portion of the business and went on to launch Pizzana, another company built around a much-loved food. Candace, who today is a...