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@ChrisSykes108 and @billowl deliver reviews, retrospectives and commentaries on film and TV - delivering all the pop culture discussion you could ever want. Maybe more than you want.

@ChrisSykes108 and @billowl deliver reviews, retrospectives and commentaries on film and TV - delivering all the pop culture discussion you could ever want. Maybe more than you want.


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@ChrisSykes108 and @billowl deliver reviews, retrospectives and commentaries on film and TV - delivering all the pop culture discussion you could ever want. Maybe more than you want.




Doctor Who - 'Flux' review

Well, golly gee! To the surprise of literally everyone involved, the WHINE+SPACE boys have come back together (this time with even shittier audio!) to give our verdict on the six part, serialised megabanger tale of Chris Chernobyl's 'Doctor Who Fuxx'. Will Chibbers have turned over a new leaf and start thrilling us with his entry into serialised tales? Will Yaz develop a personality now that she becomes The Companion Victorious? Will we be reviewing Our Jodie's final episodes as The Doctor...


WandaVision - 'The Series Finale' review

We return from our long hiatus like beautiful vibranium butterflies to discuss the final episode of little known television show 'WandaVision'!


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'Revolution of the Daleks' review

Time to get back on the bike!


The Mandalorian, Season 2 - 'The Rescue' commentary

Well, didn't see that one coming.


'Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker' commentary

We've got a bad feeling about this.


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'The Girl Who Waited'

We've only gone and bloody lapped ourselves! Join us for the first episode of the podcast where we've caught up with our original 2011 live reviews - as we try and decide how our views have evolved on the episode over time, but more importantly, whether or not we can remember anything about it whatsoever


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'Night Terrors'

Sometimes you get so bloody afraid of a lift, that you go and stick your dad in a dollhouse with your mystery alien powers.


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'Let's Kill Hitler'

Well, unless you're chiiiiiiiiiiicken? Are you saying you don't want to? Awww, look who wuvs Hitler!


'X-Men Origins - Wolverine' commentary

He's the best he is at what he does - making you question why you got invested in this franchise to begin with!


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'A Good Man Goes to War'

That's right - Strax is going to war!


The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 1 review

Despite it being ruined forever in December 2019, we return to a galaxy far, far away to catch up with the screen’s most devoted dad. Can the second season of The Mandalorian build on its tour de force season one finale? Will anyone punch a baby? Will the hero of the show let a man be eaten alive? Will there be any disintegrations? Find out the answer to this - and so many more questions - as we review the season 2 premier


'Doctor Sleep' Director's Cut commentary

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen! Yes, it's Halloween 2020 and, if the rest of the year is anything to go by, this year's Halloween is likely to be a real scream. We decided to ensure this, so we looked fondly back to our year of Stevie King adaptations and Halloween 2019 and we realised the only sane thing to do was release a commentary for the three hour Director's Cut of 'Doctor Sleep'. Get involved for the most super fun horrortastic Halloween you ever will have encountered. I mean, we mentioned...


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'The Almost People'

So, we've all experienced it when our socks turn against us. Or our trousers. Or even our pants. Well, guess what? Now our bloody doppelgängers are at it and they're only running around thinking that they're actually *people*?? Someone needs to sort this out - and one man can. Well, two men. Well, I guess thirteen men. And a woman. Well, loads of women. And some kids. Look, what I'm saying is Doctor Who is here and he's gonna make it all better!


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'The Rebel Flesh'

Hives. Thrush. Excema. Sometimes your flesh just suddenly rebels in a stunningly irritating fashion. But don't worry - we have a Doctor.


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'The Doctor's Wife'

Unknown writer Neil Gaiman tries his hand at doing a Doctor Who - and the universally poorly regarded 'The Doctor's Wife' comes out the other end! Condemned all across the board, can WHINE+SPACE find a glimmer of quality in an episode that is universally disliked? There's only one way to find out!


'X-Men - The Last Stand' commentary

This week, it's out with sex criminal Bryan Singer and in with sex criminal Brett Ratner - as we continue our look back at the endless series of X-Men films that Fox gone did. And, let's be honest, if we had complaints about the execution of 'X1: The First X-Men' and 'X2: X-Men 2 - X-Men United, Too', then we really did not know that of which we spoke, as we're about to be confronted with a dark and terrifying force that makes the Phoenix look like Philip Scofield.


'X2' commentary

Where were we? After an unscheduled break to deal with Audio Horrors, our X-Men project is back, as we take a look at one of the films frequently held up as an exemplar of the comic book movie genre - that’s right, it’s ‘X2: X-Men 2 - X-Men United: More X, more Men 2’. But has the film matured like a fine wine in the last 17 years? Or has it turned to repugnant vinegar? There’s only one way to know, and it’s by listening to this bloody podcast - this time with incredibly variable audio...


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'The Curse of the Black Spot'

Get ready. We present to you the most on-topic, laser focused analysis that you and possibly anyone has ever heard on this episode of the popular TV show 'The Doctor Who'. Listen up, as we go to almost laudable lengths to talk about any topic other than the episode right in front of us, but, well - we got there in the end...


'Captain Marvel' commentary

It's been 100 years since Captain Marbles landed with us in early 2019, but here at WHINE+SPACE we like to take our time with delivering a superior product, like that 90s Guinness ad about the old man going swimming. So, in advance of the release of 'Blank Window' in November (I...guess?) we're finally catching up on our MCU and taking our dang medicine!


The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'Day of the Moon'

Lots of things happen in this week's episode of TV's 'Doctor Who' - and we can confirm that some of them do indeed make sense. So join us - as lots of cool shit goes down in quick succession and then the popular character Doctor Who turns the whole of humanity into a race of genocidal maniacs. Also, the moon is an egg.