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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.




Russell Wilson shoulder injury + Jerry Jones on Dak Prescott's return

(00:00) Mike Tomlin names Kenny Pickett as QB 1 moving forward (23:00) Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott is still struggling with gripping a football (35:00) Russell Wilson dealing with shoulder injury, confident he will play on Thursday

Week 5 Power Rankings + NFL statement on Cameron Brate

(00:00) After Further Review: breaking down questionable calls, decisions from week 4 (15:00) Week 5 Power Rankings + PFT Mailbag (26:00) NFL statement on Cameron Brate not being pulled earlier from Sunday's game (37:30) PFT Week 4 Awards

Rams vs 49ers recap + Tua injury investigation

(00:00) 49ers shut down Rams offense with good defense but is Matt Stafford's health a cause for concern? (15:00) The Rams 4th Quarter problems persist and an offensive shake up might be in order (25:00) update on Tua's injury investigation and a concerning moment during Tampa v Chiefs involving Cameron Brate


Mike Tomlin picks Kenny Pickett + Broncos injuries pile up

(00:00) Taking a closer look at Jimmy Garoppollo vs Matthew Stafford from last nights game (23:00) Broncos injury updates on Javonte Williams, Randy Gregory and Russell Wilson (45:00) Kenny Pickett takes over as QB1 in Pittsburgh


Mahomes Magic

-Mahomes leads Chiefs to magical win -Ravens dont take the points and pay for it -Josh Allen leads Bills to a big comback -Analytics Conversation


Update on Tua + Pickett gets Picked

- Green Bay wins in OT -Jets comeback win -Its Pickett Time! -Double Doink -Philly on a role -NYG Deal with QB injuries -Update on the Tua Situation


NFL Week 4 preview + Bucs to play in Tampa

(00:00) Week 4 Preview: Bucs to play in Tampa in wake of Hurricane Ian + Josh Allen to faceoff against Lamar Jackson (27:00) How will Doug Pederson be received on his return to Philly? (35:00) PFT Live Week 4 Show Me Something Draft


Dolphins Bengals recap + Tua's injury

(00:00) Discussing the graphic injury to Tua Tagovailoa and how it could and should have been prevented (42:45) Recapping the Bengals vs Dolphins and where each team goes from here


Week 4 NFL Picks: "Best bets! (oh god)"

(2:20) TNF: Dolphins at Bengals (6:20) LONDON: Vikings vs Saints (10:50) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Falcons (15:20) Bills at Ravens (18:00) Commanders at Cowboys (20:20) Seahawks at Lions (22:40) Chargers at Texans (26:10) Titans at Colts (29:45) Bears at Giants (32:50) Jaguars at Eagles (36:20) Jets at Steelers (39:30) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Cardinals at Panthers (42:40) Patriots at Packers (44:50) Broncos at Raiders (47:40) SNF: Chiefs at Buccaneers (50:30) MNF: Rams at...


Dolphins vs Bengals preview + Brady vs Mahomes in primetime

(00:00) Dolphins vs Bengals: will Bengals o-line hold up and will Tua's health be an issue on a short week? (36:00) Previewing round 6 of Mahomes vs Brady as Bucs face Chiefs on SNF


Zach Wilson back in action + Lamar Jackson vs Josh Allen

(00:00) Belichick says Mac Jones is 'day by day' + Zach Wilson medically cleared to start on Sunday (18:00) How will Doug Pederson be received in Philly returning as the opposing head coach? (32:00) Week 4 Preview: Josh Allen to faceoff against Lamar Jackson (42:00) PFT Live Draft: Week 4 matchups you're excited to see


Tua wants to play Thursday despite injury concerns

(00:00) Tua confident he will play on short week against Bengals despite back injury (18:00) Mike McDaniel weighs in on Tua's ability to play TNF (25:00) Mike Tomlin sees improvement in Mitchell Trubisky as starting QB


Week 4 Power Rankings + Breaking down Bills, Chiefs losses

(00:00) Breaking down the Bills and Chiefs losses and identifying key plays that changed the game (22:50) Upon Further Review: analyzing calls and decisions from week 3 that need further explanation (36:00) PFT Week 3 Power Rankings (45:00) Updates on Dak Prescott and Myles Garrett injury status


Cowboys vs Giants recap

(00:00) Breaking down the Cowboys victory over the Giants (15:00) Was CeeDee Lamb's up and down redeemed by a late TD? (28:00) Examining how the Cowboys defense kept Daniel Jones busy in and out of the pocket


Injury updates on Mac Jones, Myles Garrett and more

(00:00) Mac Jones and Myles Garrett injury updates (16:00) Does Devante Adams regret signing with the Raiders? (40:00) Charger injury updates: Joey Bosa week to week (46:00) Todd Bowles asks NFL to explain issue with delay of game clock at end of Bucs v Packers


NFL Sunday Week 3 + Two GOATs battle it Out

00:00 Ravens def Falcons 37-26 08:41 Packers def Bucs 14-12 21:40 SNF Recap 30:43 Week 3 Superlatives 39:07 Titans def Raiders 24-22 42:57 Bengals def Jets 27-12 45:12 Week 3 Sunday Statement


How did Tua Tagovailoa Return + Upsets in Miami and Indy

00:00 Dolphins deft Bills 21-19 13:53 NFLPA wants an investigation of the decision to allow Tua Tagovailoa to return to action after an apparent head injury. 36:47 Colts deft Bills 20-17


Steelers vs Browns recap + Tom Brady faces off against Aaron Rodgers

(00:00) Breaking down how the Browns bested the Steelers at home on TNF (27:00) Mike Tomlin dismisses any notion of QB change but when will it become necessary? (45:00) Previewing Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers and Tua vs Josh Allen


NFL Week 3 Preview + Jerry Jones wants QB drama

(00:00) Previewing week 3 matchups and which teams have to prove themselves or step up (23:00) Jerry Jones welcomes a QB controversy after Cooper Rush solid performance (33:00) PFT Live Draft: week 3 show me something: which teams or players need a big game?


Week 3 NFL Picks: "First instinct! First instinct!"

(2:15) TNF: Steelers at Browns (7:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Saints at Panthers (11:15) Texans at Bears (13:40) Chiefs at Colts (17:00) Bills at Dolphins (20:30) Lions at Vikings (24:00) Ravens at Patriots (26:40) Bengals at Jets (28:45) Raiders at Titans (31:25) Eagles at Commanders (34:25) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jaguars at Chargers (37:10) Rams at Cardinals (40:00) Falcons at Seahawks (42:20) Packers at Buccaneers (46:00) SNF: 49ers at Broncos (50:30) MNF: Cowboys at...