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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.




NFL Week 14 Picks: "It's not like I look like a hobo!"

(4:20) TNF: Raiders at Rams (8:30) Jets at Bills (13:15) Browns at Bengals (15:20) Texans at Cowboys (19:00) Vikings at Lions (23:35) Eagles at Giants (27:45) Ravens at Steelers (30:50) Jaguars at Titans (33:10) Chiefs at Broncos (35:50) Panthers at Seahawks (39:55) Buccaneers at 49ers (48:05) SNF: Dolphins at Chargers (53:10) MNF: Patriots at Cardinals (55:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Raiders vs Rams preview + Von Miller out for season

(00:00) Previewing Raiders vs Rams on TNF and whether the Raiders can keep their win streak alive (15:00) Can the Raiders make a late season miracle run? (35:00) Von Miller now out for the season with torn ACL, how will this impact Buffalo's defense?


Odell Beckham Jr team tour continues + Week 14 matchup previews

(00:00) Nick Sirianni dodging answer for whether or not the team is pursuing OBJ (24:00) What makes the Lions a favorite over the Vikings? And will Zach Wilson get his job back if Mike White struggles vs Bills? (33:00) Previewing week 14 matchups: can Justin Herbert revive the Chargers season against Tua and the Dolphins?


Titans fire GM Jon Robinson + Baker Mayfield claimed by Rams

(00:00) Titans fire GM Jon Robinson but was this a result of AJ Brown's performance on Sunday? (28:00) The Rams claim QB Baker Mayfield off of waivers but will he be ready to go by Thursday? (50:00) Jimmy Garoppolo won't need foot surgery, could return in 7-8 weeks


Cowboys cautious on signing Odell Beckham Jr + PFT Week 14 Power Rankings

(00:00) Jerry Jones wants workout first from OBJ before signing (17:00) Breaking down Donovan Smith's holding calls and non-calls from MNF (33:00) PFT Week 14 Power Rankings


Tom Brady pulls off comeback win vs Saints on MNF

(00:00) Discussing Tom Brady's comeback win vs the Saints on MNF (20:00) Will Tampa turn it around in time to get to the playoffs? (36:00) Can Brady bring the Buccaneers on another playoff run?


Panthers waive Baker Mayfield + Mike White to remain starter for Jets

(00:00) Panthers waiving Baker Mayfield : which QB needy team will claim him? (22:00) Update on Lamar Jackson injury + Robert Saleh sticking with Mike White as starter (38:00) Aaron Rodgers speaks about possibly returning to Packers in 2023 (51:00) OBJ spotted hanging out with Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons and others at NBA game


A.J. Brown gets his revenge + Deshaun Watson struggles in Browns debut

-Vikings def. Jets 27-22 -Eagles def. Titans 35-10 -A.J. Brown gets revenge with 2 TDs vs his former team -Week 13 Superlatives -Cowboys def. Colts 54-19 -Commanders tie Giants 20-20 -Browns def. Texans 27-14 -INJURY UPDATES -MNF: Saints (4-8) at Buccaneers (5-6)


Joe Burrow is 3-0 vs Patrick Mahomes + Jimmy G is Out for the Season

-49ers def. Dolphins 33-17 -Jimmy Garoppolo out for the rest of the season with broken left foot -Dolphins have their 5-game win streak snapped, fall to 8-4 -Bengals def. Chiefs 27-24 -Joe Burrow is now 3-0 vs Patrick Mahomes


Bills run over Patriots on TNF + AFC East playoff outlook

(00:00) Breaking down how the Bills shut down the Patriots (10:00) Mac Jones frustrated with teams lack of offense (25:00) Have the Bills gotten back on track as a Super Bowl contender? (35:00) The impact of Von Miller going to IR


Bengals fired up to face Chiefs + Deshaun Watson's return

(00:00) Bengals players fired up for AFC Championship rematch against Chiefs (28:00) What to expect from Deshaun Watson in first game for Browns (40:00) AJ Brown speaks about facing former team, Tennessee Titans plus other week 13 matchups


NFL Week 13 Picks: "We got a lot of pride on this!"

(4:50) TNF: Bills at Patriots (9:30) Steelers at Falcons (13:30) Broncos at Ravens (18:40) Packers at Bears (20:50) Jaguars at Lions (23:35) Browns at Texans (26:45) Jets at Vikings (30:55) Commanders at Giants (34:30) Titans at Eagles (39:15) Seahawks at Rams (41:00) Chargers at Raiders (43:25) Dolphins at 49ers (46:25) Chiefs at Bengals (51:50) SNF: Colts at Cowboys (53:05) MNF: Saints at Buccaneers (55:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Bills Patriots preview + has Russell Wilson lost the locker room?

(00:00) Previewing Bills vs Patriots on TNF: can Josh Allen get the Bills back on track? (35:00) Has Russell Wilson lost the Denver locker room? (55:00) Patrick Peterson takes shots at Kyler Murray on podcast appearance


Mike McDaniel vs Kyle Shanahan + Aaron Rodgers season outlook

(00:00) How will Mike McDaniel's offense fare against Kyle Shanahan's defense? (16:00) Aaron Rodgers links finishing 2022 to how Packers will look in 2023 (30:00) Week 13 matchup previews


Jeff Saturday regrets Monday + Aaron Rodgers hopeful to play

(00:00) Jeff Saturday wishes he called timeout on final drive vs Steelers (20:00) Nathaniel Hackett frustrated with team's lack of success and comments on Purcell and Wilson's argument (38:00) Von Miller dealing with meniscus injury, Aaron Rodgers 'hopeful' to play on Sunday


PFT Week 13 Power Rankings + MVP Candidates

(00:00) Discussing confidence levels in teams holding onto division leads (17:00) After Further Review: breaking down controversial calls from week 12 (35:00) PFT Week 13 Power Rankings (42:00) Who holds the top spot for MVP candidate?


Kenny Pickett lifts Steelers over Colts on MNF

(00:00) Questioning Jeff Saturday's clock management on potential game winning drive (15:00) Will the Colts continue with Matt Ryan, Jeff Saturday at the helm? (30:00) Kenny Pickett showing more control of Steelers offense


Aaron Rodgers injury status + Jets stick with Mike White

(00:00) Matt LaFleur gives update on Aaron Rodgers status after sustaining rib injury on Sunday (25:00) Robert Saleh says he will stick with Mike White at QB (40:00) John Harbaugh comments on Lamar Jackson's controversial postgame tweet


Eagles run all over the Packers + Mike White takes advantage at QB1

-Eagles def. Packers -Eagles run all over the Packers to improve to 10-1 -Aaron Rodgers left in 3rd quarter with oblique injury -Jets def. Bears 31-10 -Mike White takes advantage of the getting the start -Jets improve to 7-4


Jacoby Brissett channels Tom Brady + Broncos Frustration Boils Over

-Bengals def. Titans 20-16 -Jaguars def. Ravens 28-27 -Week 12 Superlatives -Browns def. Buccaneers 23-17 (OT) -Raiders def. Seahawks 40-36 (OT) -Panthers def. Broncos 23-10 -Odell Beckham Jr. was kicked off a plane from Miami to L.A.