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Mike Florio & Chris Simms discuss the biggest NFL stories with honesty, candor, and authenticity.


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Mike Florio & Chris Simms discuss the biggest NFL stories with honesty, candor, and authenticity.




Trevon Diggs out for season + Whats going on in Chicago? (9/22 Hour 2)

-Trevon Diggs out for season with torn ACL -Tyler Biadasz injured his hamstring at practice Thursday -Panthers not expecting Bryce Young to play vs Seahawks -Who needs to avoid an 0-3 start more, Chargers or Vikings? -Ryan Poles: “No one in the building sees Justin Fields as a finger pointer” -Ryan Poles said he had no details to add on Alan Williams -Broncos (0-2) at Dolphins (2-0) -Draft: Week 3 Show Me Something


49ers improve to 3-0 + Should Trent Williams have been ejected? (9/22 Hour 1)

-Intro -49ers def. Giants 30-12 -Purdy overcomes slow start, burns Giants blitz -Should Trent Williams have been ejected for punch?


NFL Week 3 Picks: "Did I say pot-cast?"

(4:30) TNF: Giants at 49ers (9:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Colts at Ravens (11:55) Titans at Browns (16:00) Falcons at Lions (19:25) Saints at Packers (22:25) Texans at Jaguars (24:40) Broncos at Dolphins (28:10) Chargers at Vikings (31:25) Patriots at Jets (33:55) Bills at Commanders (37:45) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Panthers at Seahawks (41:40) Cowboys at Cardinals (44:05) Bears at Chiefs (46:30) SNF: Steelers at Raiders (50:15) MNF: Eagles at Buccaneers (52:25) Rams at Bengals (55:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick


Justin Fields makes "Dangerous Comments" + Vikings acquire RB Cam Akers (9/21 Hour 2)

00:00 Justin Fields says he is playing “robotic” and thinking too much due to “coaching” 12:45 Justin Fields: “I’m not blaming anything on the coaches” 30:45 Browns re-sign RB Kareem Hunt 33:00 Vikings acquire RB Cam Akers from Rams for swap of 2026 Draft picks 39:00 DraftKings TNF Props 52:00 Draft: Week 3 Matchups


Thursday Night Preview + What are Simms and Florios Mob Names? (9/21 Hour 1)

- Intro -TNF: Giants (1-1) at 49ers (2-0) - NYG injuries - SF injuries


Steelers fans blame Canada + Jerry Jones on Deion Sanders (9/20 Hour 2)

(00:00) Steelers fans blame Matt Canada for lack of offense (20:00) Jerry Jones comments on Deion Sanders coaching in NFL (40:00) PFT's Week 3 Power Rankings


Browns exploring Nick Chubb replacements + could Saquon Barkley play Thursday? (9/20 Hour 1)

(00:00) Browns exploring Nick Chubb replacements (30:00) Brian Daboll says Saquon Barkley could play Thursday


Saints def. Panthers + What NFL Team Should be Panicking (9/19 Hour 2)

-Saints def. Panthers 20-17 -Derek Carr & Saints offense overcomes shaky 1st half -On a Scale of 1-10: Panic Meter -Sean Payton: We have to reduce verbiage in our play calls -Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes work out a new deal -Draft: Week 2 Sunday/Monday Statement


Steelers Defense Dominates MNF + Deshaun Watson’s struggles continue (9/19 Hour 1)

-Intro -Steelers def. Browns 26-22 -Nick Chubb carted off with knee injury in 2nd quarter -Deshaun Watson’s struggles continue -Minkah Fitzpatrick was taken to hospital with chest injury


Josh Allen bounces back vs Raiders + Chris Jones big return (9/18 Hour 2)

(00:00) Chiefs Chris Jones big factor in return to action vs Jaguars (12:00) Josh Allen bounces back vs Raiders + Mike Evans huge game vs CHI (25:00) Bengals fall to 0-2, Joe Burrow reaggravated calf injury. (35:00) Taking a look at Seattle's comeback win vs Detroit Lions and more


Dolphins hold off Patriots + Micah Parsons wrecks Jets (9/18 Hour 1)

(00:00) Dolphins hold off Patriots on SNF, (20:00) How did Tua/McDaniels get the better of Bill Belichick? (40:00) Dallas Cowboys defense dominates vs Jets


Aaron Rodgers “on the road to recovery” + Sunday Preview (9/15 Hour 2)

00:00 Aaron Rodgers “on the road to recovery” after surgery 05:30 Jets (1-0) vs Cowboys (1-0) 16:30 Chiefs (0-1) at Jaguars (1-0) 27:30 SNF: Dolphins (1-0) at Patriots (0-1) 34:30 Draft: Week 2 Show Me Something


Eagles defeat Vikings + Minnesota plagued by turnovers (9/15 Hour 1)

00:00 Intro 2:30 TNF: Eagles def. Vikings 34-28 14:45 Eagles run all over the Vikings, rushed for 259 yards 32:00 Vikings plagued by turnovers again


NFL Week 2 Picks: "Stop torturing yourself"

(3:40) TNF: Vikings at Eagles (8:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Packers at Falcons (12:35) Raiders at Bills (17:10) Ravens at Bengals (21:30) Seahawks at Lions (24:30) Colts at Texans (26:55) Chiefs at Jaguars (30:35) Bears at Buccaneers (33:40) Chargers at Titans (36:20) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Giants at Cardinals (39:20) 49ers at Rams (42:10) Jets at Cowboys (45:35) Commanders at Broncos (47:40) SNF: Dolphins at Patriots (50:00) MNF: Saints at Panthers (52:30) Browns at Steelers (56:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick


Chris Jones is “super pleased” with outcome of holdout + New NFLPA calls for all grass fields (9/14 Hour 2)

00:00 Chiefs DT Chris Jones says he’s “super pleased” with outcome of holdout 24:30 What’s More Likely? 39:00 New NFLPA Executive Director Lloyd Howell calls for all grass fields 43:00 Commissioner Roger Goodell claims players have “mixed opinions” on grass vs turf fields 47:30 Draft: Week 2 Matchups


Aaron Rodgers will "rise again" + TNF Preview (9/14 Hour 1)

00:00 Intro 10:25 Aaron Rodgers: “The night is darkest before the dawn. And I shall rise yet again.” 13:30 Robert Saleh on Aaron Rodgers’ future: “I would be shocked if this is the way he’s going to go out” 21:30 TNF: Vikings (0-1) at Eagles (1-0)


Vikings want Kirk Cousins to stay aggressive + PFT Week 2 Power Rankings (9/13 Hour 2)

(00:00) Vikings want Kirk Cousins to stay aggressive (15:00) PFT Week 2 Power Rankings (45:00) Jim Trotter lawsuit vs NFL


Robert Saleh speaks on Rodgers Achilles injury, team outlook (9/13 Hour 1)

(00:00) Robert Saleh holds press conference, speaks on Rodgers confirmed torn Achilles (20:00) Robert Saleh says he believes in Zach WIlson (40:00) Saleh on if turf caused Rodgers injury


Next steps for the Jets + Chris Jones returns to Chiefs (9/12 Hour 2)

(00:00) Jets OT win overshadowed by Aaron Rodgers injury (25:00) How will Jets O-line fair against Dallas D-line this week? (40:00) Chris Jones returns to Chiefs on new deal (46:00) more reactions to the Aaron Rodgers injury


Aaron Rodgers suffers early injury vs Bills (9/12 Hour 1)

(00:00) Aaron Rodgers suffered Achilles injury vs Bills (20:00) Who will the sign/trade for as a backup and what will the Jets season look like?