Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.

Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.


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Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.






#144: The Art of Subversion

Subversion happens when the values and principles of the system in place are reversed in an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and social norms. America has been experiencing this form of insanity for the better part of a decade now, with the last 18 months really moving things along at an accelerated pace. From defunding the police, to vastly altering the education system, to allowing the politically connected medical...


#143: The Nightmare at Neerkol | Ian Webster

Former professional rugby player and Golden Gloves boxer, Ian Webster, has found himself on a self-imposed mission to expose the crimes committed by those in positions of power against the weakest members of society, orphans, and abused children. The story of “The Nightmare at Neerkol” has been intentionally hidden away by the media, the Australian government, the Catholic Church, and their connected institutions. What was done to the children was never supposed to see the light of day,...


#142: The Coming Transhumanism Agenda

The World Economic Forum is pushing ahead with its plans for the “4th Industrial Revolution” and they describe this as blurring the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres. The Predator Class have always had fantasies of doing away with the “undesirables” that are taking up too much space on their planet, but these days the ability to actually make something like that happen has never been more accessible. Will the people allow these psychopaths to dictate the course...


#141: Royal Family Secrets & Hollywood Suicides | Frantic Missy

One of the members of the hardcore research team the Ruins, Frantic Missy, stops by to explain the details of some of the more interesting tabloid topics over the years. Rumors have surrounded the Royal Family for decades about their close ties to some of the worst people on the planet like Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein, but this isn’t just some wild speculation, there is much truth to it. What about the mysterious deaths of celebrities that were said to have hanged themselves...


#140: Free Speech Isn’t Free

The most important press freedom case of our generation is currently happening with almost zero coverage from the bought-off mainstream media and their counterparts around the world. Julian Assange is currently in solitary confinement inside Belmarsh Prison in the UK for having the audacity to expose some of the numerous and neverending war crimes committed by the United States government and their partners in terror. As the Biden administration begins the process of labeling those...


#139: Detoxify Your Body | Tim James

The owner of Chemical Free Body, Tim James, is back again and stops by to give us actionable tips on how to detoxify ourselves from the chemical soup that we live in in order to improve our quality of life. You can participate in Tim’s “Total Energy & Detox Bundle” to take your health and fitness to the next level in just five minutes per day, just as the host did, through the link below. Sponsors: Emergency Preparedness Food: Chemical Free Body:...


#138: Education Is A Weapon

Joseph Stalin once said that “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed”. These days it would be entirely reasonable to confuse the lunatics running the education system with Joseph Stalin himself. What passes for education in 2021 is a far cry from actual learning and discovery, and it is packed with bizarre agendas pushing transsexualism, wokeness, racial segregation, and Communism. Is college even worth it anymore? Why would...


#137: Surviving In Our Toxic World | Matt Landman

The director of “Frankenskies” stops by to explain what we are up against when it comes to the invisible world of EMF radiation, chemtrails, and other forms of pollution. Matt lays out the ways in which we are being impacted by the technology that we have come to be dependent on, as well as a few strategies for how to disconnect from the dangers of the frequencies. Through his company Spero Protection Clothing, Matt has created a line of clothes that help to protect people from the...


#136: Everyone Is A Domestic Terrorist Now

If people thought that having a nosey neighbor that called the cops whenever the music got a little loud or the party went on a little late was annoying, they are really going to hate having that same neighbor enabled by the police to spy on their activities and report back to Gestapo Headquarters. These days, everyone is considered to be a Nazi, except those that are actually doing Nazi things like ratting out their neighbors for having too many cars in the driveway on Thanksgiving...


#135: Where To Go When Things Get Bad | Michael Cobb

The late Terence Mckenna said “If you don’t have a plan then you become part of someone else’s plan”, and these days everyone should have some sort of a plan, just in case. Michael Cobb has been developing real estate in Central America for nearly two decades, and his projects are not only attracting people that are looking to buy a beautiful vacation home but also to escape the insanity that is happening back in their home country. Whether you are thinking about making the move to...


#134: To The Stars Calamity

Disclosure would be fantastic, provided that it was not coming from the Mainstream Media and an organization with over 100 years of CIA experience. It is kind of hard to take anything these people say seriously with their reputations for lying compulsively for decades. But what if there was some truth to what they were talking about, and how would we go about telling the difference? What do we want disclosure to look like, and who would we trust to give it to us straight? Where this...


#133: Authoritarians Love Pandemics | Liberty Lockdown

Clint from Liberty Lockdown stops by to explain the ways in which tyrannical governments exploit situations in order to accumulate additional power while reducing the rights of the public. What did we learn about ourselves after going through a suspension of laws and the forced shut down of society? Are we being conditioned to accept this behavior as normal? Is it possible to ever go back to the way things were back in 2019? One thing is for certain, if the people give the government...


#132: Where We Are Heading

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see where things are heading in the world these days. The World Economic Forum has announced that they are running yet another simulation during July, this time to simulate a cyber attack. Obviously, we should be expecting an actual cyber attack to be not too far behind. Inflation of the money supply has been happening forever, but in the past two years the amount of US Dollars in existence has grown by 40%, and if Biden has his way that number will...


#131: The Biggest Scam In History | Etienne de la Boetie

Government wasn’t designed to protect life, liberty, and property. It is a system, a technique used by inter-generational organized crime to rob and control society. The only reason anyone believes it is legitimate, desirable, or necessary is that they have been indoctrinated into the belief system from birth through mandatory government schools and a propaganda system of five monopoly media companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give the illusion of choice and diversity of...


#130: How To Manufacture A Pandemic

The first step towards manufacturing a pandemic is to seize control of the message. The mainstream media are co-conspirators in this whole operation and if it wasn’t for them nobody would be operating at a heightened sense of fear. The next thing that must be done is to secure the medical consensus and that was taken care of by Dr. Fauci in the years preceding the start of the operation. It is important to remember that everything that we saw in 2020 was planned, organized,...


#129: Broadcasting From Ground Zero Of The Controlled Demolition | Patrick Smith

The voice of the new audiobook for The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, Patrick Smith, stops by to detail how he came to take on this project and what it did to change his view of the world. The host of the Anarchast & Disenthrall, Patrick is a broadcaster that has plenty to say about the anarchy community and what we can do to fight the State by building better systems. Can decentralization be the key to breaking away from the central planning hell that has been built up...


#128: Our Digital Enslavement

We are quickly sliding into a dystopian nightmare scenario fueled by our addiction to technology. The group that is plotting the way that the world will work in the future has big plans for us, but it isn’t a pretty picture. As we seek to predict where things are going, some of the ideas come from existing industries that are changing in order to incorporate technology into their business models. The development of HARPA will alter the way we deal with healthcare, as the new internet is...


#127: The American Empire Strikes Back | Konspiracy Kyle

The host of the new podcast “A Conspiracy in the Force”, Konspiracy Kyle, stops by to explain the amazing similarities between how the Star Wars films mimic real-life politics, propaganda, wars, religion, and storylines. Comparisons between the American Empire and the Galactic Empire are obvious and many, as we get glimpses of how the Senate in the movies seems to act much like the current batch of villains in Washington D.C. There are many spiritual storylines connected to the role of...


#126: The Divided States of America

In the United States, we really aren’t as “united” as we might like to think that we are. Each state is subject to federal laws, but they also have a bit of flexibility when it comes to setting some of the laws that govern their territory. From state taxes to marijuana legalization, to gay marriage, each state has the flexibility to make adjustments to some of the rights that people have within their geographic location. In 2020 we saw just how important it was to live in a state-run by...


#125: Medical Martial Law & The Pivot To Asia | James Corbett

The host of the wildly popular Corbett Report, James Corbett, is back to discuss where we left off a little over a year ago when the plandemic was just kicking off, and to see if our predictions were correct. Now more than a year into the largest psychological operation in our history, James explains how the Predator Class is able to run these elaborate operations with almost total impunity while hiding in plain sight. Which is the bigger threat to the world: the destruction caused...