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The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.






6/8/23 4PM: Screwed!

We as a city asked for one and we got one and what is the end result? The city is being screwed.


6/8/23 5PM: Wear Your Seatbelts!

If you want to live longer, wear your seatbelt. Please and thank you. & Do people in Wisconsin need to be worried about the Canadian smoke? Meteorologist Brendan Johnson from TMJ4 joins Dr. Ken.


6/7/23 5PM: That's Not a Solution

Reckless driving and abiding the law do not go hand in hand. Callers weigh in on how to prevent it and also share their thoughts on a potential toll way system to generate revenue.


6/6/23 4PM: You Tell Me

Who is the greatest black man in America? Who comes to mind for you? Dr. Ken opens the question to the Truth Nation. Many answers are what you expect and some... not so much!


6/6/23 5PM: The AI and Tech Gurus

Dr. Ken is joined by Ted Jordan M.S. Senior Cybersecurity Trainer, and Certified Ethical Hacker and Robert S. Wahl Associate Professor of Computer Science. Together they discuss the growing presence of AI, threats in cybersecurity and how to evolve with ever-changing technology.


6/5/23 Can You Say Hypocrite?

Dr. Ken continues the conversation on how our city leaders will fix this debt decision. Who will lead our local government to make a decision.


6/5/23 5PM: We Need Some Happier News

Dr. Ken's top 5 at 5: - Researchers have uncovered a mysterious extinct species that documented their existence with cave drawings and buried dead. This might be helpful as we continue to study human evolution. - Milwaukee police department investigates a deadly shooting of 55-year-old man found dead in his dining room. The police are still searching for suspects. - A article about the nation's current educational "history war" stated k-12 educators are scared of what they can and cannot teach their students. As state laws evolve there has been more concern on what is put in the curriculum. - Two people were injured in a rollover car accident after a red light was run this weekend in Milwaukee. - A 17-year-old boy was found dead in a car today that was towed to a Milwaukee tow lot. The vehicle was stolen vehicle and where the driver crashed into a tree last week on Thursday.


6/2/23 5PM: Parkour!

Dr. Ken's Top 5 at 5: - A Milwaukee County Sheriff received injuries after chasing after a stolen car. - The RNC is hosting their first presidential debate in Milwaukee on Aug 23rd with another to be held the next day. - US Representative Pocan and Evers have been trying to find any missed covid relief spending before they make decisions on the debt ceiling bill. - A Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office deputy crashed a car into a home after a pursuit. The suspect is still on the run. - A former Milwaukee County Sheriff's correctional officer was charged for sexual assaulting an inmate. He faces up to 23 years in prison and up to $60,000 in fines.


6/2/23 4PM: Character

From lawn care, and summer projects, to sing and the history of rap and hip hop we talk about it all in this first hour of the show of Truth In The Afternoon With Dr. Ken.


6/1/23 4PM: Lets Go All The Way

Should we have separate social media platforms? Dr. Ken discusses whether we should all have our own social media platforms. He also discusses if that goes beyond social media. Do black Milwaukeeans need to form our own city, village or town?


6/1/23 5PM: Is Beyonce an Icon?

A recent article quoted Dionne Warwick stating who she believes is an icon in music and Beyonce was not on that list. Dr. Ken poses the question and explores what make an icon.


5/31/23 4PM: When Fear Switched Sides

A vigilante group has killed at least 160 gang members involved with kidnappings. Which brought an end to these crimes in only a month. Kidnappings and gang related shootings... Is this something Milwaukee should do to deter crime? Dr. Ken explores this question.


5/31/23 5PM: Should Wisconsin Reinstate The Death Penalty?

Dr. Ken's Top 5 at 5: - A major fire broke out at a Milwaukee recycling plant near Potawatomi hotel & Casino. - An amber alert for a 1-year-old was issued and canceled. She was missing for the majority of the day. - The city of Milwaukee is one signature away from deciding on where Milwaukee food trucks can be parked. Currently most must be 50 ft away from any nearing restaurant. - A 34-year-old man was arrested for stealing a Shorewood Police squad car. He also stole a squad car in December of 2022. - There has been a resolution to the debt ceiling issue.


5/30/23 4PM: I'm Open

Major companies like Target and Kohl's are under fire for advertising and selling LGBTQIA+ clothing for Pride aimed towards younger adolescents. The clothing that they are selling supports organizations who encourage children to transition without the parents' consent. Dr. Ken shares his thoughts.


5/30/23 5PM: These Families Need To Be Held Accountable

Dr. Ken talks about parents and families holding their children and our youths accountable when it comes to crime and child rearing. Top 5 at 5: - Florida police are looking for 3 suspects who they believe are the gunman who opened fire on a public boardwalk. - A 1-year-old foster child died after being left in the car for 9 hours. the recorded temp inside the car was 110 degrees. - A recent poll shows that most adults think that college should consider race in admissions. Nine states have already banned affirmative action in regard to applying to college. - A bear was found spotted in a New Berlin neighborhood. - A Brady Street regular was injured over the holiday weekend in a hit and run. Milwaukee Police have found the vehicle and are asking for help find the suspect.


5/26/23 4PM: The Anniversary of George Floyd's Murder



5/26/23 5PM: Master Lock Closes

Bailey Coleman is today's guest host filling in for Dr. Ken who is out on assignment. Master lock is shutting down its location here in Milwaukee. This plant has employed up to 1,000 at one time. Now the company will be moving to a new location in the US. Bailey shares how this news will affect Milwaukee.


5/25/23 4PM: Truth Roundtable: Being A Young Professional

Dr. Ken is joined by Nolita Franz, Founder of Beautifully Blended and LaNelle Ramey, Mentor MKE to discuss being a young professional, navigating career paths and dealing with imposter syndrome.


5/25/23 5PM: Truth Roundtable: What Is Justice?

The roundtable talks justice and how to see it through with the youths in Milwaukee. They also chat about Milwaukee's budget issues and what's instore for the future. Dr. Ken's May roundtable with Nolita Franz, Founder of Beautifully Blended and LaNelle Ramey, Mentor MKE.


5/24/23 4PM: Who Died and Made You Black

Joy Behar from "The View" has some choice words about black politicians not understanding racism in America. Dr. Ken also talks about the national deficit and Milwaukee budget.