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Latino Free Thinking Independent Media – Serving Up Critical Insights on Today’s News. We report Tremendo Bullships. Sometimes we dance.


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Latino Free Thinking Independent Media – Serving Up Critical Insights on Today’s News. We report Tremendo Bullships. Sometimes we dance.




Why The Covid Vaccine Rollout and Mandates Must End Now! Senator Ron Johnson Leads Roundtable of Experts in DC

On Dec 7th, 2022, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson lead a roundtable discussion, COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries, to shed light on the current state of knowledge surrounding the vaccine and the path forward. Medical experts and doctors who specialize in COVID-19 vaccine research and treatment will join Sen. Johnson at the roundtable. Watch it on via our Cafecito Break...


Gov Hochul’s Quarantine Camp Regulation Defeated by Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox joins Kev and RA live. The Lawsuit… Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox, of Cox Lawyers, PLLC, filed the lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court the beginning of April. The case is all about separation of powers between the Executive branch of government (the Governor and DOH) vs the Legislative branch of government (our State Senators and Assembly Members). This “regulation” is really a law that the Governor and DOH are illegally forcing on the people. Only the Legislative...


Learning To Navigate Relationships with The Source Cards : RA chats with Alex and Viki

We have all been dealt a different set of cards in this game called life. Tune in and listen to a conversation with Spiritual Teachers Alexander Dunlop and Viki Scudiery about a tool we can use today to give you an insight of yourself and relating / understanding others. The Deck of Cards is a sacred toolkit to help you build your best life.


Cafecito Break with Kahshanna Evans epW6-052522

We had a great conversation about community, authenticity, mental health, grief, women building together, empathy y mas. Listen in to a sistarly chat with Kahshanna Evans of Kissing Lions Public Relations learn more: Thank you for tuning in.


Cafecito Break Live with Laurelle Rethke, Author of Connecting w/ Crystals epW3-050422

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We Are All In This Together – Cafecito Break chats w/ Kevin – New York Freedom Rally epM6-052322

Thank you for tuning in. Learn mas: New York Freedom Rally 21st Century Abolitionists WAKE UP NEW YORK! #EndALLMandates🗽 Make this go to #1: Buy DVS 7.0 on itunes now Learn mas about Cafecito Break: edited version


Cafecito Break with Alexander Dunlop of The Source Cards .Com epW5 051822

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Cafecito Break Live w/ Kozi @ Koziswellness Health Freedom Activist

Thank you for tuning in. Learn mas about Kozi


“You Hurt Our Kids!” Naomi Wolf at Defeat The Mandates

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Censored, Shadowbanned, Deplatformed Free Thinking Latina Women in Media

It's March. We are Latinas. We are Women. And we are censored, canceled, shadowbanned for asking questions and presenting information that corporate media does not support. Happy Birthday Cafecito Break! Thank you for tuning in.


FJB – Freedom Lovers Message To Biden in NYC

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People Want Freedom. Cafecito Break Stands with the Canadians! End All Mandates Now

We are all Canadians now. Wepa! Thank you for tuning in. Please share. support, and subscribe to our independent channel. -Cafecito Break


These Mandates Are Hurting Us

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Covid Segregation Happening Now in NYC and Around The World

These mandates are hurting us.


The Man Who Published Epstein’s Black Book – Nick Bryant

On Day 3 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, RA of Cafecito Break had the opportunity to interview Nick Bryant, (on the streets of NYC) Author of The Franklin Scandal & Advocate at "Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls for 25 years, and he’s the most prolific American child trafficker ever acknowledged by law enforcement. The media has sanitized the Epstein trafficking network by ostensibly determining that the youngest Epstein victims were 14 years old, even though...


Testing Testing, False Positives, Humans Were Not Created To Stay Home

Happy 2022. Cafecito Break is back. Thank you for tuning in.


Urgent Uncomfortable Insights with RA

It's been a few months since we have shared a podcast. We miss you. It is our intention to start sharing weekly podcasts again soon. Thank you for all of the years you have been by our side. Listen in on a very important update from RA of Cafecito Break who chats about The New York Freedom Rally's, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, the way they are taking advantage of us, protecting the children, political correctness and more....


Things Are Not Okay In Our Hood

Ruthie and RA share their insights about what they are seeing on a local level and some of it is just not ok. Thank you for listening.


Be Light, Be You, Be Free… Discern

Tune in and listen to the latest Monday Mornings Podcast with Ruthie and RA Recorded 6/14/21


Making Contact – Preparing for Extraterrestrial Existence with Alan Steinfeld

Rosangel Perez interviews host of New Realities about this new book Making Contact. Be sure to order your copy! Great read! via Amazon: