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Achieve peak performance in everyday life. Learn mindset, diet, supplement and fitness regimens from the brightest minds and strongest athletes in the world.

Achieve peak performance in everyday life. Learn mindset, diet, supplement and fitness regimens from the brightest minds and strongest athletes in the world.


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Achieve peak performance in everyday life. Learn mindset, diet, supplement and fitness regimens from the brightest minds and strongest athletes in the world.








#195 Aaron Alexander

Few conversations stimulate me in life like when I get to sit down with my soul brother Aaron Alexander. As always it's an excellent back and forth with an inevitable playful undertone. Being in the glory of Costa Rica with Fit For Service just added to the juice. Just a few topics we touch on: being at home in your body, feminine and masculine balances, and Cuck Questions. Be sure to head over to his socials and check out his podcast if you haven’t already. Connect with...


#194 Dr David E Martin

The Bowtie is back fam! I don’t know if it’s possible, but round two with Dr David E Martin exceeded my expectations. This encyclopedia of a human dropped delivered a masterclass on tying history to the politics of our world to your personal independence. Listen, love, implement and tell your friends/fam to follow suit. Love y’all Connect with David: Website: Instagram: @docdavidmartin Facebook: David Martin YouTube: David Martin World Show...


#193 Chervin Jafarieh

What beautiful, powerful presence I was fortunate to receive from my brother Chervin in the weekend I spent at his home in Cali. This conversation was the perfect cap to that as well as a beautiful intro into the topic of Luciferian and Ahriman influences in the world today. We will run this back, but please enjoy and reach out to both of us with your thoughts and feelings. As always, please support his endeavors by heading to Cymbiotika’s site(link below) and find out for yourself the...


#192 Jerry "JW" Ross

What an absolute treat it was to get JW on the pod while I was in beautiful sunny California. Jerry(JW) Ross was a young athlete, highly successful oilman, wrestled with rapidly diminishing returns on “bad” drug consumption and was finally called to combine two somewhat under-distributed plant medicines, Kava and Kratom. I very muchso enjoyed hearing his life’s story so no notes for this one, but we do have some discount codes for you to get his incredible products at an even better value....


#191 Solocast: Dark Night of the Soul

Here it is fam, the tale of my “Dark Night of the Soul” as it’s unfolded so far. I hope y’all can glean some value and benefits from this. In this episode I dive briefly into the actual medicine involved, Kambo as a cleanser leading into my first initiation dose of Bufo(5Meo DMT). The resources that have helped me integrate this experience are linked below, sorry you can’t have Paul Chek’s number though. As I said in the intro, my website is getting a full remodel so please reach out via...


#190 Chris Bell

Chris Bell is back friends! We have been down the rabbit hole one physical optimization in previous conversations. In this one we dive into what’s alive in Chris right now, psychedelics. I absolutely loved it and you can hear/enjoy the enthusiasm in Chris’s new found perspective. Enjoy the episode and please if you’re called share with friends and family to spread the good word! Love fam Connect with Chris: Instagram: @bigstrongfast Twitter:...


#189 Dr. Nick Berry

Dr Nick Berry is an (al)chemist! Truly, he has such a gift for understanding the plants used in his oils. We get into a deep dive about his intuitive use of blends and how you can mix and match yourself. He also gives a bit of the science behind their processes of extraction which brings the most to the finished product. While not a sponsor, he did grace us with a discount code below so go check them out! Connect with Essential Oil Wizardry: Website: Discount...


#188 Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart is a true inspiration as a creative and a brother. He has played Lollapalooza in a band, produced multiple incredible programs including “Psychedelica” on Gaia. He’s the host of the podcast “Walking Infinity News” where he gets to bring the world his view of it and the topics that resonate with him. Enjoy fam! Connect with Ben: Website: Instagram: @benjosephstewat Twitter: @BenJosephStew Facebook: Ben Joseph Stewart YouTube: Ben Joseph...


#187 Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski is finally here folks! Ben is an incredibly grounded and amazing brother. We got to discuss everything from our similar trajectories in moving from competitive athletics to being a present parent/partner, and of course... psychedelics. Much love fam, enjoy. Connect with Ben: Website: Instagram: @bpakfitness Twitter: @BPakFitness Facebook: Ben Pakulski YouTube: Ben Pakulski - Muscle Intelligence Show Notes: Jamie Wheal on Pitfalls of...


#186 Drew Canole

A dear friend and warrior, Drew Canole, joins me on the podcast this week. His true authenticity is apparent as he talks emerging from his darkest nights of the soul to the true beauty that he was able to manifest in the form of Organifi as well as the culture that he embodies. Give it a listen and please, if you’re called to, hit subscribe/follow as well as leave a review with how the show has impacted you. Thanks as always fam. Connect with Drew: Website:...


#185 Dan Cleland

Dan Cleland, founder of Soltara, and dear brother has been around the world on a roller coaster of life. We get to hear his entire story and so much more in this incredible conversation, which is a bit of a continuation of one we shared on his new podcast, Daniel Cleland Podcast. You can find Dan and the culmination of his life’s work, Soltara, at any of the link below as well as reaching out to Soltara’s infrastructure directly via the phone number and email below. Otherwise, just sit back...


#184 Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf is an absolute beast of knowledge on all things science, health and wellness space, as well as a clear and insightful view on the world at large. We dive into carbon cycling, retaining your own sovereignty, his new-ish book “Sacred Cow” he co-wrote with Diana Rodgers, some of the science behind EMF in your daily life, the current healthcare model, and the “stasis” of the world as we know it. Like I said, Robb’s a beast. We worked out an exclusive deal for Kyle Kingsbury Podcast...


#183 Matt Belair

It was a great pleasure to have this conversation with Matt. He has been an elite athlete himself and traveled the world to whiteness all the truly superhuman feats humans have achieved through mastery of self. We dive into that and much more. Grab his new book and check out his coaching at the links below: “Zen Athlete” - book Matt’s Coaching Connect with Matt: Matt’s Website: Podcast: YouTube: Show...


#182 Anya Fernald

I finally got to chat with one of my favorites, Anya Fernald of Belcampo Meat Co, and she knocked this one out of the park. We get a little of her origin story, some science behind the benefits of Regenerative Farming, as well as a few tactics for some preparations of many of her great products. Give their IG and YouTube a follow for some great culinary content as well. BONUS Anya gave us all 20% off if you use “kingsbury20” at checkout on Connect with Anya and...


#181 Emily Fletcher

In this conversation with the incredible Emily Fletcher, we dive into the concepts and practices involved in her meditation practices. I recently got done with a crash course in Emily’s ZIVA Meditation when we recorded and can’t recommend it highly enough! There are so many nuggets in here so strap in. She has also blessed us with $100 off of her online course, just follow the link below and share with your friends and family. Oh yeah, we had some fun too. Enjoy fam Connect with...


#180 JP Sears

The divine Magician JP Sears returns to the pod this week to shed light on some of the deeper issues behind what’s going on in the world today. It’s always a great pleasure getting weird with JP and this conversation does not disappoint. Connect with JP: Visit his website: Instagram: @awakenwithjp Parler: @AwakenwithJP Facebook: Twitter: @AwakenWithJP Podcast: Spotify - iTunes YouTube: Show Notes: Mercola...


#179 Joyous Heart

Joyous’ path of following his intuition and that of his tribe through life is an inspiration and example of what listening to our higher calling can truly lead you to achieve. Our conversation covers everything from his latest project, a regenerative community that he lovingly calls HOME(Heaven On Mother Earth) to our perspectives on the current state of the world as well as some tools to shift your perspective and even alchemize it into betterment for the greater good. Enjoy fam! Connect...


#178 Paul Chek

Another great friend and mentor of mine jumped on the podcast with me this week to discuss Subtle Energies and theories around how the things we make manifest come to be and where they may come from. To Be Continued... Connect with Paul: Visit his website: Instagram: @paul.chek Podcast: Living 4D with Paul Chek - iTunes - Spotify Show Notes: Living 4D with Paul Chek ep #97 Ibrahim Karim: BioGeometry: Profound Healing Through Ancient Wisdom and...


#177 Erick Godsey

Long time friend of mine and the show, Erick Godsey, is back with more knowledge than ever. He has recently been diving into trauma and the human psyche, go check out his IG and website for a worthwhile deeper dive on that. In this episode, we get into his main man Carl G. Jung and his life works, The Red Book, as well as his personal journals, The Black Books. Connect with Godsey: Visit his website: Instagram: @erickgodsey Podcast: The Myths That Make Us -...


#176 Dr David E Martin

Dr David E Martin is best described as a futurist, engaging in endeavours ranging from inventions, international business, law, as well as writing two books(below). No matter what humanity may be tangled in he has always had his vision for its highest and best in mind. Check out his newest book “Lizards Eat Butterflies” - Amazon Also pick up “Coup d’Twelve” - Amazon Connect with Dr David: Visit his website: Instagram: @docdavidmartin YouTube: David Martin...