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Pain & injury are part of our life experience. With more than 22 years as a Canadian sports injury and chronic pain physiotherapist, Grant Fedoruk shares his unique observations on pain, injury, business and life. He combines humour and laughs with interviews of his colleagues, patients and other experts in the field to learn how and why: Life Shouldn't Hurt.




Pain & injury are part of our life experience. With more than 22 years as a Canadian sports injury and chronic pain physiotherapist, Grant Fedoruk shares his unique observations on pain, injury, business and life. He combines humour and laughs with interviews of his colleagues, patients and other experts in the field to learn how and why: Life Shouldn't Hurt.



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On CRPS with Guest Laurie Johnson

Join us today with Laurie Johnson. Laurie has been dealing with CRPS, also known as complex regional pain syndrome. What began as a simple attempt to break a branch over her knee led to a lifetime of pain. Unfortunately, CRPS is a condition that health professionals still do not fully understand. Laurie shares her experience with CRPS and the limitations it imposes on her daily life. Tune in to hear her story and gain insights into living with this challenging condition.


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On Running with a Total Hip Replacement with Guest Al Tingley

Join us today with Al Tingley as he shares his journey of overcoming a total hip replacement while continuing to run. Al, an avid runner for over 20 years, started with his first marathon in Athens and has now completed over 35 marathons. After experiencing significant hip pain due to osteoarthritis, Al underwent a total hip replacement. His story of resilience and determination shows that it's possible to continue doing what you love, even after major surgery. Tune in to hear Al discuss his experiences, the challenges he faced, and how he returned to running post-surgery.


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On Being a Special Olympian with Guest Leanne Loewen

Join us today as we delve into the inspiring journey of Leanne Loewen, a distinguished Special Olympian with a remarkable record of medal achievements. For over two decades, Leanne has passionately pursued the sport of bowling, showcasing an unwavering dedication to her craft. Currently boasting an impressive average score of 167 in 5-pin bowling, Leanne's commitment to excellence is evident. Through persistent practice and determination, she has amassed a notable collection of medals, symbolizing her outstanding accomplishments on the lanes. Having successfully attained her goal of competing at the Nationals and clinching a Bronze medal, Leanne now sets her sights on the pinnacle of her aspirations: representing her country at Worlds . Join us as we delve into Leanne's captivating journey through the world of bowling and her participation in the Special Olympics, where she continues to strive for excellence and chase her dreams.


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On Poop with Guest Lindsay James and Lindsay Torok-Both

Please join us today as we welcome special guests Lindsay James and Lindsay Torok-Both for an insightful discussion on poop. We will explore what constitutes 'normal' bowel movements in terms of consistency and frequency, as well as the health indicators that poop can provide. Our conversation will also cover various strategies to address incontinence and constipation, including pelvic floor physiotherapy, dietary modifications, and pharmaceutical solutions.


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On Anti-Inflammatory Diets with Expert Guest Raina Beugelink

Today we are joined by Raina Beugelink to delve into the topic of anti-inflammatory diets. Inflammation is a common issue that many people face, manifesting in various forms such as skin conditions, internal organ issues, and joint pain. One of the key factors contributing to inflammation is the consumption of ultra-processed foods. These foods typically contain a high number of undesirable ingredients and should be avoided when focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet. During our discussion, we'll explore the fundamentals of an anti-inflammatory diet, including which foods to avoid and which to incorporate for better health outcomes. By making informed dietary choices, we can manage and reduce inflammation, leading to improved overall health.


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On Multiple Sclerosis with Special Guest Patrycia Rzechowka

Join us today as we explore the courageous journey of Patrycia Rzechowka, who shares her personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her symptoms began shortly after graduation, initially manifesting as blurred vision. As she aptly illustrates, MS presents uniquely in each individual, necessitating tailored approaches to symptom management. Patrycia's journey is characterized by a multitude of invisible symptoms, which she diligently addresses through a combination of medication and exercise. Through her advocacy work with the MS Society, Patrycia endeavors to empower others facing similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of self-advocacy and awareness of available options following diagnosis. For a deeper understanding of Patrycia's remarkable journey, viewers are encouraged to explore her two compelling documentaries: "MS'd with the Wrong Girl" and "Fighting Through the Fog."


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On Limitations of Accessibility with Guest Theresa Wills

Please join us today as we hear from Theresa Wills, who has endured the challenges of living with a T12/L1 compression fracture, resulting in paraplegia. Theresa generously shares her experiences, shedding light on the daily obstacles she faces regarding accessibility. These hurdles encompass various aspects of life, including accessible parking, transportation, entrances to buildings, both residential and commercial, bathrooms, event venues, educational institutions, and recreational spaces such as playgrounds. Through Theresa's perspective, we gain insight into oversights that able-bodied individuals may unknowingly make and how we can actively contribute to positive change.


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On Regenerative Medicine with Expert Guest Dr. Nathan Thakur

Join us today on the show as we engage with Dr. Nathan Thakur, a distinguished regenerative medicine physician based in Calgary. Regenerative medicine is a multifaceted discipline that permeates various fields of healthcare, spanning from cardiology and dentistry to sports medicine. At its core, regenerative medicine harnesses the body's innate healing capabilities, often through the administration of of own body cells, with the aim of facilitating self-repair and regeneration. Listen as we explore the transformative potential of regenerative medicine, with a special focus on Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, and discover its remarkable implications for human wellness


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On A Story of Resilience with Special Guest Kelsey Duliba

Join us today as we hear from Kelsey Duliba, who courageously shares her profound journey of navigating the aftermath of a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of her beloved husband and child. On February 9, 2020, just a mere 10 minutes from home, Kelsey and her family were involved in a devastating head-on collision. Kelsey's remarkable ability to maintain control of her mindset is the reason she stands before us today. Her story is one of unwavering resilience as a 24-year-old, navigating the complex terrain of healing, grief, and loss. Kelsey's narrative serves as an inspiration, offering hope to all that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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On Total Knee Replacement Part One with Guest Guy Brindley

Join us today in the company of Guy Brindley as he shares his post-total knee arthroplasty journey. At the 10-day mark post-operation, Guy will delve into the circumstances that led him to require a knee replacement and the comprehensive process of undergoing the surgery. Given that 46% of individuals will undergo a total knee replacement, this discussion provides valuable insights for those navigating similar experiences or supporting someone who is. Tune in to gain a firsthand understanding of the journey. Additionally, stay tuned for future episodes where we continue to follow Guy's recovery throughout the year.


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On A Helicopter Crash with Special Guest Delaney Frame

Join us today as we feature Delaney Frame, who found herself in a helicopter alongside three others, conducting a routine animal pattern survey in January 2022. Their journey took an unexpected turn when they faced a helicopter crash. Miraculously, all four occupants survived, albeit with fractured backs, leading to extended recovery periods. Delaney, in particular, endured not only a fractured back but also a spinal injury. Her journey to recovery has involved up to five days a week of physiotherapy, showcasing her unwavering determination and resilience. The progress she has made reflects the dedication and hard work invested in her rehabilitation, highlighting the remarkable strides she has taken to reach where she is today.


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On Accessibility with Guest patient Theresa Wills

Join us today as Theresa Wills generously shares her personal journey as a paraplegic, shedding light on the intricate challenges of accessibility. Her narrative unfolds from a seemingly ordinary night of tobogganing in Lake Louise, which unexpectedly marked the beginning of her life-changing diagnosis. Theresa reflects on her initial encounter with the hurdles of inaccessibility, emphasizing that it transcends mere inconvenience. Intricately delving into the notion of maintaining a solution-oriented mindset, Theresa elaborates on Canada's ongoing initiative to achieve better accessibility by 2040. However, she emphasizes the substantial distance yet to be covered on this transformative journey.


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On Type 1 Diabetes with Guest Charlie and Ray Davidson

In today's episode, we are privileged to have special guests Charlie and Ray. Charlie, who has been managing Type 1 Diabetes since the third grade, sheds light on the intricacies of this condition, wherein the pancreas fails to produce insulin – a vital hormone that facilitates the entry of blood sugar into cells for energy utilization. Charlie's journey began with symptoms such as excessive thirst, heightened appetite, and fatigue, ultimately leading to a diagnosis. During the discussion, Charlie and Ray candidly share their wealth of experiences related to Type 1 Diabetes, delving into its presentation, the complexities involved, the nuances of managing 'highs and lows,' and addressing the common assumptions associated with this autoimmune disease.


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On Food for Thought with Guest Kristine Kowalchuk

Join us today with our special guest, Kristine Kowalchuk. The inception of Food for Thought traces back to a single newspaper article that resonated deeply with Kristine's parents, shedding light on the alarming issue of children going hungry in schools. From its humble beginnings in a single school, Food for Thought has expanded its reach to multiple schools over the years, ensuring that children have access to a nutritious lunch. Tune in to be part of an organization that is actively making a positive impact on the lives of these children.


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When You Survive a High Speed Head On Collision - with Guest Christine Schneider

Join us today as Christine Schneider recounts her harrowing encounter with a head-on collision on an Alberta highway. Following the incident, she was airlifted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital and categorized as a poly-trauma case. Over the subsequent five months, Christine underwent a challenging recovery journey split between the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Glenrose. It's crucial to understand that discharge from the hospital doesn't signify complete recovery; rather, it marks the beginning of a prolonged and arduous road. Even reacquiring basic skills, such as learning to walk independently, becomes a significant part of the ongoing rehabilitation process.


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On the Pilgrims Hospice with guest Monica Robson

In this episode, we are privileged to engage in a conversation with Monica Robson, shedding light on the Pilgrims Hospice, with a specific focus on the Roozen Family Hospice Centre located in Edmonton. The discussion delves into the diverse range of programs that the center offers and underscores the broader impact of Pilgrims Hospice within the community and among family members. Pilgrims Hospice is dedicated to providing not only essential care and support for patients but also extending its embrace to the community at large. It is a sanctuary where individuals are not merely facing the end of life but are offered an opportunity to savor their remaining days, with the emphasis on living rather than just the finality of life. At Pilgrims Hospice, the goal is to create an environment that genuinely feels like home, ensuring that patients experience their last days in the warm embrace.


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On Strokes with Guest Patient Darren Crichton

In this episode, we are fortunate to engage in a conversation with Darren Crichton, who shares his profound experience of surviving a unique type of stroke that caused damage to his cerebellum. The cerebellum is a vital component in the human brain as it plays a role in motor movement and balance control. During our discussion, we delve into the symptoms he exhibited, his realization of the urgent need for medical attention, the critical medical interventions he underwent, his remarkable journey in managing post-stroke symptoms, and ultimately, how he has not only overcome the challenges but also flourished in his present life.


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On the Zebra Child and Youth Advocacy Centre with Guest Emmy Stuebing

Join us in this episode featuring Emmy Stuebing, the Chief Executive Officer of The Zebra Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, as she discusses the center's vital role in aiding children who have experienced abuse, effectively transforming a negative circumstance into a positive impact. This endeavor involves the dedicated efforts of volunteers, staff, social workers, police officers, and detectives, all collaborating within the center to establish a robust support network.


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On Running and the Alter G with Guest Shawne Flaherty

In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming our special guest, Shawne Flaherty, who will share her inspiring journey of embracing the world of running. Running represents more than just a physical feat in her life; it serves as a profoundly positive outlet for her both mentally and physically. During our conversation, Shawne will candidly discuss some of the challenges she has encountered on her running journey, which at times led to setbacks. Through these trials, she discovered a newfound appreciation for the Alter G Treadmill, a revolutionary rehabilitation tool, which played a pivotal role in her recovery process. Join us as we delve into Shawne's captivating running journey and explore the transformative impact of Alter G training on her life.


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On Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Expert Guest Meaghan Clarke

In this episode, we have the privilege of welcoming Physiotherapist Meaghan Clarke as our special guest. Our primary focus centers on the topic of male pelvic floor dysfunction. These dysfunctions encompass a spectrum of challenges, ranging from incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and pain to post-cancer treatment complications. Throughout the episode, we explore the nuanced ways in which these symptoms manifest and examine the vital role that a pelvic floor physiotherapist plays in addressing and alleviating these concerns. Tune in to gain valuable insights into this crucial aspect of men's health.