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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.

Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.


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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.



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Lady Chatterley’s Obscenity Trial

Thirty years after D.H. Lawrence died, his book "Lady Chatterley's Lover," which had been banned for decades in many countries, was central to a trial in Great Britain over whether the novel was obscenity or whether it had literary merit. Research: Encyclopedia BritannicaSee for privacy information.


Charles Drew & Blood Banks

Dr. Charles Drew was once described as “one of the most constructively active figures in the medical profession.” His work as a key figure in the development of blood banking continues to impact lives today, long after his tragic death. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: P.T. Barnum's Biggest Stars

This 2012 episode from previous hosts Sarah and Deblina covers some of the performers he worked with, including General Tom Thumb. Swedish singer Jenny Lind, and his biggest act, Jumbo the Elephant. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Robert-Houdin's Legacy

Holly and Tracy talk about why Robert-Houdin has been lauded as the father of modern magic. They also discuss dangerous aspects of his work, and the lack of nuance in stories about his Algerian performances. See for privacy information.


Robert-Houdin, The Father of Modern Magic, Part 2

After the 1844 Paris expo, Robert-Houdin turned his efforts to creating his own stage show. He created automata tricks that still delight today, and quickly became a very famous magician. Research: See for privacy information.


Robert-Houdin, The Father of Modern Magic, Part 1

Robert-Houdin was the magician that Houdini named himself after, his story is hard to pin down, because even his own memoir is written to be entertaining, not accurate. Part one covers his early life, marriages, and beginnings in magic. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: P.T. Barnum

This 2012 episode from prior hosts Sarah and Deblina covers P.T. Barnum the circus man, museum entrepreneur, and freak show runner. Barnum attracted people to his American Museum through shrewd advertising, and he wasn't afraid of a hoax. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Mancinis and Tragedy

Tracy and Holly talk about how the Mancini sisters episode shifted focus as Tracy was researching it, and divorce not being an option in France during their lifetimes. They also talk about the inconsistent details of accounts of the Cocoanut Grove fire. See for privacy information.


The Cocoanut Grove Fire

The tragedy at Boston’s Cocoanut Grove in 1942 is still the deadliest nightclub fire in history. The cause of the fire is still unknown; in its wake, advancements were made in fire safety and medical treatments for burn victims. Research: See for privacy information.


Hortense and Marie Mancini

Hortense and Marie Mancini tried to make a place for themselves in 17th-century Europe, defying all kinds of conventions along the way. Their lives were full of adventure and daring, but they were also both stuck in abusive marriages. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

This 2019 episode covers a woman who was the Spanish empire's most widely published poet of her time. Her work has survived until today, but not her own thoughts about much of her life. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Worms, Hikes and Tekahionwake

Tracy and Holly talk about animated shows, camping, and the items that didn't make it into the most recent Unearthed! episode. They then discuss the legacy of Pauline Johnson, and criticisms of her work that perceive it as inauthentic. See for privacy information.


E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake

Emily Pauline Johnson, also known as Tekahionwake, made a career writing poetry and prose and performing it onstage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Research: See for privacy information.


Unearthed! Autumn 2022, Part 2

The second part of our autumn list of things that were unearthed in the recent past includes potpourri, repatriations, shipwrecks, medical finds, Viking items, and books and letters. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Gunpowder Plot

This 2011 episode covers the discriminatory laws English Catholics faced under Queen Elizabeth I and King James I, which led a group of Catholics to attempt regicide. But the plot was discovered days before the event. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Mansions and Coin Hoards

Holly and Tracy talk about the multiple homes called the Redpath Mansion and how that confuses the story in press sometimes. They also discuss the ebb and flow of the kinds of research projects that show up in Unearthed! episodes. See for privacy information.


Unearthed! Autumn 2022, Part 1

Fall is here and so is the latest two-part edition of Unearthed! Part one includes updates, oldest things, books and letters, and a late entry into our Halloween stuff. Research: See for privacy information.


Introducing: OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate

Forget Willy Wonka and those heart-shaped Valentine’s boxes. OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate. is a totally different beast. Join host Rowan Jacobson as he elbows his way through the rain forest, crash lands into cocaine flyaways, and avoids a few too many anaconda, tagging along with modern-day Lara Crofts as they try to get their hands on some of the world’s most ancient– and expensive– cacao. Listen to OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts....


Redpath Murders

On June 13, 1901, Ada Maria Redpath, and her son Jocelyn Clifford were found shot to death in their home. What exactly happened between the two of them is something we will likely never understand. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: History Mystery Double Feature

This 2015 episode features two troubling tales from the 1920s. First, newlyweds that vanished on what would have been a historic boating trip. Second, a family murdered by someone who may have been hiding in their house for weeks or months. See for privacy information.