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A history podcast for the morbidly curious. From serial killers to ghosts, ancient remains to obscure medical conditions, let us satisfy your curiosity. (Some episodes may not be appropriate for children. Listener discretion is advised.)


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A history podcast for the morbidly curious. From serial killers to ghosts, ancient remains to obscure medical conditions, let us satisfy your curiosity. (Some episodes may not be appropriate for children. Listener discretion is advised.)




Highgate Cemetery

Available For One Week Only! Originally published on Patreon on Feb 13, 2023 "Highgate cemetery was one of the first large garden cemeteries built during the industrialization of London. Over the years it's had its ups and downs, from being a sought-after luxury cemetery to an abandoned, overgrown haunt of tramps and adolescents. It was even the scene of a possible vampire sighting. In this episode we discuss the history of Highgate."


Pentridge Prison

CW: Torture, Rape, Execution, Racism, Self-Harm, and Suicide Colonial Australia was used by the British to house prisoners in the late 1800s. Pentridge Prison began as a stockade in 1851 and grew into one of the most infamous prisons in Victoria, both for its size and the brutality of the punishments suffered by its inmates.


Ghost Theory

Have you ever wondered why paranormal investigators use certain devices to detect ghosts? It all has to do with theories about what ghosts are. In this episode, we explore theories about ghosts throughout history. Is there room for the possibility that they exist? Maybe.


The Chivruay Tragedy

Often called the Dyatlov Pass Incident of the 70s, the Chivruay Pass Tragedy has similar elements: 10 students go hiking in the snowy Russian mountains and are later found frozen to death. They also share a cloud of mystery and intrigue that may or may not be true.


Gryla & the Midwinter Monsters of Iceland

For this winter holiday special, Hallie dives into the folklore of Iceland to talk about the terrifying creatures of midwinter. Who are they, what are their origins , and what has become of them in the modern era?


Plants That Bite

In this 4th instalment of the MCP's plants series, we discuss carnivorous plants: their traps, their habitats, and how to care for your own meat-eating plant.


Taxidermy with Audrey Ko of Odd Taxidermy

CW: Processing of dead animals, killing of insects, poaching and killing of bats. In this episode, Hallie talks with Audrey Ko of Odd Taxidermy about how she got her start, the types of taxidermy and the ups and downs of the industry. There is a more chatty version of this episode available on Patreon.



CW: Belief in the supernatural, mental illness, religious doctrine, refute of religious doctrine, ritual abuse, suicide, and religious persecution. For Halloween this year, Hallie dives into the supernatural world to explore the practice of exorcism. From the early mesopotamian demons of the desert to modern day demons, famous exorcists and infamous exorcisms.


The Sinking of the Titanic

CW: Mass accidental death including women and children, mention of suicide. In this epiosde, we discuss the sinking of the HMS Titanic, one of the most devastating maritime tragedies of its age. The construction, the safety features, the voyage, the aftermath and the psychological affects of the sinking are all discussed.


Jack the Ripper, pt. 3

In this final part of episode 100, we explore the histories of the women whose lives were ended in 1888 by the Ripper. Each woman lived a different experience, leading them for better or worse to the East End. While the details are incomplete, and in some cases very sparse, we can at least get an idea of what life was like for the women of Whitechapel.


Jack the Ripper, pt. 1

CW: murder, physcial and sexual violence against women, sex work, detailed descriptions of bodily mutilation. In 1888, a string of brutal murders shocked the residents of London. Just as shocking, the police were unable to find the killer, nicknamed Jack the Ripper. For the 100th epiosde of the Morbid Curiosity Podcast, we present a 3-part episode on Jack the Ripper. In this, part 1, we go over the details of the murders. In part 2, which is for Patrons of the MCP only, we'll discuss the suspects and the thoeries about who the Ripper was. In Part 3, we'll discuss the women who died, and how they might have been connected.


Aokigahara: Suicide Forest

TW: Discussions of suicide Aokigahara, a dense forest in Japan, is the setting for a surprising number of cases of suicide every year. Why Aokigahara? Some people think that it's due to the high rate of suicide in Japan in general, others believe the forest is host to miserable spirits that draw other unhappy people into its depths. In this episode, we discuss Aokigahara and the history of suicide in Japan.


Chimu Child Sacrifice

TW: Ritual violence, Child death The ancient Chimu civilization wasn't known to sacrifice humans, until a mass grave of child sacrifices was unearthed in 2011. In this episode we discuss the Chimu, how to identify human sacrifice in archaeology, and the two mass child grave sites in Huanchaco, Peru. Due to technical issues, the audio quality isn't the best. Our apologies!


Pirate Havens of Madagascar

During the Golden Age of Piracy, many small islands became havens for pirates, places they went to divide and enjoy thier loot. While some of these are legendary, such as the pirate Utopia Libertatia, others were real places. In this episode, Hallie discusses pirate havens, focusing on those in Madagascar. TW: Enslaved peoples, Trade in Enslaved Peoples.


Walking Corpse Syndrome

TW: Self-harm, Suicide Walking Corpse Syndrome is a psychiatric delusion in which you believe you are dead. You may not remember your own name and might try to prove that you're dead in extreme ways. In this episode, we discuss this delusion, possible causes and treatments.


Residential Schools

Canadian residential schools were not regular boarding schools, they were facilities meant to assimilate indigenous peoples into European-based Canadian society. Despite failing in this regard, they caused widespread intergenerational trauma to most people that attended them. TW: Physical/Sexual/Religious Abuse, Racism, Colonialism, Violence, Violence against children.


The Corpse Light by D. Donovan

It's Halloween! Let's celebrate with a creepy ghost story. The MCP presents, 'The Corpse Light,' by D. Donovan, originally published in 1899.


Bitten: Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies

In this episode, we discuss the folklore surrounding the three most popular supernatural creatures: vampires, werewolves and zombies. All three can transmit (or infect) humans with thier condition through a single bite, but what other similarities exists in thier origins and lore, and why are these creatures still popular today? Happy Halloween!


Death in Ancient Egypt pt 3: Tombs

In the final part of this series, we discuss the tombs of ancient Egypt, from plain burials to monumental pyramids. We also talk about how they changed over time and who built these monuments.


Death in Ancient Egypt pt 2: Mummification

How did mummification begin? Were only the pharaohs mummified? Who made mummies? In part 2 of this 3 part series, we answer all these questions and more as we explore the evolution of mummification in ancient Egypt. In the next part of this series, we'll talk about burials, tombs and pyramids.