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From the desk of “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “This Day in History Class” quickly recounts a tidbit from today’s events in history.


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From the desk of “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “This Day in History Class” quickly recounts a tidbit from today’s events in history.




Introducing: In Retrospect with Susie Banikarim and Jessica Bennett

Is there a cultural moment from your past that looks different in retrospect? Maybe it’s a scandalous tabloid story seared into your teenage brain or a political punchline that just feels wrong now. It might be a very specific red swimsuit that inspired a decade of plastic surgery (see: “Baywatch”) or the inescapable smell of an entire generation of prepubescent boys (Axe body spray, anyone?). Each week on IN RETROSPECT, Emmy-winning journalist Susie Banikarim and New York Times editor Jessica Bennett revisit a pop culture moment from the 80s and 90s that shaped them — to try to understand what it taught us about the world, and a woman’s place in it. Listen to IN RETROSPECT with Susie Banikarim and Jessica Bennett on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. See for privacy information.


The first issue of "National Geographic" is published - September 22nd, 1888

On this day in 1888, "National Geographic Magazine" began publication as the official journal of the National Geographic Society. See for privacy information.


Benedict Arnold commits treason - September 21st, 1780

On this day in 1780, American General Benedict Arnold agreed to betray his country in exchange for £20,000 and a high rank in the British army. See for privacy information.


Fonzie jumps a shark on "Happy Days" - September 20th, 1977

On this day in 1977, during an infamous episode of “Happy Days,” Henry Winkler’s Fonzie jumped over a shark while on water skis. See for privacy information.


Nikita Khrushchev is denied access to Disneyland - September 19th, 1959

On this day in 1959, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev lost his composure after being told that he could not go to Disneyland. See for privacy information.


Future U.S. President Jimmy Carter reports a UFO sighting- September 18th, 1973

On this day in 1973, Jimmy Carter filed a report claiming he had seen an unidentified flying object four years earlier. See for privacy information.


"Columbo" debuts on NBC - September 15th, 1971

On this day in 1971, the long-running detective series “Columbo” premiered on NBC. See for privacy information.


Francis Scott Key writes “The Star-Spangled Banner” - September 14th, 1814

On this day in 1814, Francis Scott Key penned the poem that later became America’s national anthem. See for privacy information.


Henry Bliss becomes the first American to be killed by an automobile - September 13th, 1899

On this day in 1899, Henry Hale Bliss was fatally struck by a taxicab. See for privacy information.


West Virginia residents report the first sighting of the Flatwoods Monster - September 12th, 1952

On this day in 1952, seven people encountered a mysterious creature on a farm in Flatwoods, West Virginia. See for privacy information.


Hurricane Iniki pummels the Hawaiian island of Kauai - September 11th, 1992

On this day in 1992, a Category 4 hurricane devastated the Hawaiian island of Kauai. See for privacy information.


Delano Grape Strike / Michelangelo's David Unveiled - September 8th Flashback

The Delano Grape Strike began on this day in 1965. On this day in 1504, Michelangelo's David was unveiled to the public. See for privacy information.


Pirate Raid on the Ganj-i-Sawai / Death of the Last Thylacine - September 7th Flashback

Pirates raided the Ganj-i-Sawai on this day in 1695. There's more in the May 9, 2018 episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class, "Henry Every, Successful Pyrate." On this day in 1936, the last thylacine, aka Tasmanian tiger, died at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania. See for privacy information.


King Charles II Hides in Oak Tree / Buddy Bolden Born - September 6th Flashback

On this day in 1651, after fleeing for his life following his defeat at the Battle of Worcester, Charles II, the King of Scotland and rightful King of England, took refuge in a tall oak tree. On this day in 1877, jazz pioneer Buddy Bolden was born in New Orleans. Learn more about Buddy on the December 19th, 2018 episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class. See for privacy information.


'Hippie' Used in Print / "The Muppet Show" Premiere - September 5th Flashback

"Hippie" was first used in print with its current meaning on this day in 1965. On this day in 1976, The Muppet Show, created by American puppeteer and filmmaker Jim Henson, made its world premiere on ITV stations throughout the United Kingdom. See for privacy information.


Peekskill Riots / First Roll-Film Camera - September 4th Flashback

A series of events known as the Peekskill Riots ended on this day in 1949. On this day in 1888, American entrepreneur George Eastman received a patent for the world's first camera designed to use rolls of film. See for privacy information.


S-5 Submarine Catastrophe / Libyan Coup D'état - September 1st Flashback

An error during a crash dive led to a catastrophe aboard the submarine USS S-5 on this day in 1920. There's more to the story in the November 26, 2014 episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class. On this day in 1969, the Free Officers Movement overthrew King Idris I, and Muammar Gaddafi assumed power. See for privacy information.


Jack the Ripper's First Murder / Singapore Independence - August 31st Flashback

Mary Ann Nichols was murdered on this day in 1888, the first canonical victim of Jack the Ripper. On this day in 1963, the prime minister of Singapore declared de facto independence for the country. See for privacy information.


Lancelot 'Capability' Brown Baptized / Moravia Brings Cholera to U.S. - August 30th Flashback

England's master gardener, Lancelot "Capability" Brown, was baptized on this day in 1716. On this day in 1892, the steamship Moravia arrived in New York from Hamburg, Germany, where a cholera epidemic was happening. See for privacy information.


Wendell Scott Born / The Last of the Yahi People - August 29th Flashback

On this day in history, race car driver Wendell Scott was born in Virginia. Learn more about Scott in a two-part episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class. On this day in 1911, the last surviving member of the Yahi people was found, on the brink of starvation, near a slaughterhouse in Oroville, California. See for privacy information.