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Driven women have a hard time balancing their self-care and personal life with their professional goals. Each week join Alexandra Jamieson, master coach, professional creative, mom, and author, as she interviews guests who share tools, inspiration, and creative solutions while pulling back the curtain on how they run their own lives and overcame their own obstacles. If you're a driven woman, want to share your unique voice and talents with the world, and stay sane, healthy, and grounded while doing it, this is the podcast for you.


New York City, NY


Driven women have a hard time balancing their self-care and personal life with their professional goals. Each week join Alexandra Jamieson, master coach, professional creative, mom, and author, as she interviews guests who share tools, inspiration, and creative solutions while pulling back the curtain on how they run their own lives and overcame their own obstacles. If you're a driven woman, want to share your unique voice and talents with the world, and stay sane, healthy, and grounded while doing it, this is the podcast for you.




279: My 50 Failures Project

Thanks for joining me for this final episode of Summer 2021. I’ll be back in a few months, but I’ll be busy this autumn, as my paintings will be featured in three art shows, including the upcoming Clio Art Fair in NYC, September 9-12. I’m honored to be named one of NYC’s Artist Corps Grant winners, which means I’ll receive city funds to create an art show for women and non-binary artists who are living and working in Brooklyn. The vision and name for the show came from what I call my “50 Failures Project,” the topic for today’s show. Join me! You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/266


278: Learn to Say NO (to even some good things!) with Dorie Clark

If you love hearing from women who support others on their leadership journey, then today’s show is a treat for you. My guest will inspire you with tips, advice, and insights into success, positive thinking, and goal setting. Join us! Dorie Clark is a true internet superstar. She helps people get their ideas heard in a crowded, noisy world, and she’s been honored with awards too numerous to count. Dorie has written the #1 leadership book, Stand Out, and her new book, The Long Game, will be available soon. She is a former presidential campaign spokesperson, frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, consultant, speaker, graduate of Harvard Divinity School, producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album, and Broadway investor. The New York Times describes Dorie as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.” You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/265


277: Being the Bridge That Connects People and Energy with Solonje Burnett

Today’s show is about relationships and connection. We are discussing creativity, activism, and transparency with my inspiring guest. Join us! Solonje Burnett is a Caribbean-American who embodies the idea of universal interconnectedness among people groups. She identifies self-care as a catalyst for community care, and she’s on a mission to give the underrepresented a seat at the table. Solonje works to shatter stereotypes, structural inequities, and biases through business practices, culture curation, strategic branding, hiring advocacy, and inclusive purpose-driven community experiences. Solonje is the epitome of a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate woman who supports small businesses and advocates for multiple causes to bring more equity and social justice into the world. From managing artists to creating incredible events at private venues and social clubs to producing conferences, Solonje guides healing breathwork classes and teaches radical self-care. She also sings in the Resistance Revival Chorus, which was born out of the Women’s March. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Africana studies from Wellesley and a master’s from Emerson College in broadcast journalism. You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/264


276: Don’t Call Her Gold Digger; Call Her CEO of Her Marriage

Today’s topic came in hot in two client conversations this week, so I knew it was something that needed to be addressed. Join me! You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/263


275: Amplifying Voices and Stories with Courtney Napier

This season’s shows are inspired by my personal creative journey and coaching experiences over the years. The shows are for women who want to hear from and support others while learning from their creative journeys. Today’s show highlights the commitment to help people use their voices and tell their stories. Join us to learn more. Courtney Napier is a writer, journalist, and anti-racism coach from Raleigh, NC. Her work has been published in many places, including The Appeal, Scalawag Magazine, INDY Week, and Walter Magazine. Courtney is the founder of Black Oak Society, a collective for Black creatives in North Carolina. She’s the editor-in-chief of the collective’s flagship publication BOS Zine (the fourth issue has recently been published). Courtney’s anti-racism consulting practice helps organizations with the challenges of incorporating goals, equality, and inclusion into measurable policies and practices. She created a two-day workshop, Know Better, Do Better, designed to explore the suppressed narrative and the history of white disruptors throughout American history. Those of us attending will come away with a larger sense of our capacity to change our communities and a greater sense of responsibility. You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/262


274: Want to Leave Your Job? 3 Things to Do Now

This show is an unusual one in that it’s a solo episode. There is no guest; it’s just me, and I’m focusing on one topic that will resonate with many people. Do you want to leave your job? Has the pandemic affected your goals, aspirations, and what you want out of life? If your answer is YES, then take heart. You are not alone. There are three things you can do right now to be part of what’s being called “The Great Resignation.” Let’s talk about it. You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/261


273: Unblocking Your Creative Energies with Elizabeth DiAlto

As we continue with shows that support multi-passionate, multi-hyphenated women to gather their strength, get clear, and reconnect to their creative wisdom, I have another impactful conversation for you. Join us for inspiration to help you take the next steps on your creative journey. Elizabeth DiAlto is known for her raw, honest, and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality. She specializes in helping women embody self-love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. Her experience covers 12+ years across the fields of fitness, self-help, spirituality, coaching, personal development, and helping women “untame” themselves through embodiment practices, energy medicine, and collective experiences. Her podcast, Embodied, has reached over 3 million downloads! Elizabeth is a friend, novice container gardener, avid Latin dancer, and has a laugh that is “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.” You can read the full show notes at https://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/260


272: Raising the Volume on Voices that Matter with Rebekah “Bex” Borucki

In this season of highlighting women creatives who have several different outlets, businesses, and creative modes going simultaneously, I have an incredible creatrix for you to meet today. Join us! Rebekah “Bex” Borucki has been on the show several times before. She’s a dear friend with whom every conversation is a special treat. She’s the founder of Row House Publishing and the WPP LIttle Readers Big Change initiative. She’s a busy mom of five, meditation guide, author, and publisher of books for big and little readers. She has a penchant for collecting vintage 80s toys, and she was the Cranberry Queen of 1995. You can read the full show notes at http://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/259


271: Creating Rules and Boundaries for Success with Morgan Everhart

Here is another show to inspire you on your creative journey. I’m talking to one of my favorite Brooklyn-based artists here in the studio. If you need support and a boost of wisdom, you’re in the right place. Morgan Everhart is an artist in every sense of the word. She creates incredible paintings full of beautiful florals, but she’s also busy with performance and writing. Morgan has learned and worked in many places, and her paintings have graced the walls of many notable museums. She is currently working on her first outdoor mural on NYC’s Lower East Side, commemorating how individuals, businesses, and organizations have persisted through the isolation of the pandemic. You can read the full show notes at http://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/258


270: Staying in Alignment with Your Creativity with Jacquette Timmons

This season’s shows have an intentional focus on inspiring you on your creative and leadership journey. The guests are specifically curated to support multi-passionate, multi-hyphenated women to gather their strength, get clear, and reconnect to their creative wisdom and dreams. Here’s another gem of a conversation with someone who has helped me tremendously with financial perspective and alignment. Join us to learn more! Jacquette Timmons is a financial behaviorist committed to helping us see that we don’t manage money, but we manage our choices around money. She gives behavior-based financial coaching and lots of good advice that applies to everyone, even if they’ve been in business for a long time. Jacquette’s workshops, keynotes, panels, and work with corporations are in high demand because she brings creativity and a designer mindset to each financial situation. You can read the full show notes at http://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/257


269: Nourishing Our Creative Spirit

Are you a multi-talented, multi-passionate woman with a lot of interests and ideas? Are you like me--someone who refuses to niche down into one singular box? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur like me who can’t stand being told that you have to pick “one thing.” What about your personal boundaries? Do they help you maintain the productivity and creative output that you want? Do you have community support and inspiring people in your life who motivate you to take risks and do things differently? Whatever your answers are, I’m pretty confident that THIS is the podcast for you. Join us as we begin Season 6 with an overview of upcoming shows here on Her Rules Radio. You can read the full show notes at http://www.alexandrajamieson.com/blog/256


268: Harriet Tubman Herself with Actress Christine Dixon

There are many challenges to being a creative person. I’ve experienced many of those challenges, and we’ve discussed many of them here on the show. Today’s show will inspire us to make it through a crisis situation to thrive in your craft. In addition, we’ll be taking a sabbatical of sorts after today’s show, but Her Rules Radio will be back soon with more interesting guests and perspectives. Christine Dixon is an actress whom I met on Instagram. Since then, we’ve had many email and video conversations, and I knew that her story was one that my listeners needed to hear. Her experiences bring up many themes around the obstacles that creative thinkers face in putting their work and ideas out into the world. Chris has been performing her one-woman show, Harriet Tubman, for years. She has incredible stories about the challenges she’s overcome to deliver this performance. It’s a combination of education and entertainment that brings empowerment to each audience. Chris shares with us how she faced the fear of failure and rejection and learned to adapt to tough situations. She demonstrates how to think positively and proactively while reaching out for help when it’s needed. She shares how we can keep moving forward, so we live with no regrets. I hope you’re inspired to help support Chris and her amazing work. Her story is a beautiful ribbon as we wrap up the package that is this season of Her Rules Radio. You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/255


267: Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free with Nancy Levin

This show is all about living life by your own rules. One of the challenging areas in which we need to break the rules is in setting boundaries. It’s an ongoing battle for many people--and for most women. Let’s dive into this topic and learn more! Nancy Levin has written a new book, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free, and she’s busted a lot of myths around setting boundaries. We’re discussing the nitty-gritty of boundary setting, and Nancy is sharing truth bombs to revolutionize your life and your relationships. You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/254.


266: Creativity, Courage, and Compassion

Creativity, Compassion, Courage... The 3 C's we need now. We need to be creative to solve big, new problems we're all facing… ...and we need to be creative to heal, grow into, and discover our best selves. We need compassion for each other if we're going to come together and survive as a species… ... and we need compassion for ourselves so we can embrace our failures, failings, and fuck-ups, and continue to grow and achieve. We need COURAGE to change habits that lead to the healing we want, the growth we desire, the relationships we dream of… ... and we need COURAGE to dismantle the unjust systems we live in, speak uncomfortable truths, and stand up for what we believe in. Becoming an Artist has required all 3 of these - some days all at the same time. STAYING an Entrepreneur has required all of these… every day. Today, I’m excited to invite you to the Creatrix Circle 2020, a 28-day group experience with: The support and accountability you needThe inspiration you desireThe community and coaching you’ll love… See the info here, and sign up! http://bit.ly/Create28


264: Discovering Your Feminine Genius with LiYana Silver

We know that every woman’s worst critic is . . . herself. It’s a sad but true fact. Why do we spend so much time and energy berating and judging ourselves for falling short of our perfectionist ideals? Why can’t we embrace the truth of who we were created to be and who we have become through the ups and downs of life? This might be just the interview that you need to hear today. In this episode, we discuss some juicy topics for women. What if you took the energy you spend on self-improving and bashing your body in chasing impossible standards of perfectionism and channeled that energy into things that truly bring you alive? Join us! You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/253


263: This is Your Brain on Food with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Your thinking, clarity, and the ability to be present as a creative leader are tied to how you nourish your body with meals and snacks. A change to how and what you eat can improve how you think. Want to know more? Join us! You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/252


262 BOUNDARIES: Make, Share & Keep Them

Have a tough time making and keeping personal boundaries? You're not alone! In this episode you'll learn: Pre-order your copy of Radical Alignment at www.RadicalAlignmentBook.com to master this and the All-In Method, and get your bonuses here!


261: End Shame & Imposter Syndrome with the All-In Method

Ever struggle with shame? Imposter Syndrome? Yeah, me too. When a client experiences shame, they live in constant fear of being rejected. And they become trapped in the avoidance strategies they create to escape the pain. However, shame left untreated grows more powerful. And it can often lead our clients into behaviors that invite even greater shame. I’m going to show you the ONE thing that has been studied and shown to dissolve them BOTH - the ONLY studied method used by professional trauma therapists and researchers… AND I’m going to show you how the All-In Method, the tool at the heart of our book Radical Alignment, works to dissolve BOTH. HUGE new info coming to my attention: Bessel Van Der Kolk, author of the body keeps the score, in a special course from The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine The one counterintuitive technique that removes the fear of rejection from shame… it’s the same one that dissolves imposter syndrome…SHARING YOUR SHAME AND FEAR OF BEING SHAMED WITH SOMEONE SAFE, IN A NON-JUDGMENTAL SPACE. Impostor syndrome is often comorbid with depression and anxiety and is associated with impaired job performance, job satisfaction, and burnout Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, fraud syndrome, perceived fraudulence, or impostor experience) describes high-achieving individuals who, despite their objective successes, fail to internalize their accomplishments and have persistent self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a fraud or impostor.1 People with impostor syndrome struggle with accurately attributing their performance to their actual competence (i.e., they attribute successes to external factors such as luck or receiving help from others and attribute setbacks as evidence of their professional inadequacy. People with impostor syndrome had fears that were significantly related to maintaining their social standing and not wanting to display imperfection to others The only studied method for helping people with Imposter Syndrome is sharing your fears and concerns in a safe space. A 1985 paper by Matthews and Clance qualitatively described their experiences in private practice caring for 41 people with impostor feelings.53 They recommended validating patients’ doubts and fears, directly addressing fears of failure, and providing group therapy since these patients often feel isolated and that they alone experience impostor feelings; SO: HOW can you start to implement this in your life? Use the All-In Method from our new book, Radical Alignment: Intentions Concerns Boundaries Dreams I’ve seen it work again and again in my marriage and in parenting my son. We now have a safe structure and habit of communicating our fears. Order your copy of Radical Alignment and share your receipt number at RadicalAlignmentBook.com to get a bonus workshop with me and co-author/hubby Bob Gower!


260: Tough Talks Challenge! All-In Method for your emotional conversations

Need to have a talk about a tough topic? This show is for you! Welcome back to Her Rules Radio where you come to learn how to live life by your own rules! Today’s show is brought to you by my new book, co-authored with my incredible husband Bob Gower, Radical Alignment, how to have game-changing conversations that will change your business and your life! SOOO excited to be back here with you, talking again - I took a little summer break and now we are basically back here in Season 6 (yes, coming up on our 6th anniversary of this show!)... If you’re listening for the first time, or the first time in a long time, I grew up in a radio station - my mom had her own organic gardening radio show for 10 years, and every once in a while I would go on the show and do a “children’s gardening” episode with her! My older brother brendan was her sound engineer, so it was a family affair! Even though we were a creative, often collaborative family, there’s one thing I didn’t really learn growing up with my fam: How to have tough, emotional, or high-stakes conversations that felt safe, where everyone could be bravely vulnerable. It’s part of why Bob and I finally wrote this book - RAdical Alignment. You know those skills you wish you'd mastered earlier in life? ME too. I didn't learn how to gracefully talk about emotional topics until well into adulthood. Important conversations would veer wildly from where we started, and it felt so dangerous. Maybe you grew up in a family where any past mistake could be brought up again.Maybe you didn't have space to talk.Maybe one person would dominate conversations so you felt like "what's the point?" Emotional conversations were hard for me until my late 30s because I always felt I had to argue my points and “win” - and that never felt right to me. I would show up to conversations with people I cared about, friends or family or even business colleagues, and I would feel like I was trying to be fair and generous, and maybe the other person was out for blood!The heart of our book Radical Alignment is The All In Method,which helps each person commit to sharing their intentions, concerns, boundaries and dreams about a topic. It’s not about arguing points, or “winning” - it’s a format to collect information so you don’t avoid talking about really valuable emotional stuff that sits underneath all important things. YES - emotions matter and they’re always present!I grew up thinking emotions were bad, or invalid or even unfair to bring into conversations. But we are all human! EVERYONE has emotions. So our AIM helps you share them in a respectful, safe way where people are able to listen to each other better than ever before.Another thing that kept me from bringing up tough topics? Things going off the rails! Has this ever happened to you? You start talking about one tough topic, and the other person brings up something completely different that happened in the past, and now you’re arguing about something completely different. In our book Radical Alignment we show you how to set up a conversation with another person or people so that you all agree in the beginning on the topic, so you can come back to it if things feel like they’re getting off course. It's such a relief! I like to think of it as a linear process for emotional topics.When you have a shared map - ok, everyone we are agreeing at the start to share our intentions, then our concerns, then our boundaries, and then our dreams, and everyone gets the same amount of time, and no one will talk over each other - we are just hear to listen to each other …With THAT roadmap? Totally new outcomes are possible. One of the tough conversations we are in as a family, and that’s me and my husband, my son, and his dad and step-mom, is what is life going to look like in September. My son is getting ready to go into high school here in New York City, although at the point I’m recording the show, I don’t know if he’ll be going to...


259: How To Design A Better Future with Angie Lee

Today’s show will be the last one for a couple of months. I’m taking a summer break before the August 2020 release of my new book, Radical Alignment, co-authored with my husband, Bob Gower. Today’s show has everything to do with design--and we are going far beyond kitchen remodels. Angie Lee is someone I met in the last few months, and we bonded immediately. She’s an architect, partner, and Design Director of Interiors at FXCollaborative in NYC. Angie knows the importance of design and how it is a part of everything in our lives. You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/251