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Parenting Teens that Struggle. Helping parents get their families back.








Katherine Sellery and the Conscious Parenting Revolution

One of Beyond Risk and Back's most popular guests! 3 time TEDx speaker, Katherine brings us the nuts and bolts of conscious parenting when our teens are struggling. Finding your center in yourself instead of your child's behavior!


Welcome to the ADHD Village!

In this episode of Beyond Risk and Back, I bring out one of my favorites! Lara Dawn is not just an expert in ADHD children and how to support them, she is a mom of ADHD children and has ADHD herself. She is also the founder of the ADHD village and spends her time gathering experts on ADHD from all over the globe to educate her village! She's done it again with 35 more experts! This is a FREE summit coming up that you need to register for...


The Somatic Experience-

Brett Hill Mindfulness, communication, and Somatic understanding. This is a show about tools to "come back home" to the moment. The Language of Mindfulness is his podcast and the subject of his TedTalk, and upcoming book!


Working from the Inside Out

Have you ever heard of "Tapping"? EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy and Tapping is a WONDERFUL experience. We explore it as a technique and teach you the basics because this is something you can do at home. ANN HINCE is our narrator and instructor here! From finding her mother dead on the bathroom floor at 16 years old to RESHAPING her body through her personal growth work and therapeutic interventions, she brings her expertise to you. You can find more about Ann at


Coffee over Suicide

I have the host of Coffee over Suicide Podcast, Chris Parker Howard, on to talk with humor, honesty, and a deep message about suicide. Who he is is best Summed up in his own bio... "I used to wonder if I was stranded on a desert island, without anti-depressants or mood stabilizers, would my own brain be the thing that kills me? I spent a lot of time trying different coping mechanisms for my particular cocktail of manic depression, social anxiety, OCD, and ADD, and I have come up with a...


Brains, Medications, Mental Health and.... how LOVE can change everything.

Dr. Heim will quickly become your favorite source for understanding the human condition. He has become mine. Just listen and you WILL understand. Dr. Heim is an award-winning Psychiatrist, Music Professor, and Churchill fellow. During his 18 years of continuing psychiatry practice, he has heard the stories of 1000s of people. Combining science, entertainment, and large doses of Australian humor, he speaks from a place of deep compassion and authority on...


Gamer Dad and his Gamer Kids.

Video Games are not what they used to be...but are they dangerous? What's really happening when your child logs on to a game? Jed Shaffer is a dad who uses video games as a connection with his kids and he gives us an insight to online language, sexism, racism, and the potentially violent behavior that takes place. Have you ever heard of "S.W.A.T-ing"? Knowing that his own children are online, what are his strategies to keep the connection and experience healthy and fun? Should kids...


Understanding Anxiety- The Survivor Perspective.

What is the difference between willingness and capability when it comes to dealing with anxiety? Since Covid began, adolescents 13-17 reporting anxiety symptoms have skyrocketed to 25%. The brain spin is crippling. Do you have knowledge of it or do you understand it? Kyle Mitchell grew up with it. Survived it. Thrives with it. Kyle is a teen mental health advocate, podcast host, upcoming TEDx speaker, and, most importantly, severe social anxiety survivor and overcomer. Kyle...


The Future of My Scars

When children self-harm, we often are afraid of what they will have to tell people about their scars when they get older. How will they explain it to a friend, future spouse, a boss? How could they do this to their bodies and their future? WHY would a child ever do this? "I am not my mental health trauma. I am me." I met with Amy Minh Hạnh Corey on the birthday of her 8th year of sobriety from self-harm who can explain it to use from a young-persons point of view, and WHY she...


Finding Light in the Darkness

Spirituality is EASY when things are going well. So how do you find your spiritual side when your teen is running away, cutting, using, and suffering from mental health issues. How do you find the Light in the Darkness? How do you tend to your Faith when you are in Fight or Flight? Stan Lewis the Host of the "Fearless Parenting" podcast brings us support when the price of our family struggling with addiction, mental health, and behavioral health issues begin to cost us... our faith. "It's...


Autism- The more we understand, the more we accept.

This week's guest! Emily Ansell Elfer Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine brings us the expertise she has gained through her experience of putting together a monthly magazine for parents. Emily Ansell Elfer, BA Hons, Dip is Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine, where she coordinates an extensive group of therapists, autism specialists, and writers to publish news and professional guidance for families affected by autism. An NCTJ-qualified journalist, Emily’s work is published in...


Actually, your teen IS reading.

Dr. Brassel is known as the Jim Carrey of reading. Danny Brassell is America's Leading Reading Ambassador...who grew up hating reading. "Captain Underpants is the gateway drug to Shakespeare." Since 1996, Danny has taught at California State University. A tenured professor in the Teacher Education Department, he works with beginning teachers and administrators. He has taught courses in educational theory, reading, second language acquisition, and multiculturalism, and his popular live...


Permission to Heal- The journey from wanting to allowing.

Once you begin to understand that your experience as a parent was informed by your parents, and their parents...and their parents...then what? Marci Brockmann, a high school teacher for 27 years, tells her story of childhood pain and walking away from the legacy of trauma passed down in her family, generation after generation after finally giving herself...permission to heal. Now it's your turn. Marci Brockmann is a multi-passionate woman – an artist, an author, a podcaster, and an...


”Getting to Zero: How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships”

Jayson Gaddis is a favorite guest on Beyond Risk and Back because of his work in relationships. Founder of the Relationship School in boulder colorado, Jayson is also the author of the newly released "Getting to Zero: How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships". Chances are most of us deal with conflict on a daily basis with friends, family members, lovers, partners, and even co-workers, and when unresolved it can affect every single aspect of our lives, from...


Your Patterns Predict Your Path. Kolbe Testing Kids

Kolbe Testing was originally a brilliant business tool to understand employee strengths and utilizing them in the RIGHT place in the business. It is literally a tool to find out HOW people solve problems. I've taken multiple Kolbe tests through the years and took one again recently. My guest interprets my results! Gail Swift was part of the team that helped Kolbe create a testing procedure for kids as young as 3...and the results are AMAZING.


Bio-Hacking Struggling Teens...Essential Oils and the Woo Woo episode

No, I'm not joking. Before you roll your eyes, you need to know that I am a believer in essential oils and use them a lot. After I heard about my guest, I had to ask her: Melody Watts thinks so and I brought her on the air to talk about ANOTHER tool we could use. Nine years ago Melody Watts began her journey of self-discovery and healing following a perfect storm of malady, tragedy, and bad luck. Diagnosed with a debilitating form of Lyme disease while struggling through a tumultuous...


The Addicted Child

...and what parents can do...step by step. Richard Capriola, Author of "The Addicted Child- A Parents Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse" is my guest this week! Richard has been in the recovery industry for a long time now and can give parents a REAL insight into what is happening with teens and addiction. You can find out more about Richard's work and get his books here:


Eating Disorders- Learning how to say NO to the disorder.

Strategies from a survivor. 9% of the population will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Faith Alicia helps THIS father and his careless comment understand how and why eating disorders work and hurt families. She also provides the support to get back on track.


Emotional Intelligence

Brian Clate and I talk about emotional intelligence in children, teens, and adults. Brian is a behavioral coach who focuses on emotional intelligence.


Autism from the point of view of one who HAS the gift.

Sam Mitchell is the host of the popular podcast "Autism Rocks". Hearing about Autism from the perspective of a 19-year-old WITH Autism, was eye-opening, to say the least! Caution Explicit Language!