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Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 8: Vineyard Dawg & Gymstravaganza

LINK The guys welcome Vineyard Dawg to impart his gym expertise with the Regional Competition coming this weekend. LSU is a major player in this event, so make sure you tune in! Then the conversation bends toward travel and a quick discussion of what makes travel so rich, why you should do it as much as you possibly can and some quick highlights of places each have visited.


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 7: Fun is What We Do

LINK Episode 7 is chock full of Anthony Jennings talk, as well as a discussion on the LSU OL All-Time Team. Did the guys biff the vote? Does Tyler LaFauci want vengeance? Are we doing a major disservice to the legendary '58 squad? Then the boys delve right on into brackets. Yeah, sure, your Michigan State pick looks awfully stupid right now, but that's the fun of it!


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 6: Free Ice Cream

LINK We may be late, but we're always on time. Look, almost everything we talked about here is time sensitive and therefore irrelevant now. There's still great info here! Poseur gets you up to speed on the Gym team, who they are and why you should watch and cheer. Basketball gets a passing mention (R.I.P.). But we do dive into the ATVS All-Time DL team and we talk about the Oscars. But you know what the best part about being two weeks late on an episode is? Tomorrow we will have another...


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 5: Bert Jones: Model Quarterback Pt 2

LINK Jamarcus Russell or Bert Jones? Plus, the Grammy's! Here in Part 2, a detailed overview of why Poseur despises the Grammy's. We love you, you old grump.


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 5: Bert Jones - Model Quarterback Pt 1

LINK Jamarcus Russell or Bert Jones? Plus, the Grammy's! Two parts, equally magnificent, though. First, the guys talk LSU sports, including the LSU All-Time team QB discussion.


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 4: I Blame Tommy Hodson Part 2

LINK What makes an iconic team? Athlete? And #narrative is the best, right? It's the stories that make us love the sport. We need our heroes. We need our villains. Could Cam Newton and Russell Wilson be the next generation of rivals? And Poseur continues to rail on Tommy Hodson, who he blames for the downfall of LSU football in the 90s. Don't shoot the messenger.


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 4: I Blame Tommy Hodson Part 1

LINK This week's episode the boys manage to talk some LSU basketball, skate around the Super Bowl and Cam Newton #taeks and delve right on into the recent 30 for 30 on the greatness of the '85 Bears. We recorded so much we're breaking this bad boy into two parts!


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 3: Sucker for the Story

LINK Billy joins Poseur and Paul again as they talk a whole bunch of National Signing Day: where does this class rate, who are some potential early contributors, is there really a difference in number 1 and number 3. The guys even turn their eyes to 2017 because the #grind never stops. Billy gives an update on Cam Cameron and the boys discuss the Super Bowl as a cultural event, while Billy and Poseur attempt to convince everyone that it's okay to hate Cam Newton.


The Geaux Show for 2/4/16

LINK Carey and Pat are joined by ATVS Paul/Dan to discuss the haul of the 2016 recruiting class.


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 2: Nerds

LINK Billy joins Poseur and Paul. The boys talk about their love for Channing Tatum, Lindsey Scott's recruitment, the woes of LSU shooty hoops. Plus, an attempt to convince Poseur of the wonders of pro wrasslin!


Sneaky Good Podcast Episode 1: Sneaky Good

LINK Poseur talks about his love of Alabama and David Bowie. Paul seems generally sleepy, but dives in on recruiting. The guys talk about LSU coaching staff changes, NFL playoffs and more! Plus, listen to the end to hear Paul's big confession. Hey, it's our first shot. Don't judge too hard.


The Geaux Show for 1/20/16

LINK Over the weekend, Carey, Pat, and Billy fired up the Skype lines to discuss how Les Miles saved his job, LSU's lack of early losses to the NFL, and some early thoughts on what the Tigers can accomplish next season.


The Geaux Show for 11/25/15 - The Les Miles Hour

LINK So it's come to this. Carey, Pat, and ATVS Paul/Dan commiserate on the season that has been and the future of Les Miles at LSU. No review, no preview, no picks, just a frank discussion on the eve of what may be Les Miles final game in Tiger Stadium.


The Geaux Show for 11/11/15 - Arkansas Pregame

LINK Carey and Pat try to find the will to live after a thorough beat down in T Town. Then Doc Harper from Arkansas Fight joins us to talk about the improving Hogs. All that plus this week's picks.


The Geaux Show for 11/05/15 - Alabama Pregame

LINK Carey and Pat return from the bye week and are joined by Erik from Roll 'Bama Roll to get down in the nitty gritty on Bama. That plus this week's picks.


The Geaux Show for 10/23/15 - Western Kentucky Pregame

LINK Pat and Carey revel in the victory over Florida and try their best to make you care about a homecoming game against the Hilltoppers. All that plus this week's picks.


The Geaux Show for 10/15/15 - Florida Pregame

LINK Pat and Carey return from the unexpected break to discuss the passing game finally emerging at LSU and what the ceiling is now for the 5-0 Tigers. Then Andy Hutchinson from Alligator Army, SB Nation's UF HQ, tells us what to expect this weekend from the surprising Gators. (Note: this episode was taped over Sunday and Monday, So things like Grier's suspension happen halfway through the show.) All that plus this week's picks.


The Geaux Show for 10/1/15 - E. Michigan Pregame

LINK Carey and Pat are back to talk about LSU's sloppy day in New York. Then Alex Alvarado from Hustle Belt, SB Nation's MAC HQ, tells us all that can be known about the Eagles. All that plus this week's picks.


The Geaux Show for 9/25/15 - Syracuse Pregame

LINK Carey and Pat celebrate the beatdown of Auburn and the wonderment that is Leonard Fournette. Later, Carey is joined by John Cassillo of Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician to discuss the Orange. All that plus this week's picks.


The Geaux Show for 9/16/15 - Auburn Pregame

LINK Carey and Pat relive the highs and lows from LSU's premier in Starkvegas and discuss what the true potential could be for Brandon Harris. Then Bobby Barkley from College and Magnolia joins us to talk about the near nightmare on the Plains last week and what he thinks the Plainsmen will do to right the ship in Death Valley. All that plus this week's picks.