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Are you tired of partisan politics? Do you want to hear the news without the media narrative? Do you want to be more "well-rounded" as a person? Do you want to get to know and learn from noted entrepreneurs, elected officials, C-level executives, economists, & more? Look no further. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Are you tired of partisan politics? Do you want to hear the news without the media narrative? Do you want to be more "well-rounded" as a person? Do you want to get to know and learn from noted entrepreneurs, elected officials, C-level executives, economists, & more? Look no further. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.


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Are you tired of partisan politics? Do you want to hear the news without the media narrative? Do you want to be more "well-rounded" as a person? Do you want to get to know and learn from noted entrepreneurs, elected officials, C-level executives, economists, & more? Look no further. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.






163: Michael Heise and the Libertarian Mises Caucus

What's the role of the Libertarian Party? That's the age-old question that has been debated for decades within LP circles... Instead of debating, today's guest decided to be the change he wanted to see in the party... Michael Heise joins the program to outline why he started the Mises Caucus/Mises PAC, the goals of the caucus, and their plans as we head towards 2022. Find LP Mises Caucus online- Website: Twitter: Facebook:...


162: Larry Sharpe on Activism vs. Running For Office

In the greater liberty movement, you'll find more often than not that our candidates running for office are also our most vocal activists. But is that the best way to approach running for office? Larry Sharpe returns to the program to help outline how both candidates and activists are needed in the great liberty movement, and how each serve very different/unique roles in the greater scheme of things. Find Larry Online: Find Larry on Twitter:...


161: Victories for Liberty in 2020 -with Hannah Cox

Believe it or not, but we actually had some significant wins for liberty during this 2020 election cycle, ranging from criminal justice reform, economic liberties, and more! Hannah Cox returns to The Brian Nichols Show to outline specific instances where liberty policy was victorious this 2020 election. Find Hannah Online- Twitter: Facebook:\ Substack:


160: Libertarian Party Chair Candidate Angela McArdle

How do libertarians get libertarian policy into action? It's the age old question, leaving many Libertarians and libertarians at odds in terms of tactics. Angela McArdle returns to The Brian Nichols Show to make her pitch as to how Libertarians can run (and, more importantly, win!) elections, and what her focus as LP chair would be. Find Angela Online- Twitter: Facebook:


159: Trust in a Polarized Age -with Professor Kevin Vallier

Americans today don’t trust each other and their institutions as much as they once did. The collapse of social and political trust has arguably fueled our increasingly ferocious ideological conflicts and hardened partisanship. But is today’s decline in trust inevitable or avoidable? Are we caught in a downward spiral that must end in institutional decay or even civil war, or can we restore trust through our shared social institutions? Associate Professor of Philosophy Kevin Vallier joins the...


158: Work For Liberty! -with Conner Drigotas

There are countless activists in the greater liberty movement, but why not get get paid for all of your hard work? Conner Drigotas returns to the show to make his pitch; you can fight for liberty AND get paid, as he returns to the show to discuss his brand new book, "Work For Liberty"! Find Conner Online- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Past Episode:


157: How Joe Biden Will Impact the Economy- with Economist Max Gulker

What's the long-term implications of a Joe Biden presidency on economics? Will we get a fresh new batch of lockdowns? Will he bend the knee to the radical progressives in his party? Economist Max Gulker returns to the show to outline all of that, and more, on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show. Find Max Online: Writings:


ELECTION 2020 SPECIAL: Where Liberty Won, Where Liberty Lost, and How We Do Better -with Brad Polumbo

As the dust continues to settle post-election, we're starting to have a better visibility into the results, and with that, we're able to see where liberty had some victories, where liberty had some defeats, and where liberty can do better. Brad Polumbo returns to the show to outline how identity politics took a hit during this election, how liberty values won in some surprising states, and how the Libertarian Party did on a national stage. Find Brad Online:


156: How To Be A Liberal: The Story of Liberalism and the Fight for its Life -with Ian Dunt

"The authoritarian right is taking control. From Viktor Orban in Hungary, to Brexit in Britain, to Donald Trump in America, nationalists are launching an all-out assault on liberal values." That's the message today's guest bings to The Brian Nichols Show, as political journalist Ian Dunt joins the program to discuss his thought-provoking new book, "How To Be A Liberal: The Story of Liberalism and the Fight for its Life", Listen as Ian outlines the story of liberalism, from its birth in the...


155: The Monopoly on Violence -with Peter R. Quinones

We often hear folks talk about the dangers of free-market economics, arguing that private companies can become market monopolies, and thus cause harm on the consumer. Yet those same folks don't blink an eye at the ultimate monopoly; the state. The state has the ultimate "monopoly on violence", which is why Peter R. Quinones joins the show discuss his new documentary, "The Monopoly on Violence". Find Pete Online: Documentary:


154: Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Brian Slowinski

Tomorrow's the day... Election Day 2020! Libertarian US Senate candidate Brian Slowinski joins The Brian Nichols Show to make his last second pitch to voters on why they should cast their ballots for the Libertarian candidate as they head to the voting booth tomorrow. Website: Facebook: Youtube:


ELECTION 2020 SPECIAL: Pro-Liberty? Vote GOP -with Cocke County GOP Chairman Kenny Cody

What's the best way to enact liberty via political channels? Is it via the Libertarian Party? Or is it via the GOP? Kenny Cody joins The Brian Nichols Show on this BONUS "Sunday Special" to make his case to pro-liberty voters as to why they should cast their ballots for the GOP to advance liberty.


153: Ending the Stigma on Mental Health -with Tiger King's Josh Dial

Being thrust into the spotlight at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as a co-star on the Netflix hit docuseries "Tiger King", Josh Dial (former Libertarian campaign manager for Joe Exotic) has made it his goal to use his new platform to help promote mental health. Josh joins The Brian Nichols Show today to not solely discuss Tiger King happenings, but also focus all on how important it is we focus on mental health issue, fight to end the stigmas surrounding mental health issues, and...


152: Bringing Liberty to New York State- with Assemblyman Mark Walczyk

Party labels be damned, Assemblyman Mark Walczyk has made it his mission to promote liberty in New York State, and as the assemblyman for the 116th River District, Mark has done just that. Today, Mark returns to The Brian Nichols Show to outline his proposal to give each county it's own state senator, why the Libertarian Party might not be on the ballot in 2022 in NYS, and why voters should send him back to Albany to represent the North Country. Support Mark's Campaign:...


151: "You Can't Fake Love" -with Independent Presidential Candidate Sorinne Ardeleanu

"You can't fake love", states independent presidential candidate Sorinne Ardeleanu in her return appearance to The Brian Nichols Show. Sorinne speaks a message of empathy and love, and promotes meeting the individual on a more personal basis as a means of establishing lasting change through love. Find Sorinne Ardeleanu Online- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Find Sorinne's First Appearance...


150: Liberty or Lockdown -with Jeffrey Tucker from AIER

Were the COVID lockdowns a necessary means to help protect the public from an ambiguous public health threat, or were they a vast overreaction that will have devastating ramifications for years to come? Jeffrey Tucker from AIER argues the latter, stating the lockdowns "are not science," but in fact, "they are brutality" on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show. Find Liberty or Lockdown: Follow Jeffrey Tucker on Twitter: @jeffreyatucker


149: Libertarian Presidential Candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen

Why should Americans consider a third option in November when voting for president? Libertarian Party presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen returns to the show to make her case to the electorate as to why America needs a Libertarian president right now. Dr. Jo Jorgensen's first appearance on TBNS: Find Jo Online at


148: Where Libertarians Lose the Right -with Stephen Ignoramus

2020 is a great opportunity for Libertarians to make some waves in recruiting new members, but many on the right have grown weary of libertarianism. Stephen Ignoramus from "Call me Ignorant" joins the show to outline why those on the right have been more questioning of libertarians in recent years, and where a lack in knowing how to #SellLiberty is primarily to blame. Find Stephen Online- Podcast: Twitter:...


147: Libertarian Congressional Candidate Joe Hartman

"I am running for Congress to run my mouth about the principles of liberty." That's the position one Libertarian Party congressional candidate in one Joe Hartman has taken... His goal? To reach as many people with the message of liberty in this years election cycle, but to also create long-lasting converts to liberty. Website: Twitter: Facebook:


146: A Conversation with Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs

Libertarians often face the challenge in outlining what a libertarian society would look like. Mayor Glenn Jacobs (aka WWE's Kane), joins the The Brian Nichols Show to not only outline what it means to be a libertarian-Republican in office, but how to create long-lasting trust with voters through free-market solutions. Find Mayor Jacobs online- Website: Twitter: Facebook: