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Hometown, Alaska features conversations with leaders and decision-makers in local and statewide government, social service agencies, educational institutions, and cultural groups across Anchorage and Alaska. Hosted by E.J. David, Justin Williams, Dave Waldron, Anne Hillman, and O'Hara Shipe.


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Hometown, Alaska features conversations with leaders and decision-makers in local and statewide government, social service agencies, educational institutions, and cultural groups across Anchorage and Alaska. Hosted by E.J. David, Justin Williams, Dave Waldron, Anne Hillman, and O'Hara Shipe.






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Hometown, Alaska: Indigenous heritage in modern music

The Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention is only a few weeks away and there will be plenty of speakers, crafts and traditional music. But what about contemporary music? On this episode of Hometown, Alaska we have two very different in-studio performances from some up-and-coming Alaska Native musicians. Join host Dave Waldron as he speaks with hip-hop duo Brother Buffalo and singer-songwriter Witty Youngman about their music and how their heritage influences their art. HOST: Dave Waldron GUESTS: Garrett and Jake Swenson, Brother Buffalo Witty Youngman, singer-songwriter LINKS: Brother Buffalo Instagram Brother Buffalo Spotify Witty Youngman Instagram Witty Youngman Facebook Witty Youngman Website


Hometown, Alaska: What is Anchorage's winter shelter plan?

Temperatures are dropping quickly and hundreds of Anchorage residents are currently living unsheltered in camps and on the street across the city. What’s the plan to keep them safe this winter and beyond? Join host Anne Hillman as she speaks with three city leaders who are working on this problem. HOST: Anne Hillman GUESTS: Alexis Johnson, Anchorage Health Department, Housing and Homeless Coordinator Jessica Parks, Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, Chief Operations Officer Felix Rivera, Anchorage Assembly member LINKS: Anchorage Health Department: Housing Services Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness Anchorage Assembly Housing and Homelessness Committee


Hometown, Alaska: Discussing mental health awareness and suicide prevention

The stigmas and statistics of mental health awareness are important issues for Alaskans, especially as it relates to suicide prevention. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska host Justin Williams leads a conversation about how to discuss mental health and suicide prevention with Blaze Bell of Standing Together Against Rape and Recover Alaska as well as Shana Cooper of the Alaska Native Justice Center. They share their professional insight and personal experiences to explain how to approach these issues and share what resources are out there. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or having thoughts of self-harm or suicide dial 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline for free, confidential support. HOST: Justin Williams GUESTS: Shana Cooper, Alaska Native Justice Center Blaze Bell, S.T.A.R., Recover Alaska LINKS: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Suicide prevention resources 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline AK Division of Behavioral Health treatment and recovery resources


Hometown, Alaska: The past, present and future of Rugby in Alaska

When most people think of Alaska sports, hockey, basketball and mushing are top of mind. But, as the Alaska Rugby Union celebrates its 50th anniversary, they are poised to make the sport of rugby an Alaska staple. On paper, the objective of rugby is simple—carry a ball across the scoring zone to secure more points than your opponent. It sounds easy enough. In reality, 300-feet and 15 burly athletes looking to knock you off your feet at every turn make scoring a point a Herculean task. But therein lies the joy of being a rugby player. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska host O'Hara Shipe discusses rugby with leaders of the Alaska Rugby Union to discuss the history and the future of the sport in The Last Frontier. HOST: O'Hara Shipe GUESTS: Dave Delozier, President of the Alaska Rugby Union Jami Almonte, women and youth coach, Vice President of the Alaska Rugby Union LINKS: Alaska Rugby Union Alaska Rugby Union Facebook


Hometown, Alaska: Celebrating 45 years of KSKA

45 years ago KSKA flipped a switch and became the very first public radio station in Southcentral Alaska. On the next Hometown, Alaska we revisit some of the station's best memories with KSKA’s original general manager and the station's longtime program director of nearly 40 years. HOST: Dave Waldron GUESTS: Alex Hills, KSKA’s original general manager Bede Trantina, KSKA's program director for 39 years


Hometown, Alaska: Exploring community, culture and food with the podcast 'A Piece of Kake'

Kake, Alaska is currently populated by about 500 people but it’s the hometown of many more. This week on Hometown, Alaska we take a trip on a seal hunting vessel and into a kitchen as we explore the community through interviews about its past and present with the hosts of the podcast "A Piece of Kake." HOST: Anne Hillman GUESTS: Mona Evan and Sarah Campen, hosts of "A Piece of Kake" podcast LINK: "A Piece of Kake" website


Hometown, Alaska: Turkish flavors delight in Anchorage

Zeynep Kilic was born and raised in Turkey. A former professor of the now-defunct sociology program at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Kilic is now an accomplished film director, as well as the new owner of the recently rebranded and reopened Turkish Delight, a restaurant specializing in authentic Turkish cuisine. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska we will hear about her history and relationship surrounding the food she makes and loves, and what approaches she takes for her favorite dishes. HOST: Justin Williams GUEST: Zeynep Kilic, Owner of Turkish Delight LINKS: Turkish Delight website Facebook Instagram


Hometown Alaska: Comedian Paula Poundstone hates promoting herself

Paula Poundstone is a stand-up comic known for her witty observations on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and her really large family of pets. The author, podcaster and expert dog-waste-remover will be performing in Anchorage in late June. She joins host Anne Hillman to discuss her comedy, her home life, and more. Event information: Saturday, June 24 7:30 p.m. Discovery Theater HOST: Anne Hillman GUEST: Paula Poundstone LINKS: Paula Poundstone website Tickets ALSO FEATURED: State of Art: Celebrate summer with the Sundown Solstice festival


Hometown, Alaska: The 3 Barons Renaissance Fair is a potent elixir of history, fantasy and fun

If you happened to be driving down Tudor Road in Anchorage last weekend you may have noticed a throng of people dressed in armor, medieval gowns and maybe even a dragon suit. That’s because we are in the midst of the Three Barons Renaissance Fair which runs through this weekend. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska host Dave Waldron speaks with a long-time board member about the fair and moderates a debate between the three Barons as they vie for the public's support to rule the realm of Hillshire. HOST: Dave Waldron GUESTS: Mel Kalkowski, long-time board member of the 3 Barons Fair and the Magistrate of Hillshire Blue Baron Red Baron Green Baron LINKS: 3 Barons Fair Website Ticket information


Hometown Alaska: StoryCorps' Military Voices Initiative comes to Anchorage

heartbreaking. As part of their Military Voices Initiative, StoryCorps partnered with us at Alaska Public Media to record veterans, active members of the armed forces or their families to document their stories. On this episode of Hometown Alaska, producer Ammon Swenson discusses the Military Voices project with the CEO of StoryCorps and learns about the women's veteran organization Operation Mary Louise. While the virtual opportunities have closed, StoryCorps will be at the Anchorage Public Library July 24 through the 28th for in-person recordings. Sign up HERE HOST: Ammon Swenson GUESTS: Sandy Clark, CEO of StoryCorps Vanessa Meade, Co-lead of Operation Mary Louise LINKS: StoryCorps Military Voices Initiative Alaska Public Media Military Voices Operation Mary Louise


Hometown Alaska: Gardeners and growers

Despite the May snowfall, it is definitely growing season in Anchorage. On this episode of Hometown Alaska host Dave Waldron and two master gardeners discuss the challenges and rewards of gardening in our northern climate, answer some listener questions and do a little gardening trivia. Later in the show we visit an apple orchard with the president of the Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association to find out what goes into the growing process this time of year. HOST: Dave Waldron GUESTS: Emily Becker and Nick Riordan, master gardeners Dr. Mark Wolbers, President, Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association LINKS: Alaska Master Gardeners Anchorage Alaska Master Gardeners Anchorage FACEBOOK University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association ALSO FEATURED: State of Art: Anchorage Community Theater’s ‘Wait Until Dark’


Hometown Alaska: Pets, vets and picking up poop

Nearly 61 thousand households in Anchorage have pets. That works out to about 105 thousand dogs and 88 thousand cats. That’s a lot of animals — and a lot of animal waste. And pet ownership doesn’t just impact the people who live with the creatures. Caring for pets is both challenging and rewarding for veterinarians and their staff, too. This week on Hometown, Alaska, we’re talking to veterinarians about their mental health and pet care basics as well as taking a trip to the dog park to see how your actions affect everyone downstream. HOST: Anne Hillman GUESTS: Dr. Judy Montalbano and Dr. Tracy Ward, veterinarians, The Alaska State Veterinary Medical Association Cherie Northon, Anchorage Waterways Council, Executive Director LINKS: The Alaska State Veterinary Medical Association ASPCA Animal Poison Control (888) 426-4435 Anchorage Waterways Council BROADCAST: Monday, May 8th, 2023. 10:00 am – 11:00 a.m. AKT REPEAT BROADCAST: Monday, May 8th, 2023. 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. AKT


Hometown Alaska: Opportunities for lifelong education with OLÉ!

Alaska education has predominantly aimed its resources at younger generations to build them up early. Unfortunately, this can leave out older citizens who may be yearning to re-engage education and discover new skills, activities, and friendships. Since 2007, OLÉ! has existed in Anchorage as a non-profit organization aimed at providing older Alaskans aged 50 and up an opportunity to continue their education in creative and engaging ways. President board Gretchen Bersch and curriculum committee chair Bill Cole join host Justin Williams on Hometown, Alaska to discuss how OLÉ! began, obstacles they have had to creatively overcome and the mental and social importance of education in Alaska for its older citizens. HOST: Justin Williams GUESTS: Gretchen Bersch, Board President, OLÉ! Bill Cole, Curriculum Committee Chair, OLÉ! LINKS: OLÉ! website OLÉ! courses OLÉ! registration BROADCAST: Monday, May 1st, 2023. 10:00 am – 11:00 a.m. AKT REPEAT BROADCAST: Monday, May 1st, 2023. 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. AKT


Hometown Alaska: Get to know the humans (and birds) behind the Bird Treatment and Learning Center

HOST: Dave Waldron GUESTS: Laura Atwood, Executive Director, Bird Treatment and Learning Center Katie Thorman, Rehabilitation Assistant, Bird Treatment and Learning Center Chandelle Cotter, Education and Behavior Curator, Bird Treatment and Learning Center Girdie, Crow, Bird Treatment and Learning Center LINKS: Bird Treatment and Learning Center Bird TLC Facebook Bird TLC Instagram


Hometown Alaska: LGBT rights and the world of drag

HOST: O'Hara Shipe GUESTS: Robin “Lamia Lexicon Monroe” O’Donoghue, Drag Performer Zaide “Dela Rosa” Manzano, Drag Performer Kendra Arciniega, Owner of Arciniega Street Productions Mercedes Arciniega, Owner of Arciniega Street Productions


Hometown Alaska: Sake Week

There is a drink that some say is slowly but surely gaining popularity in America.That drink is sake. This week on Hometown Alaska we'll learn how to drink it, pair it, and even cook with it as part of sake week: a six day event taking place in Anchorage and Girdwood.


Hometown Alaska: Mutual Aid Network of Anchorage

HOST: Justin Williams GUEST: Erin Baldwin Day, lead organizer of Mutual Aid Network of Anchorage LINKS: Mutual Aid Network of Anchorage website Facebook Instagram


Hometown Alaska: How Anchorage city government works

HOST: Anne Hillman GUESTS: Austin Quinn-Davidson and Meg Zaletel, Anchorage Assembly LINKS: Information on the upcoming election Ballot tracking Information on the Anchorage Assembly


Hometown Alaska: 907 Pro Wrestling Academy

HOST: O'Hara Shipe GUESTS: JT West, 907 Pro Wrestling Academy Jared Cox, pro wrestler LINKS: 907 Pro Wrestling Academy WEBSITE 907 Pro Wrestling Academy FACEBOOK


Hometown Alaska: Behind the scenes at the Fur Rondy Melodrama

HOST: Dave Waldron GUESTS: Melanie Cross and Christy Hedrick, Fur Rondy Melodrama co-producers LINKS: TICKETS Fur Rondy Events: Melodrama