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WBEZ's award-winning weekday morning magazine. Featuring news, views, and culture about and around the Chicago region.




Chicago Innovators: How Hemp Can Heal Our Soi

On average, lead levels in Chicago soil are about 11 times above the natural baseline levels. Lead pollutes both our city’s water and soil, and researchers are trying to find ways to lower our chances of long-term exposure. Reset chats with Kevin Erickson, senior manager of sustainable agriculture at the School of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University, to learn about the possibilities of growing hemp in contaminated soil in order to transform that soil.


Building Spiritual Resilience With Rev. Otis Moss III

In his new book ‘Dancing In The Darkness,’ Moss draws on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s idea of three sides making up a complete life: the personal, the communal and the spiritual. Reset checks in with Moss, Senior Pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, about his vision for spiritual resilience and why he believes it’s time to fight for the soul of the country.


Top Med Schools Rebel Against U.S. Rankings System

What does it mean to be a “top-ranked” medical school? Many of the schools withdrawing from the long-standing rankings system say those rankings perpetuate inequities in medical education that then spill over into medical care. Reset talks with Dr. Vineet Arora, assistant dean at University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine, and Hannah Priddy, a fourth-year medical student at University of Chicago, about how to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in medical schools.


How To Find New Music And Support Artists Without Spotify

Independent artists have it harder than ever, and big streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music pay less than a penny per listen. So how can you give back to the person behind that song on repeat? Musician Sen Morimoto, DJ Shane Bradley and Vocalo Host Stephen Bekoe join Reset to talk about how to find new music without streaming and how to support your favorite artists.


WBEZ’s Weekly News Recap: Feb. 3, 2023

We’re only a few weeks away from Chicago’s mayoral election, COVID-19 public health emergency declarations are set to end in May, and Beyoncé is coming to Chicago. Reset breaks down these stories and much more with WBEZ editor Alden Loury; Lorraine Forte, head of the editorial board for the Chicago Sun-Times; and Maxwell Evans, reporter for Block Club Chicago.


Bias Against Bodies: Medical Fatphobia Has Real Consequences

We’re taught from a young age that fatness and weight gain are inherently unhealthy. But research shows being fat is not itself unhealthy, and anti-fat bias is immeasurably harmful to our health. The Health At Every Size framework of care presents solutions. Reset digs into the barriers larger-bodied people face in medicine — and how that impacts every other part of their lives with Dr. Kate Johnson, interim chair of psychiatry at Loyola University, and Mikey Mercedes, writer and doctoral...


75 Years Since The Chicago Sun-Times First Hit Newsstands

The Sun-Times is celebrating its 75 years of informing Chicago-area readers this week. Since January 2022, it has been part of Chicago Public Media alongside WBEZ and Vocalo. Reset talks with Sun-Times staffers Neil Steinberg and Stefano Esposito about the paper’s past, present and future.


Chicago Opera ‘The Factotum’ Blends Soul, Funk, Hip Hop And The Black Barbershop

Ready for some hip-hopera? Reset talks with Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, director, dramaturg and co-book writer for The Factotum, a fresh spin on The Barber of Seville that takes place on the South Side of Chicago and highlights diverse voices and diverse life experiences in a way that’s often missing from the genre of opera.


Bias Against Bodies: Fatphobia And Weight Stigma In The Workplace

There are currently no federal U.S. laws that protect people from weight-based discrimination, and only a handful of cities and states have such laws on the books. Reset talks to professor Esther Rothblum and advocate Brandie Solovay about why this discrimination persists and how to address it.


The Chicago Reader Looks To The Future

After a tumultuous few years, the Chicago Reader moved to non-profit status in 2022. A six-month nationwide search for the right person to lead the new organization led to tapping a homegrown talent with experience at the Better Government Association and other Chicago-based organizations. Reset checks in with the former publisher and the publisher-to-be who starts in mid-February.


New WBEZ Must-Listen: ‘Shoes Off: A Sexy Asians Podcast’

This newest WBEZ podcast shares stories of Asian Americans and their relationships with identity, confidence, and success. Reset chats with the hosts Susie An and Esther Yoon-Ji Kang, along with producer Stephanie Kim to get a behind-the-scenes look at the pod.


Bias Against Bodies: The Evolution Of Plus-Size Fashion

Plus-size fashion has come a long way in the 119 years since Lane Bryant opened its doors in 1904, but it still has a long way to go. Many people still struggle to access the same clothing options as straight-size people. Reset learns more from fashion blogger Natalie Craig and journalist Gianluca Russo, author of The Power of Plus. Then we’ll hear from Jovana Savic, founder of Thick Mall, a local vintage market offering more options to plus-size customers and local writer Megan Kirby who...


FDA Set To Ease Blood Donation Restrictions On Gay, Bisexual Men

A lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood was instituted in 1985, but change is afoot. Reset hears from Dr. Anu Hazra, University of Chicago infectious disease specialist, Jim Pickett, senior advisor with AVAC, Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention, Luke Romesberg, director of Youth Housing Program at the Center on Halsted, and Jennifer Brier, professor of history and gender and women’s studies, UIC.


Mental Health Care Is Out Of Reach For Many Migrants

Many asylum seekers arrive in Chicago with little knowledge of where they’ll sleep or how they’ll access food and care, especially mental health care. Reset hears about one migrant’s experience from Chicago-Sun Times journalist Elvia Malagón and from professor and social worker Aimee Hilado about what support migrants needs most.


Bias Against Bodies: Traveling With Plus-Size Women

Structural fatphobia is everywhere, including the skies. Almost no one can get comfortable on airplanes, and that’s especially true for fat and plus-size people. Reset speaks to podcast hosts Nicci Nunez and Alex Stewart who are leading trips around the world for plus-size people.


How Chicago Voters Can Make Informed Decisions In The City Election

Chicago has some major decision-making to do in the February 28 election, and WBEZ and the Chicago Sun-Times are here to help you get up-to-date on the issues you care about. Reset talks to politics editors Tony Arnold and Angela Rozas O’Toole about the new mayoral questionnaire and quiz.


Chicagoans React To Fatal Police Beating Of Tyre Nichols

Residents in Chicago and surrounding areas held vigils and protests demanding police accountability after the release of body cam footage that showed Memphis police officers brutally beating 29-year-old Tyre Nichols. He later died from his injuries. Reset talks with Sharon Fairley from the University of Chicago Law School, co-founder of the Let Us Breathe Collective Damon Williams and founder of the Lake County Chapter of Black Lives Matter Clyde McLemore.


Bias Against Bodies: The Argument For ‘Weight-Neutral’ Fitness

For countless Americans, the start of a new year brings renewed goals of weight loss, exercise and trying the latest diet trend. But for the sake of both mental and physical health, advocates are calling for a weight-neutral approach to fitness. Reset learns about what that would look like with Louise Green, C.P.T., plus-size trainer and founder of Big Fit Girl and Mirna Valerio, runner, speaker and author of A Beautiful Work in Progress.


Chicago Woos Laid-Off Foreign Tech Workers

How can Chicago become a technology hub to, perhaps one day, compete with the likes of Silicon Valley? A coalition of businesses in Chicago thinks one step could be hiring thousands of foreign workers, all of them H-1B visa holders laid off in recent weeks by companies like Microsoft and Google. The group will need to move quickly. When an H-1B visa holder is let go from an American company, they have 60 days to find work or leave the country. Reset talks with Brad Henderson and Nuwan...


How To Cope With Major Life Changes

Dr. Maya Shankar started her podcast A Slight Change of Plans as a pandemic project. Now, she is nearly three years into hosting insightful conversations about change. Reset gets a lesson in coping with change from the cognitive scientist and podcast host.