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WBEZ's award-winning weekday morning magazine. Featuring news, views, and culture about and around the Chicago region.

WBEZ's award-winning weekday morning magazine. Featuring news, views, and culture about and around the Chicago region.


Chicago, IL


WBEZ's award-winning weekday morning magazine. Featuring news, views, and culture about and around the Chicago region.




Which States Are Truly In The Midwest?

It’s an expansive region, stretching from the Appalachian foothills to the Great Plains. But the exact states are up for debate. Reset settles the debate with listeners and a data columnist working to define regions in the U.S. using Airbnb data.


The Potential Benefits Of A Four-Day Work Week

Studies have shown a connection between working fewer hours and lower carbon emissions. But experts say the environmental benefits of a shorter workweek depend on how people spend their time when they’re not on the job.


Tracy Baim’s Influence On Chicago Journalism

After years with the Chicago Reader and decades in community journalism, publisher Tracy Baim will turn over leadership to fresh voices by the end of the year. Reset sits down with Baim to learn about her inspiration and visions for the future.


The Broken Organ Transplant System

The national organ transplant system has run for 36 years but a report from the White House shows it’s repeatedly failed and crashed for hours at a time. Reset hears more about why this program has never been audited and how it could be improved from The Washington Post’s Joe Menn.


Where Abortion Rights Stand, Six Weeks Post-Roe

Indiana has become the first state to pass a new abortion ban since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. But it likely won’t be the last. Reset talks to Shefali Luthra with The 19th and WBEZ reporter Michael Puente about the state of abortion rights in Indiana and nationwide.


How To Prep For The End Of The Student Loan Moratorium

With the two-year student debt moratorium set to expire this month, Reset gets advice on how to keep payments under control from Yanely Espinal with Next Gen Personal Finance.


Reset Lost and Found: Swedish Egg Coffee

In a new series called “Reset Lost and Found,” producers track down things in Chicago that a Google search can’t uncover — like where to find Swedish egg coffee in Chicago. In the first edition of the series, Reset freelance producer Claire Hyman teaches us how to make the beverage and Tre Kronor owner and chef Patty Rasmussen gives us a history lesson.


North Shore Superintendent On School Safety, Mental Health

A month after the deadly Fourth of July parade shooting in Highland Park, Reset checks in with North Shore superintendent Michael Lubelfeld about his district’s plans for school safety and mental health for the upcoming school year.


How To Know Your Device’s ‘Death Date’

Why do we find ourselves having to buy new devices every few years? And is that by design? Reset turns to Washington Post tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler for answers, and discusses how consumers can push the tech industry to create longer-lasting products.


Devon Price Wants To ‘Unmask Autism’

Devon Price didn’t realize he was autistic until after he finished his Ph.D. in psychology. Now, he’s devoting much of his career to researching and writing about autism. Reset learns more about the inequities autistic people face and how to find community as an autistic adult.


WBEZ’s Weekly News Recap: Aug. 5, 2022

Governor JB Pritzker declares monkeypox a public health emergency while his Republican challenger comes under fire for an old social media post. Reset does a deep dive on those stories and more with WBEZ’s Dave McKinney, The Daily Line’s Alex Nitkin and NBC 5 Chicago reporter Christian Farr.


What’s In The Surprise Senate Climate Deal?

In a surprise announcement last week, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin announced a compromise deal on climate, health care and taxes. Reset sustainability contributor Karen Weigert breaks down the details of the Inflation Reduction Act.


Exploring Illness Under Capitalism In ‘The Viral Underclass’

In his new book, Northwestern University professor Steven Thrasher shows the inequalities in who is able to survive viruses and how systems of oppression keep people sick. Reset learns more about 'The Viral Underclass: The Human Toll When Inequality and Disease Collide.'


Teen Beaten By Oak Lawn Police Released From Custody

Seventeen-year-old Hadi Abuatelah was released from custody Tuesday, after being hospitalized for injuries sustained during his arrest. A video widely shared on social media shows Oak Lawn police officers tackling and beating the teen, whom they say resisted arrest after being pulled over. Reset gets the latest from Chicago Sun-Times reporter Andy Grimm and CAIR-Chicago staff attorney Emma Melton.


How The 1968 DNC Changed Media And Politics

With local leaders vying to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Reset looks back at the fateful 1968 convention with film and media professor Heather Hendershot.


Wisconsin Doctors Drive Hours To Provide Abortions In Illinois

With abortion almost completely banned in Wisconsin, some providers are making long commutes to serve patients across the Illinois border. Reset learns more about the partnership from WBEZ public health and politics reporter Kristen Schorsch and Kristen Schultz of Planned Parenthood of Illinois.


Dissecting Beyonce’s Latest Album ‘Renaissance’

People across the internet are raving about Beyonce’s seventh studio album Renaissance, which draws influence from house and disco music. But does it get the Chicago house seal of approval? Tiffany Walden of The TRiiBE and legendary Chicago house DJ Darlene Jackson weigh in.


Jeremy Allen White On ‘The Bear,’ Italian Beef And The Chicago Accent

The Bear on FX and Hulu is the breakout show of the summer. The dark comedy explores grief, family and food with plenty of easter eggs for the sharp-eyed Chicago viewer. Reset sits down with the show’s lead actor about what brought him to the role and his hopes for Season 2.


Makaya McCraven’s New Album Was 7 Years In The Making

The self-proclaimed beat scientist talks about his career and what can be expected from his latest record, In These Times. Reset talks to the Chicago-based jazz artist ahead of his show at the Salt Shed this week.


What You Need To Know About COVID-19 Boosters

Millions of doses of updated COVID-19 booster shots could be available in the U.S. by early September, according to Pfizer and Moderna. Reset checks in with infectious disease specialist Dr. Mia Taormina for the latest COVID-19 news and guidance.