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WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.

WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.


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WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.




‘Friendly Fraud’ Scam On The Rise In Chicago Restaurants

This kind of fraud occurs when diners enjoy their meal, then call their bank or credit card company to report the charge as fraud, leaving the restaurant to forfeit the tab and the server’s tip. Reset hears more about how this is affecting the local restaurant industry with Crain’s Chicago Business reporter Ally Marotti.


Chicago Alternatives To The Big Box Gym

Reset talks to some independent gym owners who are actively making an inclusive place for anyone to get active. They include Annie Padrid, owner of the gym The Space in Hyde Park, Jake Goldstein, co-owner of The Gym Pod, and Alex Nsiah-Kumi, co-owner of Paramount Fitness and Personal Training.


Chicago’s Christkindlmarkets and German Holiday Culture

Guten tag! It’s the winter season in the city, and you know what that means! We get to see annual beloved events again like Christkindlmarket. The bustling seasonal market is one of the most iconic winter traditions in Chicago. And who doesn’t love to swing by and get a drink in one of their famous mugs? But do you know the history and significance behind these markets? Reset hears from local Chicago German cultural experts. GUEST: Monica Jirak, Executive Director of Dank Haus Maren Biester,...


WBEZ’s Weekly News Recap: Dec. 2, 2022

Illinois lawmakers finish up year’s final legislative session by compromising on controversial criminal justice bill and gather in Springfield to unveil a new historical marker. Reset goes behind those headlines and more in our Weekly News Recap. GUESTS: Alice Yin, politics reporter for the Chicago Tribune Christian Farr, NBC-5 Chicago reporter Dan Mihalopoulos, government and politics reporter with WBEZ For more Reset interviews, subscribe to this podcast. And please give us a rating, it...


Spotify Tracks Our Listening Habits And We Like It… Kind Of.

Spotify tracked our listening history, and YOURS, all year to give you Spotify Wrapped. Are you uneasy yet? Reset shares our favorite songs of the year and digs into the good, the bad, and the ugly of Spotify. GUEST: Tammy McCann, award-winning Chicago singer Isabel Reidy, lead singer of indi-pop band Izzy True Che “Rhymefest” Smith, Chicago hip-hop artist and humanitarian For more Reset interviews, subscribe to this podcast. And please give us a rating, it helps other listeners find us. For...


These Teens Went To COP27 And Brought Ideas Back To Chicago

The world’s leaders met in Egypt for the COP27 summit on climate change — and these Chicago teens met with them. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is an annual convening of countries to talk about and address climate change issues. The summit has youth observers — and this year, some of them were from Chicago. Reset talks with youth climate activists Antonio Padilla and Fatima Perez, high school seniors and members of Zero Waste Ambassadors at Solorio High School, about their...


Congress Quashed A Rail Strike By Forcing A Deal Between Workers And Bosses

Congress passed a bill forcing an agreement between companies and rail workers to avoid a rail strike. Reset talks to a labor expert Robert Bruno, professor and director of the Labor Education Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, to find out what this means for rail workers and other unionization efforts around the country.


Online Shopping In The Age Of Scams & Annoying Advertisements

Here’s what to look out for when doing your holiday shopping online.Reset learns how to tell good and bad quality items when shopping online with Heather Kelly, Tech reporter for the Washington Post.


The Magnificent Mile Is Less Than Magnificent These Days. What Could A Rebirth Look Like?

For decades the Magnificent Mile on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue was a staple of downtown. But in the last few years, the number of vacancies along Chicago’s iconic downtown stretch has continued to rise. A group of business owners and urban planners think it’s time to rethink what the Mag Mile could be and have some ideas. Reset sits down with Judy Crown, freelance reporter with Crain’s Chicago Business, and Mag Mile business owner Nichole Benolken to learn what could be in store.


CPD To Alter Deeply Flawed Gang Database

A recent lawsuit mandates the Chicago Police Department must change their gang-database. Mayor Lightfoot says there are ‘legitimate’ reasons for the Criminal Enterprise Information System, and rejects ideas of abolishing it. Reset learns more about the system and how advocates want to see it changed with Heather Cherone, political reporter for WTTW.


Why Hundreds Of Pilots Are Volunteering To Fly Patients Across State Lines

Abortion bans might be the law of the land in some states, but they don’t have jurisdiction on the skies. Volunteer pilots can fly right through loopholes to get patients seeking abortion care across state lines. Reset gets the scoop on Illinois nonprofit Elevated Access from freelance journalist Elly Fishman and Mike, a pilot and founder of Elevated Access.


Chicago Prize 2022 Finalist Reimagines South Shore Intersection

Six groups are fighting for their chance to revitalize their community and win $10 million. Today Reset discusses a plan that could provide Chicago’s South Shore with more affordable housing, a health center and commercial spaces. We talk to Leon Walker with DL3 Realty; Ms. Jera Slaughter, resident of South Shore and founder of the South Shore 7th Ward Community Council and Community Round Table; and Anthony Simpkins, president of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago.


One of Chicago’s ‘Chosen Few’ DJs just got nominated for a Grammy

Reset sits down with Chicago-based DJ Terry Hunter about his recent Grammy nomination for his remix of Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” and how he wants to see house grow in the future.


Catch ‘The Princess Bride’ in Concert At The Chicago Symphony Orchestra This Week

Behind every great movie is an equally great score. And there is a long tradition of orchestras playing movie scores live—including this weekend at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.Reset talks to the CSO at the Movies conductor Richard Kaufman and a local music critic Britt Julious about The Princess Bride in concert.


Skip The Turkey Sandwich. Here’s How To Jazz Up Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is a time filled with food, loved ones, and more food. So much food we aren’t sure what to do with the rest. Reset speaks with Jordan Wimby, known as Melanin Martha — a food preservationist and cultural historian — about new ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers.


Big Tech Is Training Your Kid To Be Its Consumer Forever

Children and preteens wield $1.2 trillion in purchasing power every year. This is through items they buy directly, or that they convince their parents to buy for them, according to a 2018 Viacom report. And tech companies know it. Reset learns more about the effects tech and advertising can have on children’s learning and values with Susan Linn, psychologist, child play expert and author of Who’s Raising the Kids?: Big Tech, Big Business, and the Lives of Children.


Meet The Woman Behind Five Nursing Schools Across The Chicago Area

Reset sits down with Ebony Scott, CEO of Scott School of Careers, who opened several nursing schools herself across the city to find out how she did it and what compelled her to take action.


The World Cup Kicked Off This Week, But Controversies Continue To Swirl

The 2022 World Cup is underway in Qatar. The host country has received pushback on a number of recent decisions, from the sale of beer to players’ right to protest. Reset checks in with Brian Sandalow, contributing sports writer to Chicago Sun-Times and two professors from Northwestern in Qatar — Susan Dun and Craig LaMay — about the tumultuous backdrop of this year's World Cup.


Chicago Prize 2022 Finalist Says People Shouldn’t Have To Leave Their Neighborhood To Survive, Thrive

Ten million dollars is up for grabs to fund real estate and community development plans in the South and West sides. This grant comes out of the Pritzker Traubert Foundation and will be awarded in December. Reset sits down with one of the six finalists to talk about the need for a community hub and to centralize resources for youth, seniors and returning citizens in Back of the Yards. We hear from Craig Chico, president and CEO of Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council; Father Dave Kelly,...


Many Stillbirths In The U.S. Are Preventable. What’s Stopping Us?

There are more than 20,000 stillbirths in the U.S each year, but research suggests that many of them could be preventable. Reset speaks with ProPublica investigative reporter Duaa Eldeib, and Dr. Bob Silver, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Utah, to learn about the obstacles to preventing stillbirths, and how more babies could be delivered safely.