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WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.




How Mayoral Candidates Johnson And Vallas Grew Up

hat were the mayoral hopefuls like as kids? Teens? Young adults? Brandon Johnson is the son of a pastor and one of 10 kids in a family who lived in Elgin. Paul Vallas, the second of four kids, started life in Roseland and as a teen moved to suburban Alsip. Reset heard from WBEZ reporters Mariah Woelfel and Tessa Weinberg to learn more about the candidates’ backstories.


The Director Of Chicago Shakespeare Theater Takes A Bow

Barbara Gaines has directed more than 60 productions since founding the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in 1986. We talked to the artistic director ahead of her final production of "The Comedy of Errors," which runs through April 23.


Masks Off: Chicago Hospital Group Among First To Drop Mandate

All Advocate Health Care locations in the Chicago area are dropping mask requirements and easing visitor limits starting Monday. The policy changes at the health care system will affect patients and care teams at locations in Chicago, the suburbs and Northwest Indiana. Reset hears the details of Advocate’s plans from Chicago Sun-Times reporter David Struett and checked in with University of Chicago infectious disease specialist Dr. Emily Landon.


Progressive Chicago Aldermen On What Comes Next

Back in 2019, a wave of younger, more progressive aldermen joined Chicago’s City Council, some of them self-identified Democratic socialists. This year, they won a second term. Reset is joined by two progressive aldermen — one soon to start his third term in office, the other his second — to hear about their plans for the coming years and how they see themselves working with a Vallas or a Johnson administration. Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, 35th Ward joined the council in 2015. Alderman...


Drag Is Under Attack Across The Country

Across the country, drag performances are under attack: Republican lawmakers in states like Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho and Kansas are moving to regulate when and where drag can take place, and Tennessee has already restricted performances in public. We checked in with ACLU Illinois’s Ed Yohnka after an Illinois bakery announced it’s closing this month after threats last summer for planning a drag event. We also heard from Alex Grelle, Chicago drag theater queen and performer, to hear his...


WBEZ’s Weekly News Recap: March 24, 2023

More dramatic testimony in the ComEd trial. Abortion opponents descend on the State Capitol. Meanwhile, endorsements continue to roll in for Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson. Reset goes behind those headlines and more in our Weekly News Recap with Paris Schutz, reporter and anchor, WTTW-TV, A.D. Quig, Cook County and Chicago government reporter for the Chicago Tribune and Jon Seidel, federal courts reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times.


Chicago’s Hottest Spring Events

In Chicago, you have to take advantage of every warm day you can. Luckily, WBEZ’s got you covered with a guide to the hottest events of the season. We checked in with editor Cassie Walker Burke to get the scoop.


What Happens When Chicago Police Seize Guns

The Chicago Police Department has prioritized seizing illegal guns. A new investigation suggests that tactic is not leading to meaningful improvements to public safety and that it’s upending the lives of Black men in the city, who have guns seized at five times the rate of any other racial group. Reset learns more about the arguments for and against this tactic and what happens when police prioritize seizing guns with Lakeidra Chavis and Geoff Hing from The Marshall Project.


Inside The Illinois Affordable Housing Crisis

A new report shows no state in the country has enough affordable housing for the families most in need. Reset discusses what’s driving the shortage in Illinois, how a lack of affordable housing can put a family’s health at risk and how organizations and lawmakers are working to close the gap with Bob Palmer, policy director of Housing Action Illinois, Amanda Henley, community expert of the Housing Committee at the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Nancy Heil, chair...


‘When Magic Happens’: Get To Know WBEZ’s Newest Podcast

“Three Black women. Three generations. No filters.” That’s the tagline for WBEZ’s latest podcast. Reset sits down with “When Magic Happens’ hosts Cheryle Jackson, Jennifer “Shea Love” Long and Taylor Coward.


Meet The Chicagoan Who Makes Sex Scenes Safe Yet Realistic

How do you help actors feel safe during intimate scenes in film with nudity or simulated sex? Hire an intimacy coordinator. Much like a stunt coordinator in action movies, intimacy coordinators are essential in scenes involving full or partial nudity. As a part of our Chicago Innovators series, Reset is joined by Chicago-based intimacy coordinator Jessica Steinrock to learn about her work.


Many Chicago Homes Have Dangerous Levels Of Lead Paint

Lead paint was banned in Chicago in 1978, but many city homes still contain potentially toxic levels of the substance. Reset learns the details of an investigation into this citywide problem from WTTW’s Paris Schutz.


Illinois Families Are Drowning In Medical Debt

A new report details the financial and emotional toll medical debt is having on Illinois families. Meanwhile, a proposed state law could be a win-win for both debt-burdened patients and the hospitals that treat them. Reset digs into the problem and possible solution with two authors of the report: Luvia Quiñones from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and Carrie Chapman from Legal Council For Health Justice.


BIPOC Med Students Reflect On Their Journeys To Becoming MDs

Match Day is when medical students find out where they’ll be doing their residencies. It can be a festive, or stressful, affair, with schools hosting ceremonies for students and families. Reset checked in with two medical students at RUSH Medical College — Jordan Cisneros and Sharice Hall — to hear about the process of getting their match and to hear about the challenges Black and Latino med students face on their journeys to becoming MDs.


The Nepali Government Wants Its Necklace Back

A collection of South Asian art, donated by the late arts patron Marilynn Alsdorf is causing problems for the Art Institute of Chicago and raising questions about origin and ownership. ProPublica and Crain’s Chicago Business recently published an investigation which uncovered evidence that at least several pieces in the large collection were stolen and exported illegally. Reset sits down with Elyssa Cherney from Crain’s and Steve Mills from ProPublica to learn more. We also hear from Erin...


Don’t Text Me — Lolla and Pitchfork Lineups Just Dropped

In Chicago, the unofficial marker of spring is when the music festival lineups for Lollapalooza and Pitchfork are released. Reset reviewed the 2023 headliners and musical guests for the fests with Ayana Contreras, content director for Vocalo and Leor Galil, writer for the Chicago Reader.


Next Chicago Mayor Will Be Flooded With Water Troubles

Hundreds of thousands of lead pipes need to be replaced. Homes are flooding due to climate change. Water bills are too high for some residents to afford. And parts of Chicago’s shoreline are falling into the lake. Those are a few of the water issues Chicago’s next mayor will need to address, according to a new op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times. Reset speaks with Joel Brammeier, president and CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, for more.


Indiana-born Aminah Nieves On Her Role in The Prequel Series ‘1923’

Teonna Rainwater’s story of abuse is just one of the brutal pieces of historical fiction in the “Yellowstone” prequel “1923.” The hit series has a stellar cast that includes Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and Hammond, Indiana’s own Aminah Nieves. Reset learns more about Nieves and what it’s like to play her character Teonna Rainwater.


Chicagoans Reflect On 20 Years Since Iraq War Began

It’s been two decades since the U.S. invaded Iraq over alleged weapons of mass destruction. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, and no “WMDs” were found. Today many analysts say the war and 2011 American withdrawal destabilized the country and paved the way for the Islamic State’s rise to power in 2014. Reset hears from Iraqi refugee Ekram Hannah (with MIRA: Middle Eastern Immigrant and Refugee Alliance) and Thomas Day, a former military journalist and veteran, about how they are...


The Revolving Door Of Child Placement In Illinois’ Foster System

Tens of thousands of children in the Illinois foster care system face a constant cycle of being moved from one place to another. Reset speaks to CBS-2 Chicago investigative journalist Dave Savini about his team’s investigation into this ongoing issue.