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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.

Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.


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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.




Has the Santa Claus Rally Come and Gone?

The S&P managed to eke out a gain today, but is still down nearly a percent from all-time highs. The Nasdaq is down more than 2%. And while the next month is traditionally strong for stocks, that got us wondering if the Santa Claus rally has already come and gone?


Party Over for High-Growth Trade? And What’s Keeping Retail CEOs Up at Night

Big tech and high growth stocks posting a second day of losses, with the Nasdaq down sharply from a record high hit just yesterday morning. Is this the end of the run in high-growth, high-multiple stocks, or an opportunity to buy in. Plus smash-and-grab jobs putting pressure on retailers just as the most important time of their year is upon us. What it means for margins and the stocks.


Late Day Sell-Off May Signal Trouble Ahead, Plus the Conversation Sure to Feature Highly at Your Thanksgiving Table

The S&P dropped in the last hour of trading after spending most of the day in record territory. This, as 2-year yields and the dollar spiked, and high-valuation stocks like Palantir and DoorDash plunged. What the move says about the strength of the market. Plus it’s that time of year when families gather around the table to discuss...crypto! What that could mean for prices in the coming weeks.


Risks to the Rally? And a Big Warning for Small Caps

Austria on lockdown and rising COVID cases in the U.S. Could another wave of the virus halt the market progress? Plus small caps broke out of a nine-month trading range early this month. But the Chart Master sees cause for concern in the space.


Apple’s Accelerating Self-Driving Ambitions and How to Trade the Market’s Haves and Have-Nots

Apple surged to a new all-time high after a report that it's moving up its timeline to get its first autonomous vehicles on the road. What it means for the rest of the auto space. Plus while Apple, Nvidia, Home Depot and others are hitting record highs, Alibaba, Peloton, Roku and others continue to struggle. Do you stick with the winners or bet on a bounce back?


Will Tried and True Tech Lead the Market, and the Great Race in EVs

Markets ended the day down, but big tech was able to hold up strong, with Apple jumping as much as 2% and Microsoft hitting an all-time high. So will the trade that has worked all year long continue to lead into year-end? The traders break down their thoughts. Plus the runs in Rivian and Lucid seemed to run out of battery on Wednesday, but they’re still far outperforming the rest of the auto pack over the past week. Are the EV gains for real?


CNBC's Fast Money - 11/03/21

Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed.


The Real Read on Retail, and Sounding the Alarm on Bitcoin

With the holidays just around the corner, how are the retail names stacking up? Despite headwinds from inflation and supply chains, we got a few strong earnings reports this morning. Does that set the stage for more strength to come? Plus, Bitcoin pulling back from records recently and the Chart Master’s raising a major warning signal for where crypto is going from here.


Gearing Up for Retail Earnings and Bidding for the Crypto?

We’re counting down to reports from the big retailers, but with these stocks rallying heading into this earnings season, has the bar been set too high? Plus a copy of the U.S. Constitution is going up for auction at Sotheby’s this week, and a group is making its bids all in ethereum. We’ve got two of the bidders to break down why the move is so consequential.


A Big Hit for the Consumer and Pot Stocks Light Up

Consumer sentiment falling to its lowest level in more than a decade as inflation concerns seem to be taking a toll on spending. What that says about the market and the economy. Plus, pot stocks blazing higher as federal legalization seems within reach. How the traders are looking at these names.


The Three Most Important Charts in the Market, and Who Wins the Metaverse

Markets may be off their records, but the traders have their eyes on three charts they say could give us a real read on where the markets are going. We break them down and get the details. Plus Disney is going all in on the Metaverse. But who’ll come out as winners when we all go virtual. One top analyst has the details.


First On CNBC: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Dives Into the Latest Quarter

Disney shares on the move after its latest earnings report, and CEO Bob Chapek joins us straight from the company’s conference call. Plus markets pulling back after the highest CPI read in more than 30 years. How the traders say you should play rising inflation.


CNBC SPECIAL: Generation Gamble Part 1

“Generation Gamble” provides an in-depth examination of the intersection of betting, trading and gaming, exploring what is at stake for everyone involved and how taking risks can be as easy as a tap on an app. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online activity increased dramatically, leading Gen Z to reevaluate how it makes and uses money. CNBC’s Melissa Lee profiles avid college-aged users of online betting and investing apps illustrating their ease and willingness to take risks. Then,...


CNBC SPECIAL: Generation Gamble Part 2

CNBC’s Melissa Lee examines how social media and its influencers are changing the world of traditional investing by glamorizing trading for a new generation and fueling the rise of crypto. Lee visits Miami, where there is an emerging crypto and tech scene. She profiles a young social media influencer and claimed crypto millionaire who shares his financial advice online with more than a million followers. And she explores the rise of fintech influencers and the broad effect social media is...


Countdown to Rivian’s IPO and Why a GE Break-Up Unlocks Value

All eyes are on Rivian as the electric vehicle maker gets ready to go public tomorrow. We bring you all the latest details and how you should be looking at the space. Plus, shares of GE rose as much as 7% after announcing it would be splitting into three separate companies. The traders debate whether the move truly unlocks value.


AMD Goes Meta, and Why You Might Want to Believe the Rivian Hype

Shares of AMD closing at an all-time high today after the chipmaker signed a deal with the company formerly known as Facebook to supply semis. So is this the ultimate way to play the metaverse boom? Plus Rivian is set to make its market debut on Wednesday. And one venture capitalist say that, unlike with other recent EV IPOs, this one’s the real deal.


The Reopening Rally Rockets, and Time to Bet on DraftKings?

Positive news for Pfizer’s Covid pill helping stocks climb to new records on Friday, but the real strength was in the reopening trade, with airlines, casinos, and cruise lines all rallying big time. How the traders are playing all these moves. Plus DraftKings ending the day down more than 2% after its earnings report. But one trader says it’s too early to fold your hand on the stock.


An Earnings Parade and an Exclusive with CME CEO Terry Duffy

We’re all over the after-hours action in shares of Uber, Pinterest, Square, Peloton and more. We’re diving into the numbers and breaking down all the details. Plus the CME Group inking a 10-year deal with Google. CEO Terry Duffy joins us exclusively with all the details.


Countdown to the Fed and an Exclusive with the LVS CEO

Markets bracing for the central bank to announce its taper. How should you be positioning yourself for the news. Plus an exclusive interview with the CEO of Las Vegas Sands, as the company doubles down on its business in Macau.


Big Tech Sits Out Record Rally and EVs Rev Up Ahead of Rivian Debut

The S&P eked out another record close to start the week, but big tech stocks were all down. What’s the market action say about where to invest now. Plus, Tesla surging to its own all-time high today, and we get new details on Rivian’s market debut.