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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.


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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.




Mary Barra on GM’s Partnership With Tesla, and Why Businesses Are Leaving San Francisco 6/8/23

Shares of GM jumping after announcing a partnership with Tesla on EV charging stations. We’re joined by the CEO of GM to talk the news. Plus Hilton joining Nordstrom and Whole Foods in closing up shop in San Francisco. But should they be giving up on the Bay City? Fast Money Disclaimer


Out of AI and Into Industrials. How to Play the Market’s Great Rotation 6/7/23

Shares of AI-linked stocks taking a tumble today, while rough and ready names in the industrial space held onto gains. What that says about the shift in sentiment in the market. Plus Canadian wildfires blanketing the U.S. in haze. What it means for business and your stocks. Fast Money Disclaimer


: Merck’s Bold Move Against the Biden Administration, and the Big Bounce in Bank Stocks 6/6/23

Shares of Merck dropping today after the company sued over the Inflation Reduction Act. The precedent that sets, and what it means for pharma stocks. Plus every member of the 140-stock KRE Regional Bank ETF posting a gain today. Is the worst over for the financial sector? Fast Money Disclaimer


All the Headlines from Apple’s VR Headset Reveal and The Beaten Down Stocks Ready to Reverse 6/5/23

Shares of Apple hit all-time highs ahead of the company’s WWDC kickoff and the launch of its first new product in almost a decade. But the stock ended the day with losses. So how should you trade the stock now? Plus the Chart Master is looking at a handful of stocks that have made double bottoms and could be on track for a rebound. He makes the case for which ones are a buy right now. Fast Money Disclaimer


Market’s Big Post-Jobs Rally, and the Latest Industry Disrupted By Amazon 6/2/23

The combination of a strong jobs report and the signing of the debt deal helped stocks rise to their highest level in months, with the Nasdaq at its best in over a year. But the rising tide didn’t lift all boats equally. What do you make of the divergence? Plus shares of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile all sinking, even as Amazon denied a report that it was looking to develop a mobile phone service. What it means for the telecom trade. Fast Money Disclaimer


Stocks Rally Even as Consumer Comes Under Pressure, And What to Expect from Netflix’s Annual Meeting 6/1/23

The S&P and Nasdaq closed at their highest levels since last August, but there appear to be signs the consumer is coming under pressure. So will big tech be able to keep the rally going, or will headwinds weigh on the market? Plus Netflix’s annual shareholder meeting kicks off later tonight. What you can expect and how it’ll affect the stock. Fast Money Disclaimer


From Inflation, to Disinflation - What it Means for the Market. And the Risk Inherent in the Tech Rally 5/31/23

Commodity prices got crushed in May, with crude oil seeing its worst month since November 2021. So will falling prices become a tailwind for the consumer and the market? Plus, while tech stocks have been rallying in the last few weeks, one top investor says the run has come too far too fast. What he’s saying to do next. Fast Money Disclaimer


The Rising Tech Tide, Isn’t Lifting All Boats, and the Two Sides of the U.S./China Decoupling 5/30/23

Tech stocks continuing their run on Tuesday, with Nvidia clocking yet another all-time high. But while tech is up over 10% this month, energy and staples are taking it on the chin. So why is one sector’s success coming at the expense of so many others? Plus the CEOs of Tesla and JPMorgan making their first trips to China in years. What it means for the growing tensions between the U.S. and Beijing. Fast Money Disclaimer


AI Booming, But Where’s the Retail Trader? 5/26/23

Nvidia is on its way to becoming the first trillion-dollar chip stock, and Marvell Technologies just posted its best week since 2001, all thanks to the growth and potential for artificial intelligence. But why aren’t retail traders getting in on the boom? And what does that mean for the markets? Fast Money Disclaimer


Is Nvidia’s Surge a Sign of a Boom in AI or a Bubble Beginning to Form? 5/25/23

Shares of the chipmaker posted their biggest gain in more than 6 years after saying its seeing surging demand for artificial intelligence products. But is this a sign of a top in the market, or the start of a real rally in the space? Plus Elon Musk hosting another Twitter Spaces discussion – this time with rival automaker CEO Jim Farley. We’ll bring you all the headlines from that CEO. Fast Money Disclaimer


Nvidia Soars After Earnings, and Markets Skittish as Debt Deadline Approaches 5/24/23

Sharse of Nvidia soaring after its latest earnings report. We dig in on the numbers and bring you all the details from the conference call. Plus with the debt default deadline four trading days away, markets are starting to get skittish. But things go back to normal if we do get a deal? Fast Money Disclaimer


The Two Big Risks Coming Out of China and the Coming “Hurricane” in Commercial Real Estate 5/23/23

Rising trade tensions and a new spike in COVID infections loom over the U.S. and Chinese markets and economy. What it all could mean for your portfolio. Plus one activist investor is shorting the entire office space sector. Why he’s so concerned for the group. Fast Money Disclaimer


China deals a blow to a semi giant, and a new combatant in the Battle of the Bulge Description 5/22/23

Shares of Micron dropping after China bans the U.S. chipmaker. What the latest move means for tensions between Washington and Beijing. Plus key lawmakers meeting at the White House to try to come up with a solution on the debt ceiling. And Pfizer gets in on the weight loss drug race and sees shares soar. Fast Money Disclaimer


Foot Locker gets kicked as retail continues its rut 5/19/23

Foot Locker tripping on its own laces after a earnings miss and a rough outlook.It’s the latest shoe to drop in the retail wreck, so can the group turn things around? Plus, we’re hitting the charts for some oversea opportunities. Where the Chartmaster is traveling to for a trade. Fast Money Disclaimer


Disney-Gov. Desantis enters new front 5/18/23

The fight between Disney’s Bob Iger and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis heating up as Disney scraps plans for new employee campus and no longer asking thousands of California-based employees to relocate to The Sunshine State. Fast Money Disclaimer


Credit markets flash warning signs: beginning of cracks in the system? 5/17/23

Markets and financials return to rally mode, but with bankruptcies on the rise and credit lending tightening are cracks in the system starting to show? Fast Money Disclaimer


Amazon’s AI & Tesla's Annual Meeting 5/16/23

Brett Winton, Ark Invest chief futurist, discusses Amazon’s A.I. usage, the value of the technology, and why the technology may not benefit all major tech companies. Gene Munster, Deepwater Asset Management managing partner, gives his take on Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting so far and what could be coming off Tesla’s line in the future. CNBC's Phil Labeau also previews Tesla's annual meeting. Fast Money Disclaimer


Consumer Debt Hits New High Ahead of Retail Earnings Reports 5/15/23

Consumers keep piling on the debt and now it’s at a new recovery level as the major retailers get set to report this week. How worried should investors be that the spending spigot is about to get turned off? Fast Money Disclaimer


Investors Count Down to Retail Earnings and Is It Time to Buy Regionals? 5/12/23

Stocks ended the week in the red, but will next week’s retail earnings reports give markets a consumer-led boost? Or will continued concerns over the banking crisis and debt ceiling weigh on investors. And speaking of banks, regional stocks fell another 5% this week. But a couple of traders think it might be time to start dipping your toes into the names. Fast Money Disclaimer


Another Regional Rout, and #2 on This Year’s Disruptor 50 List 5/11/23

Shares of PacWest tumbling again as depositors continue to flee the troubled bank. We dig in on the latest turmoil in the financial sector, and what it all means for the markets. Plus one start-up is hoping to fill the hole left by the collapse of SVB. Brex CEO Henriques Dubugras joins us to discuss his strategy. Fast Money Disclaimer