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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.


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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.




The Most Important Chart in the Market, and Who Will Win the AI Race? 12/7/23

Stocks rebounded ahead of tomorrow’s jobs report and in advance of more key catalysts next week. So we asked the traders what they think is the most important thing to be watching for the markets. Plus Alphabet and AMD rallied the day after two big AI product launches. But who will win the AI race? Top tech analyst Ben Reitzes weighs in. Fast Money Disclaimer


The Next Moves in Oil & Rates, and Can Recent Rebound Stocks Keep Their Momentum? 12/6/23

On a relatively muted day for the major markets, both 10-year yields and crude oil prices saw big legs lower. The Chart Master maps out where they’re going from here. Plus some recently beaten down names have been on a tear in the past month. But can their runs keep going? We find out in a game of Trade It or Fade It?! Fast Money Disclaimer


Two Financial CEOs Offer Opposing Views on the Consumer, and the Latest on Rising Tensions With China 12/5/23

Shares of American Express diving midday after the CEO warned that a “skittish” consumer caused billions to slow to start the quarter, while Bank of America’s top exec suggested spending was still holding up. Which of these reads on the consumer is right? Plus Beijing firing back at the US over its latest export control comments. And a Chinese IPO faces the scrutiny of US lawmakers. We dive into all the ripple effects. Fast Money Disclaimer


Has AI Reached Its Peak? And Can Crypto’s Run Continue? 12/4/23

AI-focused stocks have been on a tear this year, with names like Nvidia more than tripling already in 2023. But the stock is down 10% from its all-time high hit just two weeks ago. Can the rally regain its momentum? Plus bitcoin prices topping $42,000 for the first time since April 2022. Where are they headed next? Fast Money Disclaimer


Pfizer’s big fat fail 12/1/23

Pfizer shares sinking to March 2020 lows after the company halted its twice-daily weight loss pill. Just how big of a setback is this for the pharma heavyweight’s entry into the obesity drug race? The Fast Money traders debate. Fast Money Disclaimer


Fast Money 11/30/23

Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed. Fast Money Disclaimer


Gold's Bright and Shiny Surge 11/28/23

With spot gold ETF rallying and rates continuing to move lower, what does this mean for the broad markets? The Fast Money gang debates. Fast Money Disclaimer



It has been a mixed bag of early holiday shopping results. What does this season tell us about the consumer? Those trades and more. Fast Money Disclaimer


A November to Remember, and What Nvidia’s Pullback Means for Markets 11/22/23

Stocks rallied ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, putting major indexes on pace for their best month of the year. But can the momentum continue into year end? Plus Nvidia notably sitting out today’s rally. What the drop in the semi darling means for the space Fast Money Disclaimer


Nvidia in Focus, and Can the Yen Rally Gain Momentum? 11/21/23

Shares of chip giant Nvidia on the move after its latest earnings report. What investors are watching in the numbers and where the AI play is heading next. Plus Japan’s currency has rallied against the dollar in recent weeks. Can the trend continue? And what the Bank of Japan might have to do about it. Fast Money Disclaimer


Finding a Winner in the AI Race, and Has the Bitcoin Rally Only Just Begun? 11/20/23

Shares of Microsoft closed at an all-time high after the company hired former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to lead its AI team. Has the move established the tech giant as the leader in the AI space? Plus bitcoin prices trading at 18-month highs, and we’re bringing back the Bitcoin Baller himself to tell us where prices are going next. Fast Money Disclaimer


Sam Altman Out at OpenAI, Plus Charting the Market’s Monster Moves 11/17/23

OpenAI’s board ousting founder Sam Altman, saying they found he hadn’t been “consistently candid” in his communications with them. Shares of Microsoft, OpenAI’s biggest investor dropped on the news. Why one expert says it’s like Microsoft “losing its quarterback”. Plus this was a week of outsized moves in everything from banks to oil to the dollar. What the charts tell us about where things are heading from here. Fast Money Disclaimer


Why It May Not Be “All Clear” For the Market, and What’s Next for Bitcoin 11/16/23

Markets lost steam after some disappointing earnings from Walmart, a weakening in homebuilder sentiment and worse-than-expected jobless claims numbers. So was the rally we saw to start the week premature? Plus Grayscale is getting closer to approval for converting into a bitcoin ETF. What it means for the company and for the digital asset. Fast Money Disclaimer


Target Hits the Bullseye, and Dissecting the Meeting Between Presidents Biden & Xi 11/15/23

Shares of Target posted their best day in more than four years after blowing past earnings expectations for the latest quarter. But did the results really justify the move? Plus Presidents Biden and Xi meeting in the Bay Area this afternoon, ahead of a key summit between the Chinese leader and US CEOs. What it all will mean for doing business with Beijing. Fast Money Disclaimer


A Pre-Santa Claus Rally and Meta Hits a New 22-Month High 11/14/23

Stocks rallied after a tamer-than-expected CPI report, with the S&P notching a gain of nearly 2%. But can the rally continue into year-end or are we soon to run out of steam? Plus Meta shares have nearly quadrupled from its lows of last November. What’s behind the move and how much more juice does this stock have? Fast Money Disclaimer


Countdown to Retail Earnings, and a Long-Term Bet on EVs 11/13/23

Walmart, Home Depot and Target just some of the retail names set to report earnings this week. What they’ll say about the strength of the consumer and how much it could mean for the markets. Plus, one of the country’s biggest pension funds is upping its stake in Tesla and Rivian. Why the optimism, and what could it mean for the stocks? Fast Money Disclaimer


Three Big Things For Markets Next Week, and Can Pfizer Find a Cure for Its Stock? 11/10/23

The latest CPI report, a meeting between China’s President and Joe Biden, and the kick-off of retail earnings season. There are plenty of potential catalysts for markets next week, but which way will they send stocks? We’re digging in on the week ahead. Plus, Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk might seemingly be hitting one new high after another, but why is Pfizer getting left in the dust? The Chart Master is here with his thoughts on where the drug giant is going next. Fast Money Disclaimer


Bulls Take on the Bears Over Tesla Stock, Plus Can Bitcoin Keep Rally Keep Its Momentum 11/9/23

Shares of Tesla dropped over 5% after a bearish note from analysts at HSBC. But is the sell off overdone? Plus bitcoin prices surging towards $40,000, up 36% this quarter. Can the rally continue? And Danny Moses of Big Short fame joins the desk with a stock that he says actually has upside. We tell you what it is, and why he’s bullish on the name. Fast Money Disclaimer


Disney Jumps After Earnings, and Lilly Posts a Record Close 11/8/23

Shares of Disney on the move after its latest earnings report. We dig in on the details and bring you the trade on the entertainment giant. Plus Eli Lilly shares soaring after getting a thumbs up for its weight loss drug from regulators in the US and UK. What it means for the health care trade, and much more. Fast Money Disclaimer


The Nasdaq’s Best Run Since 2021 and Why the Energy Sector is Ripe for Some M&A 11/7/23

The Nasdaq extended its win streak to 8 straight days, its longest win streak in over two years. The S&P and Dow are also riding week-plus long runs. But what names are leading the gains and will the momentum continue. Plus oil prices falling below $80 a barrel and dropping to more than two-month lows. What it means for the energy stocks, and could consolidation be the key for the space. Fast Money Disclaimer